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Sacred 3  
Action PlayStation 3
The first game in the main series not developed by Ascaron. Sacred 3 departed from the original open-world gameplay and typical action RPG features, putting emphasis on a linear, easy to play action co-op experience without looting and diminished character development options instead.

Saints Row 2  
Action, Racing / Driving PlayStation 3 83
At the end of Saints Row the city of Stillwater was in the hands of the 3rd Street Saints. But the main protagonist also got blown up on Mayor Alderman's yacht, putting him in a coma. So things went down from there.

Two years have passed now and the main protagonist finally wakes up from his sleep only to find himself in prison and the city of Stillwater controlled by several rival gangs with Johnny Gat about to be put on the electric chair. With the help of Carlos, a fellow inmate, the protagonist escapes, rescues Johnny Gat and once again begins to reform the gang and move the 3rd Street Saints back up to number 1.

Before the player can enter the open and non-linear environment of the city, he needs to define who the main protagonist is by using an extensive character creator which allows for changing everything from gender to the size of the characters ears and the voice acting. But that's not the limit of customization in Saints Row 2. In shops scattered all around the city the player can buy additional clothing from underwear to hats to not only change his appearance but also the gang's. These clothes are then also available in the up to six cribs the player can unlock and buy during the course of the game. Besides changing his appearance, the player can also stash weapons and cash there, withdraw the daily earnings, rewatch cutscenes and more. He can also change the overall style of the crib and bu new stuff like a TV-set which grants him additional style points.

Style and Respect are the most important currencies besides money in the city. While respect is used to unlock missions and progress through the storyline, the player's style affects the overall respect modifier increasing the amount of respect earned. As stated style points are earned by upgrading the characters look, home or car. Respect points are instead earned through the many activities and diversions available in the city.

Activities are mini-games that are started at a one of two specific points in the game world and span out over six difficulty levels. After completing three levels, the player gains unlockables like a 5% discount on clothes. Besides activities already known from Saints Row, Saints Row 2 includes six new ones including "Crowd Control" in which the player needs to protect a VIP from intrusive fans and "FUZZ", a parody of COPS in which the player is followed by a camera crew and has to deal with criminals in a very creative manner to gain points. Diversions on the other hand include the simple driving on the wrong side of the road, doing stunts, playing poker in a casino, hijacking a car with more than one person in it and taking the passengers hostage and doing the job side-missions like driving the tow-truck or playing taxi.

The game also features several multiplayer modes ranging from a two-person coop-mode to twelve player deathmatch ("Gansta Brawl") and team-deathmatch ("Team Gangsta Brawl" and a mode called "Strong Arm" in which the team wins that manages to earn $100.000 first. This is accomplished by winning events based on single player activities like racing. Each activity has a time limit and at the end the winner goes home with $10.000.

Saints Row IV - Commander In Chief Edition  
Role Playing Game (RPG) PlayStation 3
Saints Row IV is an open world game that continues the story of the Third Street Saints by elevating their status to the highest level - the leaders of the free world. After a catastrophic alien invasion occurs where the aliens trasnport the Saints to a bizarro-Steelport simulation, you must fight to free humanity from alien grandaddy Zinyak's mental grasp by ultiziling gargantuan superpowers. Escape the simulation that's trapped the Saints crew, or die trying.

Saints Row: The Third  
Action, Racing / Driving PlayStation 3 81
As they have defeated all their rivals in Stilwater in the end of Saints Row 2, the Saints turned their street gang into a media empire soon after merging with the Ultor Corporation. They have since became an icon and own their own energy drink, a large fan base, and a movie deal in motion. However, when a fellow actor, Josh Birk, attempts to "research" his role for the Saints movie, they rob a bank and get caught. An international crime organization, called the Syndicate, bribes the police and gets the Saints' leader, Gat, and Shaundi released. They are then taken to the Syndicate's leader, Phillipe Loren, to try to negotiate business. While in flight, Loren tells them that they will be allowed to live if they give up two thirds of the Saints' revenue made in Stilwater. The gang leader rejects his offer, which leads to a gunfight. The leader and Shaundi escapes from the jet, while Gat attempts to hold back the enemies, and is presumably killed.

To get revenge on the Syndicate, the Saints relocate to Steelport, a city that was once known for its flourishing factories, but has been recently suffering from economic failure. The Syndicate has already taken over Steelport, and controls it through three gangs: The Morningstar, led by he DeWynter sisters and Loren personally, the Luchadores, controlled by the Mexican wrestler Killbane, and The Deckers, led by Matt Miller, and his group of computer geniuses who deal with money laundering and oversee the Syndicate's security. The Saints now need to take control over the city, fighting other gangs and trying to reclaim their former glory.

Saints Row: The Third is the third main game in the sandbox shooting and driving series. Like its predecessors, it focuses on third-person action, free-roaming driving, and urban warfare. The protagonist, leader of the Third Street Saints, explores the city of Steelport, performs missions that advance the game's story, as well as side missions. These include Activities, initiated at random points in the game world; Strongholds, rival gang bases that can be taken over to control sections of Steelport; and Flashpoints, actual gang warfare.

Completing missions earns the player money, weapons, cars, and gang reputation. Past Saints Row games used reputation to unlock new missions; The Third uses reputation as experience points, which can be used to upgrade weapons and cars with various features, such as adding scopes or extra barrels to guns. Money can be used to customize the appearance, outfits, and headquarters of the gang. There is also an Initiation Station system which lets the player upload their characters created to an online community, and even download other players' characters to play with their save game. Lastly, money can also be used to buy shops and other properties in Steelport, which will, over time, become a stream of money for the gang. Some of the missions can be approached in different ways, and a few require the player to make choices.

Novelty weapons are introduced along with the traditional arsenal of handguns and automatic weapons. Players can call down airstrikes on camps of enemies, or use a remote control electric bug to control vehicles from a range. Unlike the first two games, there are no health recovery items; instead, health regenerates at a faster rate out of combat. Just about every action in the game can be sped up by holding down a special button; for example, when stealing a car, it will cause the player character to missile-kick the driver out of the seat.

The game also has a co-op mode; similarly to Saints Row 2, the second player participates in all missions and activities, receiving credit for their completion. Some activities have different rules when having two players. Co-op features require a single-use online pass. There is no competitive multiplayer mode in the game.

Samurai Shodown V  
Action PlayStation 2
Seven years after the fourth game in the series, Samurai Shodown returns. In the game's time frame, this is the earliest game, hence the Japanese title Samurai Spirits Zero. It takes place in 1786 from January through the later summer. The game is therefore considered a prequel to the series.

The overall gameplay was slightly altered. It is a little faster, and the Slash/Bust system has been removed. Each character now has only one version, or the Bust mode is simply replaced by a new character of very similar setup. Combo slashes, sidestepping and fatalities have also vanished. The basic moves have been modeled after the first games in the series. They consist of three types of slashes, a single kick, and various dodge maneuvers similar to Samurai Shodown II.

There are 24 characters, a familiar cast with some new faces. Unlike the previous games, it is not possible to kill your opponent.

Second Sight  
Action & Shooter GameCube 4.0 (2 votes)
Combining an atmospheric, psychological thriller narrative with paranormal psychic abilities, stealthy exploration and intense shooter action, Second Sight brings a new dimension to stealth action games, giving players control of a character endowed with incredible psychic abilities. The game offers multiple approaches to completing levels either via stealth, dramatic gunplay, psychic powers or a combination of all three. The ability to psychically influence characters and remotely manipulate objects and individuals provides for a totally fresh gameplay dynamic.

Second Sight opens with John Vattic, the player-controlled lead character, as he awakens from a coma in a US medical facility where he has been subjected to traumatic surgery and experimentation. He doesn't know his name, he can't remember his past, all he knows is that his only hope for survival is to escape and unravel the mystery that has led to his imprisonment.

Mycket dålig kontroll vägs upp av en mycket bra story och lämnar ett spel man många gånger klagar på men också älskar för sin story. Psychickrafterna är roliga men begrännsas även de av kontrollen. Jag gillar Free Radical och jag gillar Second Sight trotts bristerna.

Secret Agent Clank  
Action PSP
Learn what it's like to be part-robot, part secret agent in Secret Agent Clank. Using the same engine as the first hit Ratchet & Clank adventure, this game focuses, for the first time in the series, on the adventures of the beloved robot sidekick Clank and his secret alter-ego, Secret Agent Clank. Set after Size Matters, but before the events of Tools of Destruction, the premise behind Secret Agent Clank surrounds Ratchet as he's framed for a crime that he didn't commit. Unfortunately for the hero, the trial is skewed against him, and all indications point to him being found guilty. To save his friend, Clank dons the tuxedo and equipment of his favorite alter ego, Secret Agent Clank, and investigates who's behind the accusations. Along the way, he learns and acquires new abilities, such as Clank-Fu, which he'll use against his opponents. He'll also gain access to new weapons, such as bow tie boomerangs, cuff link bombs and jet boots.

Secret of Mana  
Role Playing PlayStation 4
Originally released in 1993, "Secret of Mana'" is by far the most popular title in the “Mana” series. Now it's finally getting a long-awaited, full 3D remake!
■ 3D Graphics - Revamped visuals for the entire game a vivid, Mana-filled world rebuilt in 3D!
■ Upgraded Gameplay - The original system has been reworked in an effort to realize a modern action RPG with improved gameplay.
The memorable adventure of Randi, Primm, and Popoi is reborn in the new '"Secret of Mana'"!

System Requirements:Supported Platforms: PlayStation 4         
"PlayStation" account required for game activation and installation

SeGa GT Homologation  
Sega Dreamcast 2.5 (5 votes)
"A good game that COULD have killed GT2"

Sega GT is a good game. It really is. But it has some really bad points to it.

First of all, the handling on some cars absolutely sucks. Especially the A and SA class works cars. You'd think that on a 2 million dollar race car, they could make it handle BETTER than a street car. Sega GT disproved that. The handling is unacceptable on about 50% of the cars in the game. For instance, drive a stock Nissan Skyline GTR (R34) for a few races. Then beat the Nismo SA class license with a new record time (very easy) and try the Skyline works car. It just makes no sense.

Second, lots of races are piss hard. Especially most of the license tests used to unlock works cars. I have had this game since the month it came out, and STILL only have 6 out of like 50 works cars.

Third, there are some bugs that really should have been seen. I was racing the Nissan GTR works car, trying to beat the race, and I lost. I said oh well, and then tried the TRD A class race. I was supposed to be driving an Autobacs MR2, but to my suprise, the Skyline was there! I was like WTF!

Now for the high points of the game. The graphics are great, only surpassed by Metropolis Street Racer, but that doesn't matter. The car selection is awesome, and the sponsor system is very well designed. Also the Carrozeria system, although missing that certain something, absolutely rocks! No game has ever come close to such a well designed system. The music isn't anything special, but much better than some other games (MSR comes to mind again). Also the computer opponents have just the right amount of intelligence. However, especially in the works races, they are just too flawless. It's like their cars are brick walls and you are a superball. You could hit someone directly in the side going near 200 mph and they would barely move.

All in all, I give it 8/10. It's a good game that could have been much better. But regardless, it's worth the cash. Also, it is DC's only true racing sim. That fact in itself makes it worth the money. This game could have been a GT2 killer, but wasn't because of Sega's own stupidity. Sega GT 2002 has corrected many of these problems, and if you have a Xbox, I would strongly reccommend picking that up.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10, Originally Posted: 12/16/02, Updated 12/16/02

Sega Rally Championship  
Kids & Family Sega Saturn 4.5 (8 votes)
A killer app has been defined as the software that makes it worth buying the system. In the saturn's case, there's more than one killer app. For the Sonic Team fans, there was Nights Into Dreams. For the 3D shooter fanatics, there was Panzer Dragoon Zwei. And for those who just can't get enough of a good racing game... there is Sega Rally.
I have played a LOT of racing games in my time. I've played futuristic racers, arcade racers, motorcycle racers, water racers, you name it. But pound for pound, I have never seen a more addictive racing game with better track design.
Upon first examining this golden example of awesome programming, you might think you were ripped off. Three tracks (and one hidden one)? Two cars (and one hidden one)? Ahhh, but these are no ordinary tracks. These tracks are arcade perfect, featuring some of the sweetest, most stylish graphics to be seen on the Saturn. And the way the controls and track design mesh can only be described as MAGIC. You find yourself playing the same tracks over and over and over, trying to beat your best time. Trying to improve, trying to take those turns perfectly (and of course, trying to look cool watching the excellent replays).
Granted, Sega Rally 2 for Dreamcast is a great game, featuring awesome lighting, fun gameplay, and beautifully well designed tracks with loads of variations. But in my mind this game is superior. For pure, arcade style rally racing, this game simply cannot be beat.

Sega Superstars  
Action & Shooter PlayStation 2
It’s an ingenious idea--take various snippets from hit Sega games, mix in the EyeToy and add people. The result, "Sega Superstars", is an excellent party game that all the family can enjoy. Really.
It features twelve minigames in all, each drawing inspiration from a Sega hit. Thus, the "Sonic" section demands a balancing act as you use your body to guide gaming’s most infamous hedgehog on his latest quest for coins. Meanwhile, the "Virtua Striker" segment is more simplistic--you simply head a football and try and hit various targets, whilst "Virtua Fighter" is great as you punch and kick your opponent into submission. "Space Channel 5" has you mimicking dance movements meanwhile, and "Samba de Amigo" is outstanding fun, as your arms become substitutes for maracas.
The highlight though is born from one of the firm’s lower profile franchises. "Puyo Pop" is a work of some genius, as you use your body to direct blobs into the right colour receptacle. You’ll find yourself contorting into distinctly unhealthy shapes as you try to beat the top score, and having similarly unhealthy amounts of fun as you do so.
In a pack of twelve, it’s unsurprising that not everything hits, and we can’t see the "House of the Dead" nor "Billy Hatcher" segments being used too often. But nonetheless "Sega Superstars" delivers buckets of entertainment, and then some. Best played in numbers, but no slouch with just one, it’s arguably the finest EyeToy game to date.--"Simon Brew"

Shadow of Memories  
Role-Playing PlayStation2 4.0 (69 votes)
Imagine being able to turn back time and prevent your own death. Now, imagine that in doing so you forever alter history and have to jump back and forth through the dimensions to put the world to rights. Welcome to "Shadow of Memories".
Described by Konami as an "interactive novel", the game's plot follows the fortunes of lead character Eike, a man knifed to death in a quiet German town by an unknown assailant, who must save his own life and in the process discover why he was murdered in the first place.
This is a full 3-D world around which Eike can wander in a number of different time zones ranging from the present back to the middle ages, with suitable graphical treatments for all. It's a standard adventure game fare, with the usual array of objects to collect and use in the pursuit of altering history. Graphics are well above average and convey a real sense of being there; this is heightened by the superb 3-D sound, which makes a major mark on the gameplay, thoroughly enhancing the atmosphere in a way little seen in console games.
There are only two things which prevent "Shadow of Memories" from being a grade A PS2 title. The first is the length and frequency of the cutscenes. In the first 45 minutes or so of play there's so much scene setting that there's precious little for the player to do except watch--it can be frustrating, but the patient player is rewarded with a deep and immersive experience that becomes compulsive. The second is the short playing time--around seven hours to complete one of the game's half dozen paths. It's just not long enough for the serious gamer and does the title no justice.
However, if you can get past these hurdles, "Shadow of Memories" is a wonderful game, with the plot intriguing enough to have you arguing over who the killer was.
"Shadow of Memories" certainly won't be to everyone's taste. It's unusual mix of heavy storytelling and adventure action seems a little odd at first but perseverance is the name of the game and the player who sticks with it will be left with an engrossing experience. --"Chris Russell"

Väldigt mysigt spel som jag spelat 5 gånger bara för att få njuta av alla slut. Missat av många och därför delas det ut ett guldkorn.

