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All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 4.5 (80 votes)
"Ico" weaves the tale of a young boy trying to escape his imprisonment in a large, vacant castle. Along the way, he discovers another captive--a beautiful princess named Yorda. Unsurprisingly, you control Ico with the goal of escaping the castle with the princess safely in hand.
Although it looks like an adventure game and has some rudimentary action sequences, "Ico" is mostly about solving puzzles. Players will run, jump and climb their way through the gargantuan castle as well as figure out which objects and environments are interactive. Yorda is very much a damsel in distress, and isn't nearly as capable as Ico. A great deal of the puzzles require the player to create a safe path for Yorda, who isn't physically able to get to the places Ico can. The puzzles are quite brilliant, although a few are so tough that players will feel like ditching the princess.
Graphics, particularly the lighting effects and animations, are fantastic and the developers did a superb job of conveying the enormity and beauty of the castle. When Ico and Yorda move and interact, their actions seem totally lifelike. The ambient soundtrack and simple controls let the player focus on the tasks at hand. Sony has crafted a very unique game that anyone can play; few games are as elegant in their simplicity as this puzzler. --"Raymond M Padilla"

Ett av tidernas bästa spel. Att säga så mycket utan att egentligen säga någonting. Fantastiska pussel och grafisk design att dö för. Spelar hela detta spel minst en gång i halvåret. Måste nästan upplevas för att förstås.

Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection  
Adventure PlayStation 3

Action & Adventure GameCube 5.0 (17 votes)

"Easy to learn, a lifetime to master"

Intro: Ikaruga is a vertical scrolling- shooter, made by Treasure. It is a hard, but very fun game that is definitely worth giving a shot.

Story: 7/10
In a faraway island nation, a man uncovers an ancient power, and he and his followers began conquering other nations. Freedom fighters rise up to try and defeat them, but are all killed, except one, named Shinra, who crash lands in a small village called Ikaruga. There he is given a fighter plane called the Ikaruga. He then decides to take on the man once again .....

That is basically the story which I found in the game manual. The story itself is good, but the game doesn't present it well. Not even an intro screen before the first level.

Game play: 10/10
This is where Ikaruga really shines. Your ship has two sides, black and white. You can switch between them with a single button. Enemies also have black or white sides. If you get hit with white while white,(or vice versa) you absorb the blast, to use for a homing laser.
However, if you get hit with the opposite color of laser, you lose a ship. This makes for intense gameplay, as you find yourself blasting enemies , switching colors, using homing lasers as you are surrounded by enemy gunfire. It seems hard at first, but you eventually get the hang of it.

An interesting feature is chaining. You chain by killing 3 ships of the same color, the the other color. This can lead to lots of points and challenge.

Graphics : 8/10
The graphics in Ikaruga are fairly good. The best models are of the huge bosses. The view of the graphics come from a technical standpoint. During boss battles, hundreds of bullets rain down on you, and there is no slowdown at all.

Sound : 9/10
The sound in Ikaruga is very good . The different melodies all fit the game. They never distract from the gameplay, which is good.

Replay value/Extras: 10/10
There is infinite replay value in Ikaruga. You can always try for a better score, and there are many different modes. By playing for many hours you can unlock art galleries and credits. Also, by playing in challenge mode, you can submit your score on the Ikaruga website.

Buy or Rent ?
If you like shooters, or are looking for something new, buy. After a little while, you will love this game. It's only 40 dollars. If you hate shooters, or are low on cash, give it a shot. You may love it.

Final Score : 9

Reviewer's Score: 9/10, Originally Posted: 04/20/03, Updated 04/20/03

Ett av de svåraste spel jag någonsin spelat. Endast fyra banor och jag har stolt klarat en och en halv.

In Cold Blood  
Action & Shooter PlayStation 3.5 (14 votes)
Revolution Software, the creators of "Broken Sword 2", bring us "In Cold Blood", a 9-mission stealth-based, Bond-like action game with impressive rendered visuals and good voice acting over 2 mammoth discs.
Based on a backwards style plot that forces you to unravel the flashbacks of an MI6 agent John Cord after his capture, your mission is to save a CIA agent.
However, whilst on your mission, your are captured and then have to try and reconstruct past events in the mission to not only retain your sanity but to also complete the mission that lies ahead of you.
To guide you through the 400-odd locations is special agent Kostav, who will offer advice on clues, as well as being helpful at distracting guards as you battle your way to complete the missions.
"In Cold Blood" creates an atmospheric and impressive environment to play in, with unbelievable graphics matching the likes of "Final Fantasy 7 "and great animated characters, yet at the same time offering the playability of "Metal Gear Solid" and other special-agent-style games.
Maybe not as worthy a title as Metal Gear Solid, this title should keep you busy if you're a fan of both the RPG and stealth genres. --"Faisal Ahmed"

International Victory Goal  
Sportspiele Sega Saturn
"Repetition interspersed with highlights"

Soccer fans out there can wet their fancies with this generally inexpensive Sega Saturn game. Like most outdated sports games, you can usually find this one in the bargain bin for 99 cents. Is it worth purchasing, though? Read on, to find out.

Graphics: 5
Ok, this IS a Sega Saturn game, and it WAS one of the first ones. Considering this, the graphics are not half bad. At least from a general standpoint. When you try to get up close and personal with the players, however, it deteriorates. You can't even see faces on the players. Two eyes, a nose, and a mouth is really all I'm looking for here, guys. The fans don't do much for me either.

Gameplay: 7
Very smooth and easy to play. The controls are simple enough, and players are very responsive to my button pressing. No delays in motion, no choppiness, just straight-forward soccer. But the slide tackling and ball-stealing buttons were made a bit TOO effective. So much so, that any time the opponent gets the ball, it's very simple to take it back from them. Passing is flawless too. These combined makes the game quite simple, even on the hardest difficulty setting. You could pick a worse country to play with to increase the challenge level, but why would you?

Sound: 6
The music is catchy, but it does get repetitive. Luckily, if that becomes the case, you can just turn it off. The chanting and cheering of the crowd is a nice touch. All in all, no complaints here, except everything sounds the same after a while, so sound doesn't really add to the game. It just doesn't take away from the game either.

Replayability: 9
Between exhibition, league play, tournament play, and (everybody's favorite) penalty shootout, this game provides sufficient variety to keep you hooked. Try playing shootout with a friend. It's a guessing game, but it's always a fun challenge. Some sports games are highly boring and once you played a few games you are tired of it...not this one. This game keeps fun statistics and keeps you coming back for more. This to me, is the clincher for making this game worth having.

Overall: 7
In short, the game is not sophisticated, but it doesn't have to be. It's a soccer game, and in fact it is quite enjoyable. Even for a second round. So when you skim through the bargain bin again and come across Worldwide Soccer, I say go ahead. Splurge a little and spend the 99 cents to buy this game. It's worth at least that much.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10, Originally Posted: 08/15/06

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