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2Dark (Limited Edition)  
Stealth, Adventure PlayStation 4
Combine items and environment in inventive ways to survive and solve dangerous situations Sandbox levels - nothing will be predictable and there is no right answer, just get out with the children Complete freedom of choice - what kind of person will you be? Immersive gameplay where any sound or light could betray you to the murderers, stealth will be essential to make it out! Unforgiving - maybe the children don't want to come with you! A new breed of Survival Horror from the godfather of the genre - is coming to haunt you and your children! Play as Mr Smith, a depressed cop whose children were captured and his wife murdered. In his quest to find them, he comes to Gloomywood, a refuge for psychos and serial killers. Face off against nightmarish and grotesque criminals in their lairs to save the terrified children, but you'll have to be stealthy and creative in each location, and hope you can make it out alive!

This Limited Edition comes in a cardboard box and includes:
The game 2Dark on a physical DVD
The uncensored limited physical art book The Art of 2Dark
The original orchestral soundtrack disc
A steelbook case

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand  
PlayStation 3
Take on the role of 50 Cent, the world’s biggest hip-hop star, in this fastpaced arcade style 3rd person shooter ¿ combining brutal melee counter-kills, online co-op, and exclusive new music content from 50 Cent and G-Unit.

50 Cent: Bulletproof  
Action PlayStation 2
This game lets you step into the footsteps of 50 Cent himself. As he tries to free the kidnapped K-Dog with his crew in the streets of New York City, 50 gets shot nine times (just like his real-life counterpart) and left for dead. After getting stitched up, he sets out to find those who tried to kill him and uncovers a bigger conspiracy.

The game is a 3rd-person shooter with all the typical features: You have a wide array of weapons (including akimbo shooting), there are over 25 moves to finish people off at close range, you can find money to buy health packs, armor, and other helpful items. You can grab enemies and use them as human shields and use mobile objects (like dumpsters on wheels) as cover. The game uses the havok physics engine for a more dynamic environment.

In many missions, you'll be rolling with your crew, the G-Unit: Lloyd Banks (as a locksmith), Young Buck (weapons expert), and Tony Yayo (the demolition man). They will provide back-up and perform tasks that are necessary to complete objectives.

The game comes with lots of additional material too (some of it unlockable), like music videos and 4 CDs worth of music with lots of previously unreleased material. Guest starring are Dr. Dre as Grizz and Eminem as Detective McVicar.

1080 Snowboarding  
Sports Games Nintendo 64 4.0 (8 votes)
One of the best snowboarding games on any platform, "1080 Snowboarding" faithfully recreates the mountain experience with beautiful graphics, realistic character and environment physics, atmospheric sound effects, and addictive gameplay. Players compete on a variety of unique tracks ranging from a half-pipe and long jump--both devoted to trick-happy boarders--to long descents that offer plenty of environmental obstacles, including jumps, deep powder, ice, and thick stands of trees. On several tracks, simply reaching the bottom of the hill is an accomplishment in itself.
Much of the game's appeal lies in the finely tuned player controls. As in real life, learning the basics--turning, jumping, carving--is a snap. Honing one's skills to smoothly land a jump, pull off complex in-air tricks, and negotiate tight turns and steep descents, however, is very challenging. It's this appealing combination of skill learning and track mastering that promises to entice players back to the slopes season after season. Extra kudos to the designers for the beautifully realistic sound effects--scraping along icy sections of the track is, literally, a tooth-grinding experience. "--Eric Twelker"
Pros: One of the best snowboarding games on any platform Gorgeous graphics and environmental sound effectsRealistic character and environment physics Cons: Game engine slows down in graphic-heavy sectionsOpening "locked" tracks requires advanced 'boarding skills, patience, and a love for the sport

1080: Avalanche  
Role-playing Games GameCube 4.5 (10 votes)
Well, it's been AGES since Nintendo made their last 1080 game, so I was quite excited when it came out and bought it a while after. First up is that there's NO point in choosing between SSX 3 and 1080 Avalanche. SSX has more tricks but 1080 is more of an extreme racer... get 'em both! Onto the game! Well first, you might as well know that 3 out of 5 of the original characters of the first 1080 game-Ricky Winterborn, Akari Hayami and Rob Haywood-are in this game with 2 new comers-Kemen Vasquez and Tara Hunter. The ideas of the modes are simple:
Match Race-Race to the bottom BEFORE your opponent.
Multiplayer-Up to 4 people can race.
Gate Challenge-Get as many points as possible by going through gates.
Trick Attack-Get as many points as possible by pulling off stunts.
Time Trial-Get the shortest time or get the coins.
LAN-Online multiplayer.
There are 9 areas where the slopes are set: Enter the Cold, Easy Life, Angel Light, Sub-Zero Assault, Aspen Lake Dam, Ride Easy Railways, Frozen Melee, Avalanche Alley and Nintendo Gamecube Stunt Zone. There are some new features as well-the speed lines-the faster you are the more vigorous they become,environmental hazards such as avalanches, and the power bar-by performing tricks you fill it up and then you can hit your opponents-and the off-balance bar.
Alternative-1080 Snowboarding.
My final verdict-The AI are competitive, the tricks cool and the tracks are awesome! Better than the prequel! 91%

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