Shadow of the Colossus  
Adventure PlayStation 4
SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS on PS4 system introduces the awe of its unforgettable world and towering creatures to a new generation of gamers, while allowing long time fans to revisit the beloved masterpiece with unparalleled visual fidelity and improved performance. Tales speak of an ancient realm where Colossi roam the majestic landscape. Bound to the land, these creatures hold a key to a mystical power of revival a power you must obtain to bring a loved one back to life. SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS is a breathtaking journey through ancient lands to seek out gigantic beasts. Armed with only a sword and a bow, explore the spacious lands and unearth each Colossus, presenting a unique challenge to test your wits, determination, and skill.

Shadow of the Colossus  
All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 4.5 (99 votes)

In a nutshell:
In a world of identikit sequels and licenses this game stands alone. Cast as the mysterious Wanderer you are charged with destroying sixteen colossi – gigantic and apparently invincible stone monsters. Each colossus has a weak point though and by climbing onto them and exploring them like moving castles you may have a chance to save your sweetheart.
The lowdown:
This game really does look and plays like nothing else, with a game world as large as the colossi which you can only explore via your trusty horse Argo. The graphics are fantastic, both technically and in terms of artistic design, and the melancholy atmosphere utterly unique. The colossi look particularly amazing, as you reach barely to the toe tops of most of them. The method of killing each one is perhaps not quite as varied as it could be and it’s a shame that there’s not anything to do in the overworld except travel to the next colossi, but the overall gaming experience is unparalleled.
Most exciting moment:
Your first sight of a colossus, as you realise the end-of-level boss is the level.
Since you ask:
This game is by the same team behind cult hit ICO, although a connection between the two stories is only evident at the very end of the game…
The bottom line:
One of the most beautiful and original video games ever made.

Mer konst än ICO och lika mycket känsla. Inget jag skulle spela om så som jag gjort med ICO men en underbar melankolisk och samtidigt vacker resa som man är dum om man inte följer med på. Där ICO ständigt präglas av hopp präglas detta spel istället av sorg. Varje gång du besegrat en koloss och ser den falla till marken får du tanken om det du gör verkligen är rätt. Kontrollen kan i början kännas konstig men väl inne i spelet känns den istället realistisk.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider  
Adventure PlayStation 4
Experience Lara croft's defining moment as she becomes the Tomb Raider. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara must master a deadly jungle, overcome terrifying tombs, and persevere through her darkest hour. As she races to save the world from a Maya Apocalypse, Lara will ultimately be forged into the Tomb Raider she is destined to be.

Shadows of the Damned  
TPS PlayStation 3

Action & Adventure Sega Dreamcast 4.5 (86 votes)
With an epic story line, luscious graphics and gameplay to match, "Shenmue" is everything than the Dreamcast can produce and more.
Ever since the launch of the Dreamcast, Sega have been looking for a decent RPG to bolster the range of titles available and to reply to the popularity of the final fantasy series on the PlayStation.
The main character of "Shenmue" is Ryo Hazuki, a hard-working college student who has been knocked sideways by the death of his father and swears vengeance as he sets off in search of the killers.
Although the story sounds familiar, "Shenmue" differs through its execution. Everything from the finely tuned opening sequence to the interactivity with the 500 or so characters is nothing short of superb.
But beware, this is no pick-and-play game. "Shenmue" comes on three packed discs, with a further disc for extra features and Internet options allowing the game to boast over 250 hours of gameplay. Couple this with the rumours that this is, in fact, part one of a trilogy and you've got an epic on your hands.
The game boasts distinctive time settings: different things happen during the day and night. Knock on someone's door during the day and they are likely to be out; visit the local shop in the evening you'll probably find it closed.
But it's not all talking to old people and children in an attempt to find the bad guys. "Shenmue" offers the chance to get into fights, race a motor bike and interact with everything and anything.
This game is a slow-burner, rising to an epic crescendo at the end. It's not"Crazy Taxi" or "Resident Evil" but something far greater, something almost compelling so that, although you know you're going to do a lot of walking around searching, you can't help but blindly carry on. --"Stuart Miles"

Har du tid så spela detta. Ett av de spel som fångat känsalan av en levande värld på ett snyggt och bra spel. Snordyrt att tillverka och tidskrävande men värt att spela. Inget att missa och ett av spelvärldens mest omtalade spel.

Shenmue I & II - PS4  
Action Adventure PlayStation 4
SEGA’s most requested re-release of all time finally comes to a new generation. These pioneering classics deliver an epic story of revenge within a unique open world that is still unrivalled in depth and detail. With an all-new re-release on modern consoles, a new generation of gamers will experience one of the greatest game series of all time. Return to the legendary saga that defined modern gaming. The saga begins…again.

Shenmue II  
Role-playing Games Sega Dreamcast 5.0 (31 votes)
The much-awaited second installment of Sega's hugely ambitious adventure is likely to be made extremely welcome by Dreamcast gamers, as "Shenmue 2" packs another four discs full of entertainment. Heck, you can even start with your save game from episode one if you managed to finish it.
The game picks up with Ryo arriving in Hong Kong as he continues his quest to avenge his father's killing. It's quickly obvious that aesthetically things have improved further; the graphics are at times outstanding, with clearly little expense spared. The game itself follows a similar format to the original, as you explore, interrogate, fight and solve the puzzles needed to progress. Again, you don't have to do everything to get to the end of the game, and there's an awful lot of time needed to get there. It really is business as usual, and it's every bit as good as before to play.
On the downside, and presumably to speed the release of the game, Sega have dispensed with an English translation, instead opting for subtitles throughout the game. It's not the end of the world, but it does now require a much more concentrated effort to play. And while it's not hard for those new to the franchise to dive in here, familiarity with previous events is still a help.
Nonetheless, this is a compelling and cinematic title, and while it doesn't add an awful lot in terms of gameplay to the first game, "Shenmue 2" is an excellent, well-written adventure that's well worth taking the time to explore. --"Simon Brew"

Som det första spelet fast större och bättre. Slutar precis som ettan mitt i handlingen och det ser inte ut som att vi kommer att få se något slut inom den närmaste tiden. Dyrt att tillverka och endast spelat av en hardcore publik gör att budgeten till flera spel inte går ihop. Ett mästerverk som alla som har tid bör spela.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4  
Retro Gaming & Microconsoles PlayStation2
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is a console role-playing game (RPG) for Sony's PlayStation 2. Chronologically the sixth installment in the Persona series, Persona 4 is a suspenseful countryside murder mystery with multiple twists and turns in the plot that will have you guessing all the way to the end. Every copy of Persona 4 is a special two-disc set including the game and a soundtrack CD featuring music from acclaimed composer Shoji Meguro Contains a sountrack CD featuring selected music from Persona 4 unprecedented team control with emphasis on developing bonds in the fight to solve mysterious murders 60 plus hours of gameplay Manage and integrate your activities withing each day to determine your progress

Shinobido: Tales of the Ninja  
Stealth game, Hack and slash, Action game PlayStation Portable
Shinobido: Tales of the Ninja (known as Shinobido: Homura in Japan) is a stealth-based video game developed by Acquire, for release on the PlayStation Portable.

Shinobido: Tales of the Ninja is the sequel to Shinobido: Way of the Ninja. The game engine of both titles are very similar, and by using a USB cable, players can import their custom missions created with the mission editor from the console version onto the portable version. All the story missions were created with the mission editor. A North American version was to be released as Shinobido Homura: Soul of the Ninja but was cancelled.

After the events of the previous game, the Asuka Ninja successfully rebuilt the Asuka Village. The story starts when Goh receives a letter from Sadame stating that Akame hires Kabuto to steal her documents, and she said that she was surprised that Kabuto is still alive. Goh heads to Akame Residence to retrieve it. Diving deeper to the game, Ichijo plans to marry the daughter of the neighboring fedual lord, Princess Azami, but the lord will only accept, if Goh eliminates the Kenobi Ninja that's scaring the townfolks. The lord will accept Ichijo's proposal, when Goh finish the given task.

Silent Hill  
Horror PlayStation 5.0 (38 votes)
A downright creepy "survival horror" title, "Silent Hill" succeeds where most "Resident Evil"-inspired titles suck: keeping you hooked and instilling you with fear throughout the game. Players are cast as Harry Mason in his desperate search for his daughter, who mysteriously disappeared after their car crashed into a gully outside of a desolate resort town.
The 3-D environments in "Silent Hill" are bathed in fog or darkness, making its dismal setting all the more eerie; this also allows for some spectacular lighting effects when using a flashlight in the dark. Granted, there are some pretty coarse graphics being obscured here, but it's a fair trade-off, considering the game's short load times.
"Silent Hill" is played from a third-person perspective, viewed from both fixed and moving camera angles. As with similar games, the viewpoint can be awkward at times, especially during combat, which here is so clunky that you should try to avoid it whenever possible--something you should do anyway, as this isn't "Tomb Raider".
Rather than resort to cheap scare tactics, "Silent Hill" features a gameplay twist that works very well with its limited visibility environments. Harry carries a radio with him that crackles with static whenever the game's nasties are near, and continues until they are no longer in the vicinity or have been killed off. (Enemies may require further whacking when they're down, as they like to play dead.) Additionally, the supported Dual-Shock controller pulsates in a heartbeat-like fashion whenever you are moderately or seriously injured. --"Joe Hon"

Läskigt och starten på en grymt bra serie. Grafiken känns idag något åldrad men storyn är alltid fräsch. Ryckningarna i dörrar som präglar serien börjar även här och har både sina för och nackdelar. Svår kontroll när det kommer till att slåss som Konami själva hävdar beror på att de försökt fånga känslan av att man faktiskt spelare en vanlig man som inte kan slåss och skjuta egentligen.

Silent Hill 2  
All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 4.5 (84 votes)
Gamers looking for intellectual horror will find it in "Silent Hill 2". As the story opens, James Sunderland receives a letter from his wife telling him to meet her in the town of Silent Hill. The only problem is that she's been dead for three years. In hopes of being reunited with her, he explores the haunted town, and has many terrifying and unexpected encounters. While the brilliantly designed monsters are indeed scary, it's the complex twists and turns of the plot that really produce the game's terror.
Gameplay is largely puzzle-based. Much of it involves gathering clues and items to solve each puzzle. There are a few fights thrown in, but these are quite easy, and mostly used to show off the developers' bizarre creations. The level of both puzzles and fighting can be adjusted to match each player's skill level. Although its mechanics are rudimentary, the game's presentation is anything but. A heavy use of fog is the game's hallmark effect, greatly adding to the mood. Sound--both effects and music--alternates between eerie silence and sudden, shocking crescendos.
Although the graphics and sound are both top-notch, the real star of this game is the story. It's very rich and intricate--a sharp contrast to the banal scenarios that frame most games. The game is short (around 10 hours), but you'll want to give it another go to discover its multiple endings and secret items. Despite basic gameplay, "Silent Hill 2" is an excellent choice for gamers looking for cerebral thrills. Parents should note that in addition to violence and gore, this game deals with topics like suicide, murder, and euthanasia. "--Raymond M. Padilla"

Seriens mest läskiga spel. Karaktärsdesign och röstskådisar på toppnivå. James kan inte heller han slåss eller panga något bra.

Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut  
All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 4.5 (84 votes)
Gamers looking for intellectual horror will find it in "Silent Hill 2". As the story opens, James Sunderland receives a letter from his wife telling him to meet her in the town of Silent Hill. The only problem is that she's been dead for three years. In hopes of being reunited with her, he explores the haunted town, and has many terrifying and unexpected encounters. While the brilliantly designed monsters are indeed scary, it's the complex twists and turns of the plot that really produce the game's terror.
Gameplay is largely puzzle-based. Much of it involves gathering clues and items to solve each puzzle. There are a few fights thrown in, but these are quite easy, and mostly used to show off the developers' bizarre creations. The level of both puzzles and fighting can be adjusted to match each player's skill level. Although its mechanics are rudimentary, the game's presentation is anything but. A heavy use of fog is the game's hallmark effect, greatly adding to the mood. Sound--both effects and music--alternates between eerie silence and sudden, shocking crescendos.
Although the graphics and sound are both top-notch, the real star of this game is the story. It's very rich and intricate--a sharp contrast to the banal scenarios that frame most games. The game is short (around 10 hours), but you'll want to give it another go to discover its multiple endings and secret items. Despite basic gameplay, "Silent Hill 2" is an excellent choice for gamers looking for cerebral thrills. Parents should note that in addition to violence and gore, this game deals with topics like suicide, murder, and euthanasia. "--Raymond M. Padilla"

Innehåller ett kort bonusscenario där man får spela som Maria.

Silent Hill 3  
All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 4.5 (66 votes)
Play "Silent Hill 3" and you'll never scoff at anyone that admits they got scared by a video game again: this isn't survival horror, it's full on survival terror. Away from the shlock B-movie stylings of the "Resident Evil" series, the "Silent Hill" games have carved, with a particularly rusty machete, a rather different niche for themselves with a line in taut psychological horror that really gets under your skin rather than just providing a few cheap shocks. The games' primary means of achieving this is via their superb graphics and sound which immediately create an oppressive atmosphere where you're constantly in fear of exactly what manner of evil will happen next.
Unfortunately veterans of the series will know that more often than not; nothing much ever does happen next, except maybe the appearance of one of the small number of stock enemies. They'll also be perturbed by the constant recycling of backdrops in this third edition--particularly in yet another visit to the Silent Hill hospital. The game does stop pulling its punches for the especially disturbing last third of the adventure though, and anyone new to "Silent Hill" is likely to be scared silly for its entire duration.
The game's other faults, such as a clunky control system and storyline are (for no apparent reason) stocks of the survival horror trade so it would take a particularly surly gamer to deny the game's obvious quality. It'll also take someone with concrete underpants to remain unfazed by the whole thing, particularly the church with the bleeding walls... --"David Jenkins"

Tydligen så kan Heather hantera vapen bättre än sina manliga kollegor. Kontrollen känns inte alls lika dålig när det kommer till att göra sig av med fiender. Knyter en hel del band med seriens första del och det är även det som gör detta spel till det kanske bästa i serien. Snygga cutscenes som bara ber om att få upplevas en gång till. Tips till alla är dock att spela ettan först för att få ut så mycket som möjligt av detta spel.

Silent Hill 4: The Room  
All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 4.0 (34 votes)
Survival horror games don't get the recognition they deserve in the wider world. Whereas CGI effects have done nothing but make horror movies less and less scary, ironically video games, particularly the "Silent Hill" series, have been showing filmmakers just how it should be done for years.
Irritatingly though the original PS one title remains the best of the series with the last two PS2 titles being little more than hi-res rehashes. "The Room" manages to shake things up a bit though, ditching the radio and flashlight gimmicks and adding twice the normal amount of side characters and a more involved fighting system. There's also a number of completely invincible bad guys and a new "Resident Evil" style limited slot inventory system.
The room in question, as you're no doubt wondering, is in fact the toilet. Playing yet another everyman character you wake up from a rather disturbing dream to find out that you're locked inside your flat and the only way out is through a gateway to hell next to the privy. Which almost sounds like a "BlackAdder" joke, but is unlikely to have you laughing after your first trip.
Within your flat the game uses a first person view, with the series' more traditional third person viewpoint taking over when you go through the portal. A series of weird lens filters and excellent (i.e. very unpleasant) sound lends a real otherworldly feel to proceedings, so that when things do choose to go bump in the night at you, you end up being very scared indeed. --"David Jenkins"

Skulle inte varit ett Silent Hill från början och det märks. Sämst i serien. Efter 1/3 av spelet får man spela om alla miljöer en gång till fast med dubbelt så mycket att göra. Vore det inte för de sparsamma refferenser till tidigare spel som tvångsamt pressats in skulle detta skräp troligen inte vara till nöje för någon varelse som står på två ben. Godkänt till 1/3 och resten är under all kritik. Spelas endast om du är fan av serien eller inte riktigt klok.

Silent Hill HD Collection  
PlayStation 3
This is a collection of high-definition remakes of the PS2 games of two games in the Silent Hill franchise. It contains:
Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams
Silent Hill 3The graphics of both games have been re-mastered to 720p. The in-game voice-over was also updated along with a re-mastering of the soundtrack. The games also include achievements/trophies.

Silent Hill Homecoming  
Action & Shooter PLAYSTATION 3 3.5 (27 votes)
Silent Hill: Homecoming marks the debut of the renowned psychological horror series on next-generation consoles. Building upon the series' trademark foundations of atmosphere, adventure and storytelling, it introduces a frightening new and standalone gameplay experience destined to haunt the dreams of both first-time players and those with some experience wandering the famously fog-shrouded streets of the town of Silent Hill and its new sinister sister city Shepherd's Glen.

The Story of a Grim Homecoming
Homecoming's story follows the nightmare turned real life of Alex Shepherd, a war veteran returning to his hometown of Shepherd's Glen to investigate the sudden disappearance of his kid brother, Josh. From Shepherd's Glen to the foggy streets of dreaded Silent Hill, Alex must face the darkest of horrors in order to find his brother. Struggling with his own grip on reality, it's here that Alex must unravel the mystery behind his nightmares, discover the truth behind his brother's disappearance, and confront the evil that takes hold of his own flesh and blood in the process.

Improved Gameplay
Firmly steeped in the Survival-Horror genre its series has been pivotal in establishing, action in Homecoming remains based on exploration of the terrors residing in the communities surrounding Toluca lake and puzzle-solving skill as a means of surviving them. But to its credit game developer Double Helix refuses to rest on past laurels, choosing instead to include new more accessible gameplay in the hopes of gaining a new audience for Homecoming. Examples of this gameplay include:

Next-Gen Visual and Spatial Features - Every sequel seeks reinvent the namesake game in their series. Homecoming does this in three ways, by adding the ability to toggle between a traditional third-person view and an action-oriented first-person view; by adding fully 3-D physics to the game, creating

Silent Hill Origins  
Horror PlayStation2 4.5 (3 votes)
Silent Hill origins to me is a masterpiece. It's got superb graphics, excellent sound and a wonderful soundtrack. I wasn't sure what to expect from this game after the awful silent hill 4, but I can safely say I think this game demonstrates the fact that silent hill series is back at it's very best and on top form.

I found the storyline in particular was very interesting and in depth. The controls did take a bit of getting used to. I have only given this game 4 stars for the fun factor because I found the monsters that strangle you a bit annoying. Apart from that this game is being given a well deserved 5 stars.

Silent Hill: Downpour  
Action PlayStation 3
Just like its predecessors, Silent Hill: Downpour is a survival horror game set in the town and the surroundings of Silent Hill. This entry features a convicted felon called Murphy Pendleton as the protagonist. He has been incarcerated for many years after stealing a police cruiser. After a riot at the Ryall State Corrections Facility where he is locked up, he is transferred with some other inmates to the Wayside Maximum Security Prison. During the transport that brings them near Silent Hill, the road suddenly ends into a void and the driver crashes the bus through barriers, down the hill. When Murphy regains consciousness, he manages to escape from his captors and looks for a way out through the surroundings. Through the story Murphy meets people from the area, fellow escaped prisoners and members of prison security. When he encounters strange entities and occurrences however, the line between dreams and reality starts to blur.

In the tradition of the series, Downpour combines exploring abandoned surroundings, talking to characters, and solving puzzles, set against a slow, psychological horror theme. Different from the previous game Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the return of combat. Murphy often has to fight off monsters using a variety of weapons, but he can carry only one melee and one ranged weapon. These also deteriorate over time. There is no visible health system, but when Murphy is in bad shape his clothes become bloody and he starts to limp. At key moments of the game the player has to make a number of decisions that define the moral compass. This eventually leads to different endings. Next to the main storyline there are different sidequests that are optional for completion.

Entirely new to the series is the introduction of a weather system. There is a full day and night cycle and rain often warns the player of danger that is approaching. It is possible to hide until the weather becomes better again. Most of the game is set in the nature and surroundings of Silent Hill, with mountains, woods, and streams, but also locations in the city as well as the series' famous transfer to the industrial hell of the Otherworld when the town's evil influence distorts the environment.

SimCity 2000  
Strategy Sega Saturn 3.0 (12 votes)
We first saw this SimCity 2000 for Playstation at my sisters house, when our 13 year old son played it he just couldn't get off of it as he was having so much fun. Well, I played it, a late 30's year old woman and I loved it too, it was very interesting and I found that I just could not walk away. So, I ordered it from Amazon for our son for Christmas, to surprise him, he really loves it as this is the only game he'd play, so I can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning. I can tell you now, our son, me and my husband will all want to play it at the same time, that is how good this game is. I highly recommend it to anyone, the price is excellent from Amazon, ... so thank you amazon for helping make our son have a special, surprising Christmas. Really, do spend the money on this game, you will be glad you did.

Sine Mora EX  
Shoot 'em up Nintendo Switch
Sine Mora is a side-scrolling shoot'em up that provides a unique challenge, where time is the ultimate factor. Mixing classic shooter sensibilities with contemporary presentation, Sine Mora is a gorgeous shoot'em up offering both a Story Mode that weaves an over-the-top tale and an Arcade Mode that provides deep, satisfying gameplay to challenge fans of the genre. With many ways to manipulate time, Sine Mora features over 50 weapon combinations to complete each beautiful stage that fits to the player's skills with scaling difficulty. Soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka and featuring boss designs by Mahiro Maeda.

PlayStation 3
Download your favourite tunes from just £0.99 per track

Blu-ray disc contains 30 original tracks, plus loads to download from SingStore
Upload pics, videos and performances to the in-game community My SingStar Online
Personalise your own playlists to suit the type of SingStar you are

Key Features:
Stays true to the original SingStar experience with fully-licensed tracks and videos from the world’s leading stars. The Blu-ray disc features 30 tracks by Gwen Stefani, OutKast, Coldplay, Pussycat Dolls, Razorlight and many more.
Select and sing the songs you want from the SingStore. The SingStore will be open for business from December 7th with 44 songs to download, including great songs from the SingStar range plus new tracks from The Manic Street Preachers, Zutons & Depeche Mode. This is only the beginning as further songs will be added regularly from 17 December onwards to build the ultimate SingStar resource for every mood and every party.
Continue to play whilst your favourite songs download in the background: now you can go to the SingStore and choose your very favorite SingStar songs to bring out the performer in you - from an RRP of £0.99 per track. The result is the ultimate playlist with absolutely no fillers!
Customisable: new menu skins and backgrounds, plus new voice effects and wallpapers to make it your SingStar.
Slick new look: the visual style has evolved with a new look that nonetheless remains true to SingStar’s heritage and familiar to SingStar fans.
Same game experience that everyone knows and loves: take centre stage and sing your heart out alone, get your group together or go head-to-head in competitive singing fun with all your mates. Enjoy brand new technology that enables you to reduce the volume of the original song – if you’re feeling brave enough!
My SingStar Online: get involved in the all new SingStar in-game community! Here users can upload & share their SingStar photos, videos, parties and performances. Build an online SingStar profile, rate videos, check out the latest and highest rated.
Fun everywhere with the highlights of that party onto and share the entertainment with friends and colleagues on your PC after the party is over. Rate performances, find out what’s hot and what’s not, and have fun!

Action PlayStation 3
Feeling threatened by the USA and their nuclear bomb, the Russians had to look for uranium themselves after World War II ended. However, instead of uranium, they found something else on a small island off the east coast of Russia, now called Katorga-12. This something turned out to be E99 - the most powerful energy source known to man. Stalin immediately realized the scope of this discovery and pumped as many funds as possible into researching its military potential.

The scientists were forced to conduct their research at maximal speed, notwithstanding the possible dangers.Eventually, in 1955 an unknown and inexplicable disaster occurred, apparently killing everyone on the island and forcing the leaders to terminate the project. However, in 2010 an American spy satellite picks up radiation over the island, putting the government at high alert because of the fear of another Chernobyl disaster. To find out what is going on, they send the Black-Ops-team Spartan-21 to investigate. A sudden electromagnetic surge makes their helicopter crash. One of the few survivors, Nathaniel Renko, is left with the mission of uncovering the mystery of Katorga-12.

Singularity is a linear first-person shooter inspired by BioShock. Much of the story is uncovered by reading notes and hearing audio messages left by the inhabitants of the island before the catastrophe occurred. The weaponry includes a pistol, a shotgun, as well as more unusual firearms such as the Seeker which shoots E99-enriched bullets controlled by the player. Each weapon can be upgraded several times, increasing the size of the magazine or its strength. These upgrades, as well as swapping weapons and buying additional ammunition, are performed at weapon lockers scattered around the levels. In order to do an upgrade however, the player needs to find hidden caches containing weapons technology and collect the E99-technology lying around.

The distinguishing gameplay elements revolve around the Time Manipulation Device (TMD) the player finds early in the game. Wrapped around his left arm and constantly being upgraded during the course of the game, this device allows Nathaniel to manipulate space and time both in combat and for solving puzzles. Using the TMD on human targets like the Russian soldiers will result in them dying from old age within seconds. The monsters (mostly former humans hit by the Singularity) may react differently - e.g. some explode after a few seconds. Later in the game, the player can even turn a human soldier into a monster which will fight for a certain amount of time on his side.

Thanks to the ability of the TMD to manipulate the age of an item, it is also used for puzzle-solving purposes. This way the player can age a crate until it collapses, use the TMD like the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 to place the remains under an almost closed rolling gate, and then return the crate to its original state, which pushes the gate open. In addition to the automatic upgrades granted throughout the game and abilities like a time-ball which freezes everything inside it in place, the player will also find formulas during his journey, using them (in addition to E99-technology) at specific upgrade stations to further increase the powers of the device. Finding the TMD also allows the protagonist to travel back in time to 1955 at certain points in the game, where he will have to alter the course of events, similarly to flashback sequences of Cryostasis. While the player's choices are pre-defined there, a choice during the final part of the game will branch the storyline into three different endings.

The game also features multiplayer for up to 12 players in the two team-based modes "Creatures vs. Soldiers" and "Extermination". While the latter is simply Team Deathmatch, "Creature vs. Soldiers" requires the soldiers to capture beacons on the map and defend them for a certain amount of time in order for the next one to become available, while the creatures do everything in their power to prevent that. In both modes, players can choose from four different classes on each team and can customize them to a certain degree, choosing which weapon and TMD-power the player uses as a soldier. While the soldier classes are rather straightforward, the four creatures are all unique, each having their own special abilities to compensate for the soldiers' access to the powerful TMD. These abilities include seeing enemies through walls or turning into a soldier for a short time.

Action & Shooter PlayStation 3 4.5 (24 votes)
(Region free, Full English language, will play on any PS3 console system)
It`s the closest thing to skateboarding without actually putting your feet on a board. With innovative controls that take advantage of the dual analog sticks, the power of the next gen hardware, and the ability to sculpt tricks to define your style, skate delivers authentic boarding like no other videogame. Individual style mixed with physics-driven animations promise that no two tricks will ever be the same, and there`s plenty of room to pull off those trick. San Vanelona challenges you to explore, find, and own the best spots. You can even capture footage to create and show off your style with friends across the world. Roll with the Pros?skate features professional legends and upcoming pros including Danny Way, Mark Gonzales, Rob Dyrdek, Mike Carroll, P.J. Ladd, Chris Cole, Jason Dill, Pat Duffy, Jerry Hsu, Paul Rodriguez, Dennis Busenitz, Alex Chalmers, Chris Haslam, Colin McKay, John Rattray, Ryan Gallant, Ryan Smith and Terry Kennedy. Online Gameplay skate features extensive online gameplay including multiple online multiplayer modes.
  Flickit The intuitive Flickit dual analog control lets you perform skill-based trick executions that capture the real-world feel and true attitude of skating. Define Your Style Create your own style and personality with animation and physics that give you the freedom to decide how your skater looks, feels and rides. Get creative as you develop tricks and string them together to create lines. Without Footage, It`s Fiction Capture your sickest moves in game and put them online for the world to see. Use innovative online video editing tools and add music to create the ultimate skate vid. Create Your Own Story Skaters don`t follow rules. Open progression allows gamers to skate how they want to skate. Get famous by generating mainstream hype or go the infamous ro

Skies of Arcadia Legends  
Role-playing Games GameCube 4.5 (24 votes)
"An RPG for Gamecube which features pirates in flying galleons you say? And you say it's actually a good execution of a good idea? Are you sure you're not drunk, sir?!"

No mate, I'm sober. When you first boot up Skies Of Arcadia you know that it's going to be something special. It's obvious that Sega's development team, Overworks, have spent ages coding the game to perfrection.

The graphics and sound remain almost identical to the Dreamcast version, which was published two years ago. Admitedly, their are new visual effects which obviously utilise the added power of the Gamecube, and the game has some support for Dolby Pro-Logic II surround sound systems. However the styles of the graphics and sound remain unchanged.

One major compliant owners of the Dreamcast version had was the somewhat weak battle system. Sega and Overworks have looked at customer feedback and took it to heart, because the battle scenes play almost completely differently now. If only more developers took the same approach to their re-issued titles...

The Gamecube version has more side-quests too. The main plot is exactly the same as the Dreamcast version, but the side-quests will add alot of variety. Playing these side quests also unlocks various secret bonuses, if you're good enough.

The control system has also been adapted perfectly for the Gamecunbe controller. Alot of games when ported to the Gamecube suffer only in the controller area., so I'm pleased that Overworks have got it just right.

I've had the American NTSC Gamecube version for a month now, and I can say that I'm still playing. The game's huge, and rivals Final Fantasy VII in length. It took me three months (on-and-off) to complete the PAL Dreamcast version, so adding the new side-quests to the mix you have one huge mother of an RPG!

Don't worry if you think the PAL Gamecube version will be worse than the version I'm playing. Sega are the best at NTSC to PAL conversions, and I know that the game will feature a full 60hz mode for super-smooth gameplay!

This is another gem from Sega. You must own this!

Något många randombattles trotts att de minskats sedan Dreamcast versionen. En del lån av idéer från Final Fantasy lyser igenom men inte utan att spelets känns unikt. Defenetivt värt att spela oavsett om man är ny i genren eller en gammal räv.

Sleeping Dogs  
PlayStation 3
Sleeping Dogs PS3... Welcome to Hong Kong a vibrant neon city teaming with life whose exotic locations and busy streets hide one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the world: the Triads. In this open world game you play the role of Wei Shen an undercover cop trying to take down the Triads from the inside out. You'll have to prove yourself worthy as you fight your way up the organization taking part in brutal criminal activities without blowing your cover. Torn between your loyalty to the badge and a criminal code of honor you will risk everything as the lines between truth loyalty and justice become permanently blurred.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition  
PlayStation 4
Sleeping Dogs is an open-world action game set on the exotic island of Hong Kong
with brutal martial arts combat, thrilling street races and a celebrated, gripping
story. Entirely remade for the new generation of consoles and the very latest PCs
The Definitive Edition includes all previously available content and a wealth of new
technological upgrades. In this open world game, you play the role
of Wei Shen, an undercover cop trying to take down the Triads from the inside out.
You’ll have to prove yourself worthy as you fight your way up the organization,
taking part in brutal criminal activities without blowing your cover. Torn between
your loyalty to the badge and a criminal code of honor, you will risk everything as
the lines between truth, loyalty and justice become permanently blurred.

Snake Rattle N Roll  
Action NES 3.8
It's a race to the moon for the two snakes, Rattle and Roll! Play alone or simultaneously with a friend as you out-score and out-eat your opponent - then weigh yourself on the scales and make for the exit!

Snake, Rattle 'n Roll is an isometric 3D platformer. The object of each level is to eat as many Nibbley Pibblies (round creatures of various colours) as possible to make your snake heavy. Once it's heavy enough, you must stand on the scales in the level, and if you're heavy enough, the door will open and you can make your way to the exit.

As with many platform games of its era, Snake, Rattle 'n Roll is incredibly difficult. Foes include Jaws, a monster that's all teeth and will kill you if you stay in the water too long, and Bigfoots, which stomp all over the place and require multiple tongue lashings to defeat. Then there's the many types of Nibblies, such as Pibblesplats, which hop around and splat into puddles, Pibbleboings, which are spring-loaded and jump incredibly high, and Pibblewings, which fly high out of reach.

Two-player mode provides both a co-op and competitive experience: while you are both trying to eat more Nibblies than your opponent, if you both stand on the level's scale at the same time, both of your weights will be counted and it will be possible for you to exit the level more quickly.

The Sniper 2  
Action PlayStation 2
Harry was a fire fighter. He was good at his job but, while on a mission to rescue a girl he stumbled onto a counterfeiting ring. In a corrupt city this was bad news and it cost Harry his job but, worse than that, it cost him his girlfriend as Claire Anderson was killed by the mafia.
Harry left town and trained under an ex-army veteran to become a top sniper. He returned home to take his revenge and found an ally in the mysterious C.A. who supplied him with inside information. When the last mafia boss was dead Harry finally met C.A and found she was Melissa, the little girl he rescued all those years ago, she'd grown a bit but she was still a kid who for some reason possessed the memories of his beloved Claire.

The game starts with Harry and C.A. On the run and driving through the desert in a big pink Cadillac. They pick up Stanley who's car has broken down, in return for the favour Stanley takes them to his favourite diner in Sacramento where he treats them to a meal. While they are eating more mafia show up and start shooting, using a rifle supplied by the diner's lady owner Harry fights back and the game truly begins.

This game differs from most action games, it's called 'Sniper' and that's what the game delivers, short sections of action where the kill shot must be made within one to two minutes separated by sections of storytelling. Every shot is graded and every shot must be a kill-shot, miss or just wound the target and it's game over, though the player is given the chance to try again.
Once the mafia hit men are dealt with the story unfolds into something involving the C.I.A., a shipment of nerve toxin, and secret meetings.

The game has a training mode which introduces the player to the controls, however this is limited to stages the player has unlocked.

SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo  
Action PSP 8
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo offers fans of the best-selling franchise all-new single-player and wireless multiplayer gaming missions. Travel to 4 different Areas of Operation (AO), while tasked with completing 14 unique, realistic international single-player missions. Multiple players will be able to form clans and take on their friends for team based high-action gameplay in SOCOM Fireteam Bravo via a Wi-Fi connection. Over 30 authentic weapon and equipment options offer players the ability to customize their fireteams Multiple save points eliminate having to replay a failed mission from the beginning Special crosstalk feature enables players who successfully complete cross-title objectives to advance more rapidly and affect mission structure, in both this game and SOCOM 3 Multiplayer action - team up and compete with friends in Ad Hoc and Infrastructure Modes through a Wi-Fi connection Associated with U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command, ensuring authentic and realistic SEAL gameplay and mission designs

Sonic Adventure  
Kids & Family Sega Dreamcast 4.5 (275 votes)
After several years in video game retirement, Sonic the Hedgehog returns as the star of a graphically stunning 3-D adventure game that blows away every other game in the genre. Sonic is joined by five of his friends in a massive quest that spans over 50 game levels filled with remarkable visuals and a pulsating soundtrack. Taking full advantage of the unprecedented processing power of the Dreamcast, Sega's development crew, Sonic Team, has designed several gravity-defying game levels that will keep gamers hooked.
Our favorite level is Windy Valley, which requires you to survive the stormy perils of a tremendous tornado. This tyrant of nature chases you relentlessly before ultimately sucking you into the air and up through its eye. During the chase, the tornado manages to tear up just about everything on the screen. This dizzying visual spectacle moves so fast that you will literally hold on to the game controller for dear life.
Assuming you survive the tornado, there are several more challenging areas to conquer, including a level that requires you to snowboard directly in the path of a fast-approaching avalanche. During the Emerald Coast level, you will race across a precarious dock as a killer whale attacks from below, destroying the wood planks underneath your feet while you attempt to outrun the crazed creature.
We also liked the numerous mini-games scattered throughout this title. When you least expect it, "Sonic Adventure" tosses in some old-fashioned arcade action, such as pinball or bumper car racing. In between, you can raise virtual pets, known in the game as "Chao." These characters, which are saved using the optional Visual Memory Unit (VMU), can be combined with other Chao characters exchanged between friends or downloaded via the Internet.
Gamers looking to show off the strong processing power of the 128-bit Dreamcast will definitely want to pick up this title. Simply put, "Sonic Adventure"'s graphics surpass those of any other game currently available on any home video game system. Let the Sonic assault begin. "--Brett Atwood"
Pros: Strong replay value Stunning graphics Bonus virtual pet game Six different game characters
Cons: May be too fast-moving for some players Awkward camera angles can inhibit gameplay in some areas

Sonic Adventure 2  
Fantasy Sega Dreamcast 4.5 (177 votes)
When longtime Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog made his debut on the Dreamcast console in "Sonic Adventure", gamers were stunned. Sega had not only used the game to show off the tremendous possibilities of the then-new hardware, but they had reinvigorated the platform-style arcade adventure genre with massive, intricate levels, gleefully distracting minigames, and even a new kind of virtual pet, called a Chao, that could be combined with other pets, traded with friends, and even exchanged over the Internet. "Sonic Adventure 2" ups the ante of its predecessor with all-new puzzles and levels, and even faster action reminiscent of the early Genesis-era games. Knuckles and Tails are back, as are the Chao pets (who can now talk!).

Sonic Colors  
Action Nintendo DS 80
Dr. Eggman wants to change his ways, opening a massive new theme park floating rather curiously above the planet. Sonic, wary of his nemesis, visits the theme park and discovers the true evil story. The park exits thanks to an alien race known as the Wisps, powerful creatures whom Dr. Eggman has kidnapped for his own evil purposes. Sonic agrees to free them from the amusement park, but he won't be able to do that without the Wisps help.

In a return to the classic platform Sonic's of old, Sonic Colors uses the full width of both Nintendo DS screens to present a 2D side-scrolling adventure of colourful proportions. Sonic has the help of the Wisps unique abilities, such as drilling deep underground or rocketing high into the air, to aid him in his quest to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds and stop Dr. Eggman's dangerous plan. Six Wisps are at Sonic's disposal, though their effects last a limited amount of time. Four of them, White, Blue, Yellow and Orange, are similar to that seen in the big brother Sonic Colors on Nintendo Wii. Two others, red (turning Sonic into a lethal fireball) and velvet (which allows Sonic to float in midair and suck up nearby rings and items), are exclusive to the DS platform.

A multiplayer mode is included, allowing two players to compete across multiple levels to reach the end goal first, along with a time attack mode.

Sonic the Hedgehog  
Shooter Sega Genesis 4.5 (43 votes)
To me sega genesis was kind of a big hit like PS2 back then. I never owned a sega but one of my cousins use to have one and anytime I go to his house I get so addicted to sonic and I would play for hours and my mom would just tell me it's time to go and I would not leave. I had so much fun with sonic the levels were pretty cool and the obstacles like jumping or rolling around were pretty fun too. I never got to the end of this game the levels kept on going. I wan't to get this on GBA for my little sister I think she will enjoy it.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2  
Kids & Family Sega Genesis 4.5 (51 votes)
Many people were suprised about the success of Soinc The Hedgehog in 1991. But later in '91 Nintendo unleashed it's Super Nintendo. In order to bring gamers back they made Sonic The Hedgehog 2. As you may know it brought back thousands of gamers, even more! STH2 is one the greastest Sonic games in the world! If you emjoyed the first game ( like me ) than get ready for this awsome sequel. 4.5 out of 5

Bättre än föregångaren på alla plan men inte lika bra som nintendos Super Mario Bros 3. Ändå ett riktigt bra spel.

Soul Blade  
Strategy Guides PlayStation
"It's all about the weapons!"

Okay, I'll confess. I'm not a big Tekken fan. That's not to say I totally hate Tekken. They are fun games, I just think they're extremely overrated. Anyway, this is probably my favorite fighting game. I never really gave much thought into playing it until a friend told me about it. That's when I decided, ''Hey, I should give that a try.'' Well, I had to settle for the Greatest Hits version, but it was well worth it!

The Game
In Soul Blade, you can play as one of several different characters who are in search of a legendary blade called Soul Edge, which gives it's owner vast power. So, all these warriors bump into each other on the course of their journeys and battle it out. Each one has a different objective.

The game is like many other 3D fighting games. Basic movements and attack/block buttons. The control actually works quite well. The game has a lot of action and the fighting is very fast paced.

There are also several modes which you can play. There is the usual the Arcade Mode which is the basic game in which you fight your way level by level. There is also a practice mode allowing you to hone your skills. You could also play multiplayer Vs. Mode, Team Battle Mode, Survival Mode (see how many opponents you can beat before your health runs out), and Time Attack Mode (see how many opponents you can beat before time runs out).

Edge-Master Mode
Best of all, however, is Edge-Master Mode, probably the most fun mode of the game. In this mode, you play a story of sorts with the different selectable characters. As you advance the story, you fight a battle with special stipulations to win. Battles can have multiple opponents and some strange stipulations (such as ''win only by ring-out'' or ''win by using special attack'').

Game Elements
The graphics are very well detailed and display beautiful colors as well as smooth textures. The music and sound effects work very well with the atmosphere of the game. I think this holds one of the best soundtracks for a fighting game (next to Guilty Gear, of course).

Graphics: Very well put together. Nice detail and colors used 10/10
Sounds: A great soundtrack with good voice acting and very good sound effects 9/10
Controls: Can take a bit of getting used to, but are very easy to use once you are normed 8/10
Plot/Storyline: Whew... No tournament! The plots for each character are actually pretty cool. 8/10
Gameplay: Fun and addictive 10/10
All Together: 10/10

3D fighting fans should definitely check this game out. It's worth a play.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10, Originally Posted: 03/20/01, Updated 06/15/01

Första delen i vad som senare skulle heta Soul Calibur. Inte lika bra som resten av spelen.

Soul Calibur  
Action Sega Dreamcast 5.0 (263 votes)
Featuring graphics that surpass even the amazing "NFL 2K", "Soul Calibur" is the martial arts fighting game to end all fighting games and "the" game to get if you're a Dreamcast owner. Based on the arcade classic of the same name, "Soul Calibur" lets you choose to represent one of 10 fighters in a series of battles against your peers. If you can successfully defeat all of your opponents, you will then face the fiendish Inferno in a final showdown that will determine the fate of the world. Each of the game's warriors is armed with a different deadly weapon--sword, ax, stave, nunchaku, you name it--and an assortment of special moves all tailored to that specific weapon. The warriors include men, women, and creatures from all over the globe and from various mythologies. Each is brought to life with amazing motion-capture animation, which results in incredibly lifelike and realistic duels. If you own a Dreamcast or are thinking of buying one, do yourself a favor and add "Soul Calibur" to your collection. "--Mike Ryan"
Pros: Exceptionally lifelike graphics and animation Multiple game modes--1-player, 2-player, team, computer vs. computer, martial arts demo, and more Secrets and extra features will keep players coming back Cons: May be too violent for some parents

Bäst i sen genre när det kom men idag har vi Soul Calibur 2. Grafiken skall dock aldrig underskattas.

Soul Calibur V  
Fighting PlayStation 3
The eternal struggle of swords and souls continues! SOULCALIBUR V is the latest entry in the premier weapons-based head-to-head fighting series. SOULCALIBUR V takes place 17 years after the events of SOULCALIBUR IV and continues the epic story of warriors in search of the legendary Soul Swords in 17th century Europe. The heroic battles transpire in a beautiful and fluid world with eye-popping graphics and visual appeal. SOULCALIBUR V tunes the battle, movement, and visual systems so players can pull off cool dynamic attacks with ease and battle with complete freedom.

SoulCalibur II  
Fighting Games GameCube 4.5 (25 votes)
If the world was a fair place then the name of "SoulCalibur"--peculiar spelling mistake and all--would be the most famous in beat-'em-up history. Unfortunately, though, the original arcade game was only converted to the Dreamcast (despite the prequel, "Soul Blade", being on the PSone), thus dooming it to relative obscurity.
"SoulCalibur"'s brilliance is not due to any particularly innovative features--it could legitimately be described as simply Tekken with weapons. It's just that it does everything with more panache and imagination than the rest. Instead of awkward, staccato moves, "SoulCalibur" offers gloriously flowing, instinctive combos that often leaves you gasping at your own character's athleticism.
Of course beat-'em-ups aren't known for their innovation and "SoulCalibur II" doesn't really deviate too far from its original premise of 16th century men and women hitting each other with a variety of swords, sticks and other meleé weapons. The whole tactical nature of the battles has been altered, though, to create a deeper game with blocks and counters now far more important and the glorious new animation system able to adapt each move depending on the direction and speed you're moving in.
One point of true innovation in the original game was its unusually complex and rewarding single-player mode and this has been expanded for the sequel as you compete under a variety of different conditions to earn money and buy new weapons, costumes and extras. As an extra bonus to GameCube owners (the original arcade hardware uses Nintendo technology), Link from "The Legend of Zelda" is a playable character in this GameCube version. --"David Jenkins"

Här har vi the shit. Enligt mig det bästa 3d fighting spelet någonsin. Jag gillar rättvisa spel där teknik går framför tur och där det finns lite tempo med i bilden. Bra singleplayerläge med en storymode vilket ger mer än de flesta fightingspel gör.

SoulCalibur III  
Fighting PlayStation2 4.5 (13 votes)
I have never played any soul calibur Games before, I bought this one and was amazed and addicted to it:
It has a really cool Character creation mode were you can buy armor and stuff and create your original character and use them in some modes, you can also choose the weapons and job your character has.
The Graphics are really good, I'm very impressed, this game wasn't rushed like some stuff.
Lots of features to keep you amused for hours.
If the Game has a fault, my friend who had Soul Calibur 2 says the some custom Characters really good moves have been changed. But I don't think this matters too much as the other features on the game make up for this. 9.5/10

Alla karaktärer från samtliga spel samlade. Tyvärr räcker det inte. Tvåan ligger före när det kommer till kontroll, grafiska detaljer och balans. Med det inte sagt att detta är dåligt.

SoulCalibur IV  
Action PlayStation 3 4.3
Continuing the eternally retold tale of souls and swords, Soulcalibur IV is once again the story of the swords Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and those who want to have or destroy them. The swords are on the fast-track to resurrect an ancient king, and only the player can stop him from unleashing his ambiguous evil upon the world.

Soulcalibur IV continues the series' 3D blade fighting game play, with a few enhancements. The ability to break your opponent's defences from the first game finally returns in the form of destructible armour. Corresponding to the game's high, middle and low attacks, armour will weaken in these areas the more the player guards against attacks until the armour finally shatters. Also new is a Soul Gauge, which measures green-to-red how much a player has defended. Pushing the gauge beyond red causes a Soul Crush, which will create the opportunity for the opponent to do a character-unique one-shot kill called a Critical Finish.

Most of the regular cast returns for this bout with the addition of several new characters, the most publicized of which are Yoda on the Xbox 360, Darth Vader on the PlayStation 3, and Darth Vader's Apprentice on both consoles. All three characters have force powers that make use of an additional force meter that limits how often the powers can be used. Use beyond the meter will instead start draining the life of the character. Also new is Hilde, an armour-clad woman defending her homeland against the forces of the Soul Edge with a long pole-arm and shortsword. The final boss Algol is also a playable character, wielding the Soul Edge as one hand and the Soul Calibur as the other, as well as wreaking havoc with his teleporting chair. In addition, five "bonus" characters, each specially designed by a Japanese artist are included that recycle the move lists from the a-list characters.

The regular Story, Arcade, Training and Versus modes are still present, but Soulcalibur III's Chronicles of the Sword is supplanted with a new endurance-style campaign called Tower of Lost Souls. Players Ascend, and then Descend the tower by fighting waves of enemies, unlocking new items along the way by achieving certain conditions such as no ring outs or taking no damage. The versus mode is available in both regular and special varieties, the former enforcing only baseline characters while the latter allowing the use of customized skill sets and equipment. New to the series are online modes allowing you to play on the Internet with other players. Both ranked and unranked matches are available in the same regular and special modes as versus.

New characters and items are unlocked by spending Gold that is earned in the online or single-player modes, with some characters only unlocked by defeating them in the single-player modes. Gold can also be spent in the museum to unlock artwork.

Also returning from Soulcalibur III is the create-a-character feature that allows you to create your own custom fighter that can be used in all of the game modes. The selection of parts for characters is greatly expanded upon from Soulcalibur III, and it is also now possible to customize the equipment of the stock characters with the exception of the force users, the final boss Algol and the five "bonus" characters. Unlike the previous game equipment is now more than aesthetic, granting boosts or penalties to HP, defence, attack and various skill points. The skill points can be used to equip new skills that provide abilities such as Auto-Counter, Anti-Ring Out, and boosting stats when the Soul Gauge is low.

SoulCalibur VI  
Action PlayStation 4
SOULCALIBUR VI represents the latest entry in the premier weapons-based, head-to-head fighting series, and continues the epic struggle of warriors searching for the legendary Soul Swords. Taking place in the 16th century, revisit the events of the original SOULCALIBUR to uncover hidden truths. The heroic battles transpire in a beautiful and fluid world, with eye-popping graphics and visual appeal. SOULCALIBUR VI tunes the battle, movement, and visual systems so players can execute visceral and dynamic attacks with ease. SOULCALIBUR VI marks a new era of the historic franchise and its legendary struggle between the mighty Soul Swords!

South Park Rally  
Driving & Racing Nintendo 64
Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are back, in an all-new game based on the cult American cartoon South Park. "South Park Rally" pits the various residents of South Park against each other in a go-kart style race, not unlike Mario Kart 64.
Every part of South Park plays a role in the game from the loveable wildlife to even the locations. From this rich source, Acclaim Entertainment Ltd has managed to produce a game that is visually stunning, whilst still staying faithful to Matt Stone's and Trey Parker's creations, making the game instantly recognisable when placed next to its peers.
Completing one of the many gaming modes unlocks hidden characters, additional game modes or tracks stored in the game, making this game high on the replay value. "South Park Rally'"s game engine may not be as sophisticated as a real driving simulation, but by adding extra controllers, with the option of 4 players, fun will still be had by all.
Fans of racing games and South Park need look no further than "South Park Rally". However, for gamers who require a more realistic edge to their racing, Tokyo Highway Challenge may be a better option. --"Alex Leung"END

South Park: The Fractured But Whole  
Role Playing PlayStation 4 8
From the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, comes an outrageous sequel to 2014's South Park: The Stick of Truth.
In the quiet mountain town of South Park, darkness has spread across the land. An entire squad of superheroes will rise to combat this evil, led by a nocturnal scavenger sworn to clean the trash can of South Park society.
Create your superhero and use your superpowers to save South Park so Coon and Friends can take their rightful place as the greatest team of superheroes ever assembled, and get the movie deal they so richly deserve.

South Park: The Stick of Truth  
Role-Playing (RPG) PlayStation 3 4.0
South Park: The Stick of Truth is an RPG based off the South Park franchise. You play as a new kid (Douchebag as known to by Cartman) who just arrived in the town of South Park, Colorado. You immediately become thrust into a battle of epic proportions as you join together with many characters such as Kenny and Butters in order to procure the magical Stick of Truth from the evil Elves.

Starting off the adventure you get to choose between four different classes: Warrior, Mage, Thief, and Jew. Your appearance is completely customizable at all times with new outfits and accessories able to be found around the town. Social networking is an important feature in the game. When you meet new characters they become friends with you on the Facebook social network. Things like quests, your inventory, the town map, and more are also all displayed on your profile page. Your friends will post messages from time to time on your wall and give tips on how to beat quests and on where to find certain characters.

The game is visually made to look just like an episode from the television show. Written by South Park writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the story takes place after the season 17 Black Friday episode trilogy. Combat is turn-based and relies on the HP/PP system found in many other games. Taking damage reduces your HP and using your abilities/magic to dish out damage consumes your PP. HP/PP is completely restores after every battle. The character is able to become stronger by changing their equipment and gaining experience in battle. After obtaining a certain amount of XP the character levels up and is given upgrade points. These points are then used to strengthen your abilities. Meeting set amount of characters unlocks different perks to help in battle.

Spec Ops: The Line  
Action PlayStation 3
Spec Ops: The Line is a military third-person shooter. It is an entry in the long-running Spec Ops series but with no reference to the story or gameplay mechanics from the earlier games. The game is set in Dubai where a series of sandstorms has ravaged the environment. After serving in Afghanistan, colonel John Konrad volunteered to lead the 33rd battalion to evacuate the city. After six months there had been no news of his mission until a transmission was picked up where he explains the evacuation was a completely disaster. A team of three men who served under Konrad are tasked to locate survivors and then leave the city immediately to radio command from outside the storm wall and send in the cavalry. The squad consists of Captain Martin Walker, Lieutenant Adams and Sergeant Lugo, and the player only controls the first while the other two are controlled by the AI. They need to employ tactical squad-based maneuvers combined with shooting and seeking cover to progress through the missions. The overall story draws inspiration from the book Heart of Darkness, also known through the film adaptation Apocalypse Now, and therefore it is no coincidence that the colonel's last name is Konrad, in reference to the book's author Joseph Conrad.

The game is introduced with a flashforward of a frantic fight in the air between two helicopters in the prologue and then starts off in the first chapter when the squad enters the city. Initially the entire area is abandoned, but they quickly find some bodies of the 33rd and are attacked by locals insurgents. The different missions then lead the squad through sandy Dubai mixed with modern buildings and palaces now in decay. Game mechanics include seeking cover, aiming from behind obstacles, vaulting, sprinting, and taking out the insurgents. As only the main character is controlled by the player, team mates act on their own but can also be given different orders. These are not only general, as Walker can for instance ask to engage a specific target, move to a specific area, throw a flashbang or heal each other. Next to different weapons such as regular guns and grenades, there are melee attacks and brutal executions. At a certain point mortars can be used along with a camera to shoot with a gun controlled through a laptop, there are static turrets, and a mission shooting from a helicopter. Weapons can be picked up from killed enemies. Health is regenerated automatically by staying behind cover. When wounded, blood splatters appear around the edge of the screen and it turns into grayscale.

The environment plays an important roles because of the obstacles, sudden sandstorms and the influence of sunshine. Many objects can also be used for alternate attacks, such as shooting a roof holding a lot of sand or targeting windows to rain down glass on opponents. Sand can bury people, blind vision in a storm and a grenade explosion can cause it to kick up in the face of opponents. The missions are largely linear in corridor design and often contain scripted sequences and encounters that unfold into engagements. A large focus of the game is on the interaction between the squad members who comment on the situation. Many parts include gruesome sequences with wounded, burned and dismembered people and the game often focuses on the moral dilemma of wanting to evacuate survivors while they are constantly attacked by insurgents who fear the Americans come to kill them. Much of that conflict is played out in conversations between the three soldiers. At certain points ethical choices need to be made and usually that implies picking one of two evils. These choices do not directly affect the mission outcome, but lead up to four different endings in the finale. Later on in the game Walker will also work together with other people. In the singleplayer mode there are 15 chapters in total.

Multiplayer modes includes regular (Chaos) and team deathmatch (Mutiny), and it is based around two factions: The Exiles and The Damned. Before starting a game the loadout can be customized and up to five classes can be unlocked, with a unique class for each faction. The four general classes are Officer, Sniper, Gunner and Medic, with Scavenger as a unique one for The Damned and Breacher for The Exiles. Each class has access to different weapons and items with a persistent statistics system that keeps track of the player's progress over different games. By leveling up new weapons become available. Each class also has access to perks and once the maximum level has been reached, it is possible to re-enlist and unlock upgraded versions of each class. By using perks often they are also upgraded. Other game modes focus on objectives, such as Rally Point, which is similar to a King of the Hill game mode. Uplink is based around protecting a communications array and holding spots with a territory system. The third one is Buried where teams need to protect repairable points on the map. Each team is designated three weak points that need to be taken out by the other team, but these can also be repaired. Once the three have been taken out, a final weak spot is revealed in the enemy base and the team to take that, wins the match. Variations in game modes are provided through playlists, such as Combat as a combination mode or Attrition where there are no respawns.

Spice World  
"Girl Power = Crappy Game"

Before we embark on this endevaour, I must remark that I never liked the spice girls, as a singing group, actors, or as washed up stars that now-a-days only reach number 9 on the TRL count down. Now with the review:

A long time ago, some record executive wanted to have sex with five women at once, the spice girls needed a recording contract and the rest is history. This same record executive later wanted to have sex with 5 men, and N'Sync was born. This executive profited off of simple-minded teenage girls and horny teenage males for awhile, then he decided to make a video game.

Spice World, designed by Psygonosis, a company that nobody has heard of, is the direct reason why nobody has heard of Psyongonosis. The game is so bad that it scared scarry spice. The only people who think this game is good are the same poeple who thought that the Sega Genesis was better than the SNES because it had ''Blast Processing''. Now with the game:

Gameplay: You make songs based off of other songs that grew old back in 97. The button you hit the most will be the ''off'' button. The second button you will hit the most is the mute button. Believe it or not, this is the only game that the X-Box's VCR like controller would probably actually be useful for.

Graphics: Just another testament to why this game flopped, the producers enlarged the heads of all the spice girls instead of the body parts that really made them famous. Maybe if they implemented nude photos of ginger spice, I would actually give this a rating. This game wasn't on the game boy? Even with color, you could have fooled me.

Sound: The only thing that sounds worse than the game is one of their albums. I would rather be looked up in a room with dirty old catholic priest than have to listen to the music again.

Spice World the Movie: This movie was so bad that it makes ''Kazaam'' look Emmy-worthy, which stars the black-hole-of-talent known as Shaquille O'Neal. Reminder: Shaq, PLEASE DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB.

Final Thought: How many future politicians were lost because they became mindless horny teenagers due to the spice craze? In the Old Testament God bestowed 10 different ''plagues'' on the Egyptians, recently, historians discovered that there were actually 11, the very last one being ''Spice World''.

Reviewer's Score: 1/10, Originally Posted: 05/26/02, Updated 05/26/02

Om det inte är ett spel borde det vara en simulator... Men detta är inget utav det. Snabbt ihopslaget skräp där det mest intresanta är några intervjuer med bandet som du kan se under fliken Spice TV. Knappt så att ens fans av bandet kan stå ut. Absolut sämst är förmågan att klippa ihop egna "remixar" av tjejernas hits. Du plockar olika stycken ur en del av en låt (oftast refrängen) och lägger dom i vilket ordning du vill. Resultatet blir: You got to get with my friends. If you wanna be my lover. Friendship never ends. I en hackigt osamanhängande geggamojja.

Spider-Man 2  
Action GameCube 80
Based on the sequel to the popular 2002 movie of the same name, Spider-Man 2 once again places the player in the web-slinger's tights as he goes up against Dr. Octopus in this 3D adventure game.

Unlike the first game, however, the sequel is much more open-ended (à la Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), allowing Spider-Man free reign to explore New York City and performing everyday heroics; stopping muggers, bank robberies and car-jackers to more mundane pursuits such as delivering pizzas and snapping photos for the Daily Bugle.

However, the action becomes even more intense as not only does Spidey have to keep the streets safe in general for the citizens of Manhattan, he also has to face up against such super villains as Rhino, Shocker, Mysterio and Calypso, as well as a few entanglements with the Black Cat along the way to square off against Dr. Octopus and save New York in the process!

Splatoon 2  
Kids & Family, Action Nintendo Switch
The squid kids called Inklings are back to splat more ink and claim more turf in this colorful and chaotic 4-on-4 action shooter. For the first time, take Turf War battles on-the-go with the Nintendo Switch system, and use any of the console's portable play styles for intense local multiplayer* action. Even team up for new 4-player co-op fun in Salmon Run! Two years have passed since the original Splatoon game was released, and two years have also passed in Inkopolis! So expect a fresh wave of fashion, not to mention new weapons and gear. Dual wield the new Splat Dualies or stick to mainstays like chargers and rollers, which have been remixed with new strategic possibilities. As always, Turf War is the favored sport among Inklings, but they also dig ranked battles, taking down Octarians in a robust single-player campaign, and battling enemy Salmonids in one dangerous part-time job! No matter which way you play, splat at home or on-the-go with Nintendo Switch. Staying fresh never felt so good. Turf War - Team up in fierce 4-on-4 multiplayer battles* to see which team can cover the most turf with ink Salmon Run – 2-4 players* can team up for co-op fun and defeat waves of enemy Salmonids. New weapons – Dual wield the new Splat Dualies and avoid getting splatted with the new Dodge Roll move. Mainstays like the Splat Roller and Splat Charger have been remixed to include new gameplay mechanics, and all special weapons are brand-new. Local and Online Multiplayer - In a first for the series, compete in local multiplayer Turf War battles*, whether in TV mode or on-the-go in handheld or tabletop modes. Online battles also make a return** New ways to play – Play with the Joy-Con controllers or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (sold separately), both of which support motion controls for better aiming Fresh Updates - Similar to the Splatoon game for the Wii U console, updates will roll out post-launch, adding new content and in-game events. Smart Device Support** - An upcoming smart-device application for the Nintendo Switch system will allow players to set play appointments with friends and teammates, as well as voice chat with friends during play sessions. LAN Play - Up to 10 docked systems – eight players and two spectators – can connect via wired LAN (additional accessories required; sold separately). This feature allows players to create local Private Battle tournaments without the need for an internet connection. Local wireless play is perfect for your regular gaming get-togethers, but LAN Play is where it's at when you want to organize a serious tournament. Customize – Change your Inkling's style with different weapons, headgear, clothes, and shoes. Gear isn't just aesthetic; it offers different boosts in battles. amiibo - Compatible with all Splatoon series amiibo figures. By tapping these amiibo, the figure's character will appear in the game and befriend players. Befriend an amiibo character and they will remember favorited weapons, gear, outfits and option settings. System Requirements: Supported Platforms: Nintendo - Switch Nintendo account required for game activation and installation Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online play. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply.​

Star Fox Adventures  
Action & Adventure GameCube 4.0 (41 votes)
Fox McCloud is back, but he's left the on-the-rails shoot-'em-up larks of his previous two games behind--this all-new "Star Fox" adventure sees the super furry animal in a very "Zelda"-esque bid to save Dinosaur Planet.
"Star Fox Adventures" is the first, and sadly last, GameCube game from Nintendo stalwarts Rare, who previously created such N64 classics as "GoldenEye 007" and "Conker's Bad Fur Day". It's their last game for the GameCube because Nintendo have recently sold their shares in the company to Microsoft, which has caused an unholy stink from fans around the world and created even more anticipation for this game.
Although the control system is very similar to "The Legend of Zelda"'s, "Star Fox Adventures" is no simple clone. It's your job as the mercenary mammal to find all the spellstones that will rejoin the splintered planet and defeat the evil General Scales. This entails much exploring of ancient temples and completing of sub-quests to help everything from Yorkshire-accented woolly mammoths to pterodactyls who've lost their babies.
The game may lack the epic scale and endless invention of "Zelda" but it has plenty of new ideas of its own, including a fully interactive dinosaur sidekick, some cool shoot-'em-up sections in Fox's spaceship, and lots of ways to upgrade your magical staff. To add some icing to the cake the graphics are absolutely amazing, particularly the super-realistic fur effects. So don't feel down that Rare are leaving, just enjoy their parting shot and let it whet your appetite for the new "Zelda" game coming from Nintendo in 2003. --"David Jenkins"

Rejäl Zelda kopia som är hatad av många men inte av mig. Snygg grafik och mysiga miljöer. Bakslaget är att det är lite för lätt (med undantag för en flygresa på en dinosaurie i slutet av spelet).

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International  
PlayStation 3
Star Ocean: The Last Hope is the latest game in the popular STAR OCEAN franchise. As a prequel to the series, it reveals the beginnings of Star Ocean universe, making it ideal for both existing fans and new players. Combining the best features of classic RPG gaming including a compelling story and unique characters with a real-time action battle system and incredible graphics, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International will become a favorite of RPG fans.
The year is A.D. 2087. In the aftermath of World War III, Earth has been ravaged and the population decimated by a deteriorating environment. The countries that survived have joined together to form the Greater Unified Nations and turned their eyes space.

Edge Maverick and his childhood friend Reimi Saionji are chosen as pioneer members of the Space Reconnaissance Force, which was created to seek out new worlds beyond the stars. Their ship, the Calnus, takes its place on the lunar launch pad along with four other starships of the first reconnaissance fleet. These ships humanitys last hope blast off one-by-one and sail into the awaiting wormhole that leads to the vast star ocean.

And so, Edge and his crew begin their voyage in search of a new haven for humanity...and a second chance. Combines sci-fi and fantasy elements, spanning multiple planets and the vastness of space itself to recount the origins of the STAR OCEAN universe Item creation and Private Actions, two hallmarks of the STAR OCEAN franchise, also make their return, allowing for players to enjoy upgraded versions of both systems Exhilarating combat expands upon the franchise's dynamic real-time battle system, now featuring amazing graphics through Blu-ray Disc Up to four characters can take part in battles simultaneously and party members can be switched mid-battle New Blindside battle system fuses eva

Star Wars Episode I Racer  
Kids & Family Nintendo 64
Get behind the controls of a Podracer as Anakin Skywalker or any one of over 20 Podracers, as you feel the power of racing a twin-engine craft at 600 miles per hour. Visit eight distinctly detailed worlds as you make your way through Tusken Raider attacks, methane lakes, anti-gravity tunnels, and more. Each intense competition pits you against more than 20 opponents, as you do what you must to be the first to the finish line. With settings and sound effects taken directly from the Phantom Menace world, this ones sure to thrill even the pickiest STAR WARS enthusiasts, while the voice of Jake Lloyd makes the whole event that much closer to being in a movie theater. Each pulse-pounding race has do-or-die stakes, and if you fail to finish in the top spot, it might just mean your peril. As with most STAR WARS games for the Nintendo 64, the details elevate it above ones of similar styles its not just a great STAR WARS game, its a great racing game.

Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II  
Action & Adventure GameCube 4.0 (27 votes)
"Rogue Leader" has some of the best graphics ever seen on a home console and it's proper, old-fashioned, "Star Wars"--if that doesn't raise at least an eyebrow of your interest then there's probably not much in the world of video games that will. Thankfully, the jaw-dropping graphics are matched up to a very playable shoot 'em-up that works as a slightly more in-depth version of the PS2's "Starfighter", except without any of that "Episode I" nonsense; instead it recreates everything from the Death Star trench run to the Battle of Hoth.
The game is actually a sequel to "Rogue Squadron" on the N64--an excellent game that many only remember from the rather lacklustre PC version. It's structurally very similar to the original, with a dozen or so levels and a Star Destroyer full of secret levels and ships. There are a few new ideas, such as controllable wingman and ground troops, and some of the levels are set in deep space instead of just planetside, but at its heart this is still "Rogue Squadron" Deluxe.
What elevates the game to an object of worship is the graphics--they really do look almost identical to the movies, with several scenes being copied exactly, and move with a fluidity and grace you wouldn't have thought possible from a £150 console. The only flaw is that the missions are needlessly short, but there's plenty of replayability, and by gosh there's those graphics...--"David Jenkins"

Star Wars: Battlefront  
Action & Shooter PlayStation 4
Visit classic planets from the original Star Wars trilogy, detailed with an unprecedented amount of realism and sense of authenticity that will transport you to a galaxy far, far away
Pilot a diverse set of ground-based vehicles including nimble speeder bikes, massive AT-ATs, and more
Encounter a variety of beloved characters from the original trilogy such as C-3PO and R2-D2
Pilot the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, TIE fighters, and more of your favorite vehicles in exhilarating aerial combat
Battle alongside your friends online or in offline split-screen Co-op mode

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron  
Action & Adventure Nintendo 64 4.5 (2 votes)
It is a time soon after the destruction of the first Death Star. Luke Skywalker has formed a squadron of hot-shot pilots to engage the still-formidable Imperial forces. You, as Luke, must lead this rogue squadron in a series of galaxy-spanning raids and rescues. To complete all your missions, you'll need good flying skills, fast reflexes, a keen eye and a quick trigger finger.
You get to fly all your favourite ships: The X-wing, Y-wing, snowspeeder--even the Millennium Falcon. There are also some secret ships, such as the sleek Naboo Starfighter from "Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace", a TIE interceptor, and a 78 Buick.
The flight simulation in this game is first-rate. You'll find yourself leaning to the side as you pull a high-G turn in pursuit of Imperial TIE fighters. And the outstanding graphics and sounds are realistic enough to transport you to the "Star Wars" universe. Every detail is in place, right down to the individual Stormtroopers you can see running around (and trying to shoot you). One of the more impressive sequences lets you bring down Imperial Walkers by using the tow cables on your snowspeeder. Nice touch.
This is a single-player game, but you start each mission with a few wingmen from your squadron, and the well-done spoken dialogue between pilots and commanders really makes you feel like part of a team. The only significant shortcoming is the lack of a cooperative multiplayer option. With its excellent gameplay, varied environments and interesting missions, "Star Wars: Rogue Squadron" is sure to become a long-time favourite. "--Eric Fredrickson"
Pros: Faithful to lots of "Star Wars" details Satisfying flight action, explosions, sound effects Interesting missions and plot See--and fight over--the Spice mines of Kessel and other famous "Star Wars" planets Cons: For some reason, you can only fly clockwise when bringing down a Walker No easy setting for those without The Force Voices of Luke, Wedge and Han don't sound like the real thing

Stardew Valley  
Kids & Family PlayStation 4
You've inherited your grandfather's old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home? It won't be easy. Ever since Joja Corporation came to town, the old ways of live have all but disappeared. The community center, once the town's most vibrant hub of activity, now lies in shambles. But the balley seems full of opportunity. With a little dedication, you might just be the one to restore Stardew Valley to greatness!

Steep: Winter Games Edition  
Sports PlayStation 4
Steep Winter Games Edition includes Steep, the massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where you master the world's most epic mountains with a snowboard, wingsuit, paraglider, and skis, and now Steep Road to the Olympics takes you on the journey to become an Olympic Winter Games champion. With Steep Road to the Olympics expansion, freely explore a massive open world, including iconic Japanese mountains, and train to qualify for Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. Steep Road to the Olympics is a licensed product of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. Includes Steep and Steep Road to the Olympics expansion.

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition  
Action Sega Megadrive 4.0
This version of Street Fighter II is similar in most aspects to the original, save that all 12 characters are selectable from the get-go (the boss characters were originally locked), and the game engine has been revamped.

Street Fighter V  
PlayStation 4
The legendary fighting franchise returns with Street Fighter V! Powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology, stunning visuals depict the next generation of World Warriors in unprecedented detail, while exciting and accessible battle mechanics deliver endless fighting fun that both beginners and veterans can enjoy. Challenge friends online, or compete for fame and glory on the Capcom Pro Tour.
Street Fighter V will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Through a strategic partnership between Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Capcom, the next generation Street Fighter experience will offer cross-platform play that will unite fans into a centralized player base for the first time ever. The path to greatness begins here: RISE UP! New and Returning Characters:  Birdie and Charlie Nash make their return to the Street Fighter universe, where they join classic characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, and M. Bison. Many more new and returning characters will be added to the diverse roster, offering a wide variety of fighting styles for players to choose from. New Strategies and Battle Mechanics: Highly accessible new battle mechanics, which revolve around the V-Gauge and EX Gauge, provide an unprecedented layer of strategy and depth to the franchise that all players can enjoy. V-Trigger: Unique abilities that use the entire V-Gauge, giving players the opportunity to inflict damage when activated. V-Skill: Utility skills (such as evasion) for each character that can be activated at any time. V-Reversal: Unique counterattacks that use one stock of the V-Gauge. Critical Arts: Ultimate attacks that use the entire EX Gauge. PS4 and PC Cross-Platform Play: For the first time in franchise history, the online community will be unified into a single player pool, allowing for even more rivalries to be born. Next Gen Visuals: Unreal Engine 4 technology pushes the realism and next-gen visuals to new heights, making this latest entry the best looking and most immersive Street Fighter game of all time. Rise up: The Capcom Pro Tour, the premier league destination for competitive fighting games, features dozens of tournaments for Street Fighter players across the globe. The 2015 tour includes $500,000 in prizing, the largest in franchise history.

Street Fighter X Tekken  
Action PlayStation 3
Street Fighter X Tekken is a crossover of the two Japanese fighting game series Tekken and Street Fighter. It is made as a 2D Street Fighter game with the series' trademark mechanics, but incorporating licensed characters from the Tekken series.

The game uses the visual style introduced with Street Fighter IV and incorporates core moves such as Super Combos and EX Attacks. The focus is largely on tag team gameplay where players can quickly switch between characters during a fight and also alternate between characters during complex combos. These attacks are called Cross Rush, Cross Arts and Cross Assault. In the same vein victory conditions imply that the first player to have a character with zero health loses, opposed to having the entire team defeated. Most of the special attacks are performed by filling up a three-tier Cross Gauge to activate them. Street Figher characters use the classic six-button system while Tekken characters rely more on a four-button system used in that series.

This game introduces two entirely new systems. With the gem system players can select three gems for the characters, boosting the statistics attack, defense, speed, vitality, assist, and Cross Gauge. These are activated by fulfilling certain conditions during fights. Secondly, the pandora mode allows a character with less than 25 health to sacrifice himself to have the other character acquire more strength and an infinite Cross Gauge. This effect is however limited in time and if the opponent is not quickly defeated, the game is lost. Both local and online multiplayer are supported in various game modes.

Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection  
Compilation PlayStation 4

Street Skater  
Action PlayStation
Street Sk8er was one of the first skateboarding games to hit the PlayStation. It is much simpler than its genre brother Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, with a simpler way of performing tricks and more linear stage design. What it does bring to the table though is a tailor made licensed soundtrack with artists such as H2O, Less Than Jake and I Against I, and some hidden characters and stages to unlock as the player progresses through the game. There are different characters to choose from, boards and stages.

Sega Genesis
"Strider" for the Sega Genesis is a near-perfect port of the classic Capcom arcade game. It's in the tradition of their "Bionic Commando" except instead of using a robotic arm, you quickly swing a blade that has a very long reach. This is one of the best action games from the 1980's. Strider is basically a ninja since he uses a variety of acrobatic moves as he progress through a variety of levels. It's not a very long game, but it does feature challenging bosses and alot of platforming segments. I hope to see a next-gen version of this game in the tradition of the XBOX's "Ninja Gaiden" because it is a classic that can also easily be improved upon. It's a must play for action fans and one that I hope Capcom will soon remake. If there's one old-gen game that needs to be updated fast, it's "Strider". The next-gen capabilities would make better than the original. And that's saying something cause the original is not too shabby.

Strike Force Hydra  
Shoot 'em up PlayStation
"You are in an elite fighting team called Strike Force Hydra. You and your squadron must defeat the enemy! Direct your Hovership through the aquatic battlefields, destroying the enemy and everything they fire at you." A quick synopsis like that makes you think of the typical X Factor contestant who brags about how he's the best singer in the world and vows to be a money making superstar in no time, only to perform terribly in front of the judges and fall at the first hurdle. Still, 2D shooter fans should be interested in reading this review of mine.

SFH consists of eight top-down levels, each one split into three segments. First is the sub-boss segment, where you hover across the water, shooting out land based cannons and enemy hover ships flying around you like flies performing an African tribe dance, before reaching the main boss' lady dog, the sub-boss. You use the D-pad for movements, the X button for firing your cannon, and the Square button for firing rockets. Certain enemies will leave behind power-up pick-ups for you, making your weapons stronger and making later enemies easier to dispatch, although losing lives will result in you losing these powers.

The second segment is merely a driving section. You hover across the water and basically avoid touching anything that's not wet. Occasionally you'll need to use the L1 button to jump over walls and other obstacles. The final segment is the boss segment, which is pretty much the same as the sub-boss area, except the boss here is packing a little more heat.

Plusses: There's a lot action taking place with many enemies to blow up, and the useful power-ups give you the motivation to shoot out as many enemies as you possibly can. The controls are simple and are remembered in mere seconds; and the loading times are short, so you'll be able to tuck into to every new level quickly.

Minuses: The game's presentation is rather basic for a PSone title. Yes, it was a very late release in 2003, but it's still pale compared to the likes of Metal Gear Solid and Gran Turismo. Also it's actually a fairly easy game. You will lose a couple of lives with each playthrough, but as long as you keep picking up the power-ups, the game should be a doddle with only the occasional boss frying your flounder. It's a short game as well, taking around 15 minutes to complete and only a little bit longer on the hard mode. The lack of a points system (it just counts up the number of enemies you've killed) further reduces the likelihood of long term play for most gamers.

Strike Force Hydra is an entertaining game for those who live, breath and brush their teeth with the 2D Shooter genre. However it is only those players who will get long term enjoyment out of it. All other gamers will probably get a couple days of fun out of this at most.

Final Score: 5/10

Super Mario 3D Land  
Action Nintendo 3DS 89
Super Mario 3D Land is a three-dimensional platformer which takes cues from the series' side-scrolling instalments. Mario starts a point in each level which he must traverse to reach a flagpole at the end.

The levels are populated by many of the series' mainstays such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Cheep Cheeps, etc. who will try to attack Mario. When he is attacked, he will lose his current power-up or shrink down to a small size if he hasn't already, in which case he will lose a life and must retry the level. If this happens multiple times, the player can activate the White Tanooki suit to grant Mario invincibility for that level.

He can grow back to normal size again by collecting a mushroom. Some of the power-ups Mario can use to aid him include the Tanooki suit, which allows him to hover in the air while jumping and use a spinning attack, and the Flower Suit, which allows him once again to shoot fireballs in the direction he is facing.

Super Mario 3D World  
Action Wii U 3.7
While having a walk in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Toad and Peach, and Luigi happen on one of the many green pipes, yet a special one.
A fairy, which they'll learn is Princess Sprixie, comes out. Bowser is chasing after her, though: he kidnaps her and vanishes through the pipe. Mario and the friends of his can't but promptly jump into the pipe, and they find themselves in the Sprinxie Kingdom, tasked with rescuing the princess.

In Super Mario 3D World, levels alternate free roaming in their three-dimensional environment with bidimensional platform action, following the manner of former 3D Mario games.

Game play is singleplayer or multiplayer, co-operative or free-for-all, up to 4 players.
Available character roster consists of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad. Each of them has different statistics in terms of time needed to sprint, run speed, jumping height: traditionally, Luigi can reach by jumping areas the others can't that way, Toad is the swiftest of all but can barely jump, Peach is rather slow but able to hover mid-air gliding over gaps that halt the others, Mario is average in all skills. Some tasks can be achieved with more ease, or only, by a character shouldering another one.

Elements characterizing Super Mario games, such as the coins, magical more-or-less-hidden stars needed to reach new levels, are here. New are the hidden stamps, in quantity of one per level, for use with posts to Miiverse.
Power-ups are benefited from equally by Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, and include in their number old classic ones such as the invincibility star and the Tanooki suit, modern ones like the Mega Mushroom and the Boomerang Flower, and new entries: the Super Bell is a cat suit: it grants more attack abilities, run speed, and agility in wall climbing, and plays a remarkable part in the game. The Double Cherry produces a clone of the avatar, so doubling attack capabilities (up to 4 Double Cherries, for a sum of 4 clones, can be used). The Goomba Mask allows proceding through level unnoticed by enemies.
There are also objects, like the Propeller Box that allows flying through the air for a while, and the Skate Shoe, that eases character handling on iced areas.
Characters start levels in a Super Mario status: they descend to a standard Mario status, and size, if hit; they can become huge by the Mega Mushroom on the other hand.

The gameplay presents a stress on multiplayer, continuing the trend started with New Super Mario Bros. U. Players can compete to be the first to reach the finish of levels, or team up to overcome enemies as well as puzzles.
Aside from main levels, there are puzzle levels — Captain Toad levels —, and mini-challenges — Mystery Houses levels —.

The game can control by GamePad, or, as alternatives, by Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote and Nunchuk, Wii Classic Controller and Wii Remote, each of the options shifting gameplay towards innovative or old-style feel.

A version of Mario Bros. dedicated to Luigi, Luigi Bros. is unlockable, as part of the celebrations for Luigi's debut thirteenth anniversary.

Super Mario 64  
Arcade & Platform Nintendo 64 5.0 (18 votes)
The game that launched the Nintendo 64 system stands the test of time as one of the first and best exploratory action/adventure games. Guide the legendary plumber through an incredibly vast magical world with never-before-seen movement and camera-angle freedom. Mario's got the moves with graduated speeds of running and walking, jumps, super jumps, bounce attacks, swimming, and more. The more you play, the more moves you'll discover.
This industry milestone game lets gamers play at their own pace, encouraging them to explore new nooks and crannies of its many levels with a Zen-like approach where the journey is as important as the goal. Other N64 games such as "Zelda", "Banjo-Kazooie", and "Donkey Kong 64" all owe much of their inspiration to this gem of a game. A showcase for the system's graphics and processing speed capabilities, "Super Mario 64" is a must-have for any N64 owner. "--Jeff Young"
Pros: Huge world makes for enduring game experiencePlenty of room for replay State-of-the-art graphics for its time Imaginative levels keep you guessing, and helpful characters act as an in-game tutorial Cons: First-generation game doesn't feature as much texture or detail in graphics

Mario 3D debuterar med stil och ett av tidernas bästa plattformsspel väntar.

Super Mario 64 DS  
Kids & Family Nintendo DS 4.5 (242 votes)
Super Mario 64 was a genre-defining classic. Now it arrives on the Nintendo DS with all-new features that take advantage of the new portable system's dual screens, touch screen and wireless features! Mario, Luigi and Wario are invited to a royal party for Princess Peach. When they arrive at the castle, it is strangely empty and the 3 of them try to learn what happened. When they disappear too, Yoshi must rescue them from their old enemy Bowser.

Som orginalet fast med några nya spelbara karaktärer och lite sämre kontroll.

Super Mario Advance 2  
Arcade & Platform Game Boy Advance 4.5 (19 votes)
"Super Mario World" for the SNES sits at or near the top of most "best videogame" lists for a reason. At the time of its release it was a dramatic evolution of the side-scrolling Mario series of action-adventure games, incorporating every gameplay element that worked in the older titles while adding a seemingly endless supply of new tricks. This new feature-complete version for the Game Boy Advance proves just how timeless designer Shigeru Miyamoto's 1990 classic really is.
In true Miyamoto fashion, the game starts with simple running and jumping and gradually gets more complex. Soon you're swimming, flying, tossing fireballs, and riding one of several Yoshis--cute little dinosaurs--that appear throughout the game. The overall level design has yet to be exceeded in a 2-D platformer, with each colourful level packed with enough secrets to keep players busy for weeks. A lot of precision jumping is required, but the controls are so tight that directing Mario (or even Luigi, who wasn't playable in the original) becomes as natural as breathing within a few minutes of playing.
As if packing the entire original game onto the tiny cartridge wasn't enough, Nintendo have also included two multiplayer versions of the original "Mario Bros", which are playable solo or with up to three other people using Game Link cables to connect all your Game Boy Advance systems. Both variants are a blast, but the single-player adventure is what kept us coming back for more. If you missed "Super Mario World" when it appeared for the SNES, don't make the same mistake twice. "--T Byrl Baker"

Tillsammans med Super Mario Bros 3 världens bästa 2D plattforms spel. Hur mycket hemligheter som helst och kontrollen är på topp.

Super Mario Bros.  
Kids & Family Nintendo NES 4.5 (14 votes)
The game that singlehandedly saved the videogaming industry

Arguably the single most important videogame in history, SUPER MARIO BROTHERS, along with the Nintendo Entertainment System (hereafter referred to as the NES) singlehandedly resurrected the video game industry after the historic crash of 1983-1984. Rather than reviewing the game itself, which has been done many times, I think many people may find the history how of this revolutionary title came to the videogame industry's rescue very interesting; I know I do. I draw much of this information from various websites, one very good one in particular; unfortunately, I can't really plug them due to Amazon's policies. Email me if you want the websites.

By 1983, the gaming industry, in existence for a mere twelve years, had risen to an astonishing 3.2 billion dollar industry. Atari spearheaded the industry, which introduced its first console in 1977 (Atari Video Computer System), and since had grown to hold two thirds of the entire market. However, in 1984 all this would end with a thunderous crash. This concise overview will show you the history of the home consol crash and how SUPER MARIO BROTHERS came to the rescue.

In 1976, Warner Communications bought Atari for $28 million from the company's founder, Nolan Bushnell. Over the next two years, Atari, suffering major production problems and Bushnell's bizarre management, lost Warner millions. Bushnell and Warner's CEO fought, and in 1978 Bushnell was forced to leave. Warner totally revamped the working style, and in 1979-1980, produced twelve new titles. However, Atari was still dragging down Warner's stock. Struggling to gain the market share, Atari made the smartest move they possible could have; in 1980, they began licensing arcade games, the first being SPACE INVADERS. Over the next two years, Atari overtook the market, bringing in over half of Warner's overall profits.

However, very significant problems would totally destroy the infant industry. In 1981, Atari released PAC MAN on the VCS, and, because it was such a huge arcade hit, quickly became a bestseller. Unfortunately, the quality was very low. This was a major blow to the company's image, with fans and critics alike extremely disappointed.

Another major stumble was one of video games' most infamous games, ET. Warner bought the rights from Spielberg for twenty one million dollars. Atari, expecting the game to be as big a hit as the movie, which was the highest grossing film at that point, purportedly made more ET cartridges than there were consoles themselves. ET proved to be a huge flop, nearly breaking Atari.

By 1983, Atari was in serious trouble. Suing Activision (which was disgruntled Atari employees who broke off and formed their own company) and Imagic, the two leading third party developers, Atari tried to gain control over its software catalogue. Atari lost the suits. Third party developers began popping up overnight, and the industry becomes saturated with very low-quality products. (One of the most controversial is CUSTER'S REVENGE by Mystique, where the goal is to rape a Native American woman while avoiding being shot by arrows.) The third-party developers went bankrupt; these cartridges were heavily discounted, and the major companies couldn't compete. Another factor is the home computer market, that was just starting to come alive in 1984. With an increasing amount of computer games and low prices, people started buying these over the consoles.

All these factors lead to the crash of 1984. In 1983 alone, Atari lost $356 million ($2 million daily). Warner sold Atari to Jack Tramiel, former head of Commodore. The video game industry died, with no major American corporation coming anywhere near it. Enter Nintendo.

A little history here will be highly illuminating as well. What many people don't realise is Nintendo is a very old company, founded in 1889 (yes, you read that right) as a playing card company. It became Japan's largest playing card company, and was very successful. In the 1960s, they moved away from the cards and got into the game and toy markets. (A very interesting sidenote: during that same decade, Nintendo's president opened up a `special hotel' rented `by the hour.' Supposedly, the married president was one of the hotel's top customers). In the 1970s and early 1980s, the company scored significant points with big arcade hits and the Game and Watch product line. In 1983, Nintendo released the Famicom (Family Computer). It was a massive hit in Japan. In 1983, Nintendo went to Atari because they wanted to release the Famicon to the American market. Do to complications I won't go into, the deal fail through. In 1984 they were looking to broaden their market share.

1985, Nintendo announced the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System. They release SUPER MARIO BROTHERS in Japan, scoring a huge hit. In 1986, the NES comes full throttle into the American market, quickly becoming the biggest selling console ever, largely because of this title. The NES owes much of its success to SUPER MARIO BROTHERS. Coming prepacked with the console, there are an estimated 40 million copies of SMB in existence, making it the highest selling video game ever.

Unparalleled, SMB blew open the doors to the videogaming world. With rich palettes of colour, eight four level worlds, spot-on play control, and expert level design, SMB was a much longer game than most of Atari's products and was a game unlike any other at that time. SMB also had the benefit of being very simple to grasp; run, jump, and fire. It was also the first side-sroller as we know it, though Atari's PITFALL set up the concept. Also, it's one of the best. Without SMB, NES wouldn't have been nearly as big a hit.

In the end, Nintendo came at the industry's key moment. With a powerful new console and a very well-designed game, Nintendo resurrected video gaming. With its phenomenal success of the NES and this game, the video game industry once again took off, becoming one of the world's most significant economical contributors.

And we very largely have this game to thank for it

Orginalet! Inte stort inte snyggt men fantastiskt bra. Har du aldrig spelat detta spel är du inte intreserad av tv-spel.

Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt  
Kids & Family Nintendo NES 5.0 (1 votes)
The Classic Mega Hit "Super Mario Bros." and Arcade Shooter "Duck Hunt" 2 game cartridge that came stock with most Nintendo Entertainment Systems. A Must have for every NES owner, Collector, or seller trying to put together an full NES Set.

Super Mario Bros. 2  
Nintendo NES

Super Mario Bros. 3  
Kids & Family Nintendo NES 4.5 (30 votes)
SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 3, one of the most famous games Nintendo has ever produced, came out toward in the middle of the NES console's life cycle, and brought renewed life to the aging console. Like the original Super Mario Brothers, SMB3 became one of the biggest selling games ever. SMB3 also brought a lot of new innovations to the Mario series, many of which can still be found today. SMB3 regularly charts both player and critic polls as being among the best video games ever released.

Released [in at the end of 1988] October 3, 1988 in Japan, SMB3 became one the Famicon's biggest sellers. America had to wait for over a year from when Japan got it. Originally released in some Nintendo arcade machines before it even hit stores, the buzz soon spread about the game. This buzz was helped by the ninety minute commercial known as THE WIZARD (some people insist that it is a movie proper, but it's little more than a Nintendo advertisement) in which the climax of the movie - er, commercial - is the unveiling of SMB3, as well as revealing the secret location to the one of the warp whistles. America finally got its hands on the game in released February 12, 1990.

The game went on to sell approx. eighteen million copies, and when you include the reissues and rereleases with SUPER MARIO ALL STARS and SUPER MARIO ADVANCED, this figure swells to over thirty three million copies. And what makes SMB3 such a successful, highly regarded title? Read on.

For the second* officially released sequel to the biggest selling game of all time, Nintendo didn't pull any stops when it came to crafting this game. Returning to the familiar environments and gameplay of the original title, rather than the radical reinvention of SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 2, Nintendo greatly widened Mario's moves and gamestyle. The Fire-flower and starman return. Nintendo introduces Mario's famous raccoon suit, which enables Mario to fly briefly, and greatly opens up what is possible in level design. New suits and powerups also include the Tanooki suit, which enables Mario to become a stone statue, a Frog suit for swimming, and Hammer Brothers suit, which enables Mario to shoot hammers.

One of the biggest innovations was the inclusion of an overall game map, where Mario would move between levels. Nintendo also used the concept (in a much different setting with a much different effect) in ZELDA II: THE ADVENTURE OF LINK, though in that title the overworld was much more important and you had a lot more freedom. Here, the map served as a level grid in which to progress through the eight worlds. SMB3 returns to the eight world format of the original game, rather than the seven world format of SMB2.

The level design itself is where SMB3 truly shines. First off, Nintendo returned to the original game for its basic game mechanics but [induing] ensuring Mario has a whole new bag of tricks to beat the nasty Bowser and his koopa kids. While staying true to the overall atmosphere and play of the original title, Nintendo, over the course of eight worlds, features platforming levels that ingeniously use the game's new suits and powerups to fully integrate the player into the game's world. Each of the eight levels is themed. The first world is grass lands. The second world is desert (much like the second and sixth world in SMB2). The third is the water levels. Where the castle is on the overworld map for World 3 is roughly a map of Japan and Tokyo. The fourth world is the land of giants. The fifth is the Skylands. The sixth is frozen tundra, all ice. The seventh is Pipeland, and the eight is Bowser's world, featuring lava, tricky airships, and challenging levels.

SMB3 also introduces the seven children of King Kooper (whose the mother???), each of which rule one of the worlds and which at the end of each world you must fight in an airship. Other innovations include minigames, new enemies (many of which would feature prominently in later titles), and the aforementioned suits.

A good portion of NES games are notorious for being extremely difficult. Some titles are damn near impossible (BATTLE TOADS, NINJA GAIDEN III), and others are filled with cheap shots and just unforgiving, unreasonable difficulty (the original MEGA MAN). In fact, the original sequel to SUPER MARIO BROTHERS (known everywhere but Japan as THE LOST LEVELS) went unreleased in its original format stateside or in Europe for twenty one years due to difficulty and too similar to the original game. We only just now got the title via the Virtual Console on the Wii.

Fortunately, SMB3 has a very intuitive difficulty level. As each world progresses, so does the difficulty of the levels, which culminates in the last world of Bowser, which does have some hard patches. Overall, however, SMB3 has a medium range of difficulty, and while there are some tricky parts here and there, the game is not really that difficult and most players will be able to beat it given enough time. Not giving too much away, SMB3 also jokingly refers to the original title after you beat Bowser, with the first words out of Princess Toadstool's mouth is "Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle . . . just kidding." Strangely enough, they cut this joke in the SUPER MARIO ADVANCED reissue.

Overall, SMB3 stands as one of the gaming industry's most outstanding achievements, and is one of the corner stones of the Mario Series. As much as I love SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 2, SMB3 really felt like the true sequel to the original game, and Mario went out with a blaze of glory on the original NES with this title. One of the greatest games ever.

*Though this is the second sequel to be released and that the general public knew about, this was actually the fourth officially licensed sequel to SUPER MARIO BROTHERS. The first, developed by Hudson Soft with Nintendo's permission, was a game called SUPER MARIO BROTHERS SPECIAL, which appeared on the obscure NEC PC-8801 in Japan only. This is the truly forgotten Mario game, the real lost levels if you will. Due to technical limitations, it does not scroll and the hit detection is rather off. Nintendo had nothing to do with its development. The second sequel is SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 2, released in 1986. This title was released only in Japan. The game was just like SUPER MARIO BROTHERS, but much harder. Howard Lincoln of HOWARD AND NESTOR fame (anyone who had Nintendo Power back in the 1980s knows what I am talking about) hated the title, so they took a Japanese game called Doki Doki Panic, changed some sprites, and in 1988 released the American version of SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 2.

Fantastiskt! Banade väg för Super Mario World som tillsammans med detta spel delar tronen som världens bästa 2D plattformsspel.

Super Mario Galaxy  
Nintendo Wii 4.5 (62 votes)
The ultimate Nintendo hero is taking the ultimate step ? out into space. Join Mario as he ushers in a new era of video games, defying gravity across all the planets in the galaxy.

Shake, tilt and point! Mario takes advantage of all the unique aspects of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller, unleashing new moves as players shake the controller and even point at and drag items with the pointer.

Mario essentially defined the 3-D platforming genre with Super Mario® 64, and this game proves once again that he is king. Players perform mind-bending, lowgravity jumps across wild alien terrain as they experience platforming for a new generation.

Nintendo gör det igen. Hur mycket spel som helst för pengarna. Att känna hur man har full kontroll medans Mario hoppar upp och lämnar ena planetens dragningskraft för att fastna på nästa måste upplevas. Alltsammans medans kameran väljer perfekta vinklar. Man kan titta på detta spel hur mycket som helst men det måste spelas för att verkligen förstås.

Super Mario Galaxy 2  
Nintendo Wii
In 2007, Super Mario Galaxy took the world of video games by storm. Now this first true Mario sequel in years re-energizes the franchise with new levels and new power-ups. Plus this time Mario gets to team up with his dinosaur buddy Yoshi, who adds new possibilities to the gravity-defying game play. It's everything you love about the first game and more.
Mario collects stars as he travels from galaxy to galaxy. Every level is new, but the game retains the charm, sense of wonder and beauty in line with Mario's history. Mario works his way through the various levels, sometimes upside-down, sometimes floating from place to place.
On some stages, Mario can find an egg, smash it open and hop onto the back of Yoshi. Yoshi can use his tongue to grab items and shoot them back at enemies, or to snag attach points and swing across chasms. Yoshi has an interesting diet. When he eats a Dash Pepper, he gets so hot and frenzied he can run up steep inclines and vertical walls. When he eats a Blimp Fruit, he inflates like a balloon and floats to new heights.
New power-ups include a drill that Mario uses to tunnel through the planet's surface all the way to the other side of a planet.
Skilled players will want to collect new Comet Metals, which will unlock harder Levels with even more challenges.
Genre: Games - WII - Platform

Super Mario Odyssey -  
Platformer Nintendo Switch
Explore huge 3D kingdoms filled with secrets and surprises, including costumes for Mario and lots of ways to interact with the diverse environments - such as cruising around them in vehicles that incorporate the HD Rumble feature of the Joy-Con controller or exploring sections as Pixel Mario.
Thanks to his new friend, Cappy, Mario has brand-new moves for you to master, like cap throw, cap jump and capture. With capture, Mario can take control of all sorts of things, including objects and enemies!
Visit astonishing new locales, like skyscraper-packed New Donk City, and run into familiar friends and foes as you try to save Princess Peach from Bowser's clutches and foil his dastardly wedding plans.
A set of three new amiibo figures* - Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser in their wedding outfits - will be released at launch. Some previously released amiibo will also be compatible with this title. Tap supported amiibo to receive gameplay assistance - some amiibo will also unlock costumes for Mario when scanned!

Super Mario Party  
Action Nintendo Switch
Inspired by original Mario Party board game play, the beloved series is coming to Nintendo Switch with new minigames and play styles that make use of the Joy-Con controllers. The Super Mario Party game includes features like character-exclusive Dice Blocks that add depth to players’ strategy.

Super Mario Strikers  
Sports GameCube
Mario plays soccer in this Mario sports game. There are no referees or rules in this version of soccer. The game is played in an arena enclosed within an electric fence, and the players can use items. Bowser shows up from time to time to shake things up. You can steal, pass, shoot, deke, hit other players, and more. Players choose a team captain, sidekicks, and a side. You can choose from play modes such as grudge match, cup battle, custom tournament, and a tutorial. A team captain can also do a super strike which counts as two goals but be careful because an opponent can still hit you. Sidekicks cannot do a super strike but can charge a shot for more power. Players can do a lob pass or ground pass. You can execute a one-timer by shooting as soon as a teammate passes the ball to you. You can hit any opponent but if you hit one who does not possess the ball their team receives an item. You can get an item by scoring a goal.

Super Mario Sunshine  
Arcade & Platform GameCube 4.0 (68 votes)
Six years. Six long years we've had to wait for a new Mario game and finally it's here. And even considering the ridiculously unfair expectations, "Super Mario Sunshine" is almost entirely as good as you'd hope and expect.
The premise of the game is that Mario's tropical holiday is ruined when he's stitched up by an evil lookalike for daubing graffiti all over the island. Rather conveniently there's an extremely useful water pump waiting for him to use, which not only washes away the mess but also doubles as a handy jet pack. The jet pack aspect means that whenever you fall off something you have the chance to immediately recover yourself; this built-in safety net means the game can afford to be far more ambitious in its level designs than ever before, with massive levels filled with trampolines, tightropes, water-powered windmills, huge coral reefs and mountains and mountains of platforms.
The whole thing looks amazing, too, with the most realistic water ever seen in a video game and a near infinite draw distance. And that's without evening mentioning the rideable, fruit juice-spewing Yoshis, the extra water nozzles, the super-hardcore platform levels where Shadow Mario nicks your jet pack, or the goop-generating bosses who seem to live to make Princess Peach's laundry a nightmare.
After the sweet but rather short pleasures of "Luigi's Mansion" and "Pikmin", you need have no fear that "Mario Sunshine" is of a similarly brief nature. There are a total of 120 shines to collect--the same number of stars as in "Super Mario 64"--and the game world is at least as large and far more interactive. This is without question the best game on the GameCube yet; that may be no more than you'd expect from a Mario game, but it's certainly more than most of us mere mortals deserve. --"David Jenkins"

Det sämsta Mario spelet hittils. Vatten kanonen är svårkontrollerad och kameravinklarna sätter spelarens psyke i press för ofta. Inte heller lika bra bandesign som tidigare och senare spel.

Super Monkey Ball  
Action GameCube 83
You play as one of four monkeys, each one trapped inside a transparent ball. You are tasked with completing various objectives by tilting the game level, resulting in your monkey "rolling" forward or backward. There are 100 stages, ranging from easy to impossible.

There are also various mini-games for you to unlock, such as Monkey Billiards and Monkey Bowling.

Super Monkey Ball 2  
Action GameCube 82
The object of Super Monkey Ball 2 is to guide a monkey trapped inside a plastic ball through a maze to the goal. There are three variations, story mode, challenge mode, and practice mode. In story mode you have unlimited number of tries to complete a stage, and after clearing 10 stages a movie clip is shown followed by a new world of 10 stages. In challenge mode, you have a limited number of monkeys and a time limit to complete numerous levels of increasing difficulty. In practice mode you can play any stage already completed in the other two modes. In addition to the main game options, numerous party games are also included. These are monkey race, monkey fight, monkey target, monkey billiards, monkey bowling, monkey golf, monkey boat, monkey shot, monkey dogfight, monkey soccer, monkey baseball, and monkey tennis. The party games can be played by one to four players.

Super Monkey Ball Adventure  
Action, Racing / Driving GameCube
Our four heroes from Super Monkey Ball - Aiai, Meemee, Baby and Gongon - were enjoying a typical day, when they saw a flying machine crash down on a nearby island. Soon, they discovered that the mysterious Naysayers have appeared, spreading discord and unhappiness all over the island. And to top it all off, the prince and princess of the neighboring islands have gone missing on Jungle Island - if they aren't found and returned, there's sure to be trouble! Can our heroes restore order to Monearth?

Super Monkey Ball Adventure takes the monkey rolling madness of the previous games and puts a story-based spin on it. Choosing from one of the four monkeys, Players roll their way around the various islands of Monearth, talking to citizens and performing the tasks they request (such as delivering sandwiches, finding a missing baby, rescuing rare flowers, and more) to cheer them up.

Certain parts of the island are locked by 'Puzzle Gates' - these can only be unlocked by solving the puzzle stages which can be accessed in front of the gate. Each pad transports you to a different Puzzle Realm. The Puzzle Realm stages are the more familiar gameplay of Super Monkey Ball - simple looking stages where players must carefully (but quickly) roll their monkey to the finish line within the time limit.

Bananas can also be collected throughout the game - these are used as currency, and can be used to unlock new playable characters and puzzle stages. They can also be given to particular unhappy citizens. The monkeys will also learn magical chants as they progress through the game - these allow you to climb walls, set your monkey's ball on fire, use a boxing glove to attack, and more.

Also included in Super Monkey Ball Adventure are the famous Party Games - favorites like Monkey Race, Monkey Target and Monkey fight return. There's also three new games: 'Monkey Cannon' - fire monkeys at enemy towers to steal their bricks for your own tower. 'Monkey Bounce' - bounce on a trampoline-like platform with your opponents, and try to claim as many squares as possible. 'Monkey Tag' - roll around a globe and try to collect as many balloons as possible.

Super Smash Bros Melee  
Fighting Games GameCube 4.5 (82 votes)
Normally, Nintendo contract players like Mario, Pikachu, Link, Donkey Kong, Bowser and Kirby are generally happy and well-mannered, but in "Smash Bros. Melee" the pleasantries get thrown out and the gloves (except for Mario's) come off. This update of the N64 favourite has these and other video game icons in furious, yet utterly absurd fisticuffs that usually make for a smashing good time. Just make sure you have at least one human opponent to pound on.
Starting off with 14 characters (there are an additional 11 to be unlocked), the basic premise of having Nintendo's stars beat on each other until the timer runs out is pretty standard. However, much emphasis is put on knocking opponents off ledges while avoiding the same fate. In typical Nintendo manner, there are many power-ups to assist you in the melee. The actual combat isn't as intricate as other fighting games, however the ultra-cartoony layout of the many, many arenas sometimes adds a strategic element not usually found in fighting games.
"Melee"'s strength lays in the mayhem created in four-player fights. The camera does an excellent job of positioning itself so all combatants are constantly visible. Also, "Melee" sports some of the best visuals seen in a Nintendo product. All of the characters are highly detailed, and the movements of each are smoothly infused with personality; Donkey Kong lumbers and Princess Peach fights with grace.
As the multiplayer mode is the key reason for this game's existence, the single player mode is decidedly weak. There's an adventure mode that plays somewhat like an old-school, side-scrolling Mario game. Sadly, despite its good looks, its gameplay is rather uninspired. This game is clearly at its best when there are two or more players with controllers in their hand. --"Mark Brooks"

Hur mycket som helst är inplockat i detta spel. Så väl karaktärer som utmaningar känns oändliga. Obalanserat i viss mån men så är ju alla versus spel med Mario och hans vänner. Är man ute efter en seriös fighter är detta inte att rekomendera men vill man ha lite skoj en kväll så är det bara att köra hårt.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  
Action, Fighting Nintendo Switch
Gaming icons clash in the ultimate brawl you can play anytime, anywhere! Smash rivals off the stage as new characters Simon Belmont and King K. Rool join Inkling, Ridley, and every fighter in Super Smash Bros. history. Enjoy enhanced speed and combat at new stages based on the Castlevania series, Super Mario Odyssey, and more!

Having trouble choosing a stage? Then select the Stage Morph option to transform one stage into another while battling—a series first! Plus, new echo fighters Dark Samus, Richter Belmont, and Chrom join the battle. Whether you play locally or online, savor the faster combat, new attacks, and new defensive options, like a perfect shield. Jam out to 900 different music compositions and go 1-on-1 with a friend, hold a 4-player free-for-all, kick it up to 8-player battles and more! Feel free to bust out your GameCube controllers—legendary couch competitions await—or play together anytime, anywhere!

Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition  
Actionspiele PlayStation 3
92% M!Games 082011 Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition liefert ab Sommer 2011 die ultimative Vision von Capcoms Street Fighter-Marke für Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 und Windows PC. Mit beispielsweise weiteren bekannten Charakteren und Neuzugängen sowie erweiterten Online-Modi setzt der Nachfolger des hoch gelobten Super Street Fighter IV im Hinblick auf die Neu-Definition des Beat em Up-Genres mit klassischer 2D-Street Fighter-Kampf-Action noch einen drauf. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition beinhaltet eine Kämpferliste von 39 Charakteren, darunter beispielsweise Ryu, Chun-Li, Juri, El Fuerte and Rufus sowie vier neue Straßenkämpfer. Die bereits aus vorherigen Street-Fighter-Titeln bekannten Martial-Arts-Spezialisten Yun und Yang. FEATURES: - Neue spielbare Charaktere betreten den Ring: Yun, Yang, Oni und Evil Ryu - Neues Kämpfer-Balancing: Durch ein neues Balancing der Kämpfer findet eine weitere Verfeinerung des Gameplays statt - Überarbeiteter Replay-Channel: Replay Follower: Spieler verfolgen bis zu fünf unterschiedliche Spieler-Wiederholungen. Somit ist es nun einfacher, die jeweiligen Match - Wiederholungen der eigenen Lieblingsspieler ausfindig zu machen My Channel Advanced: Spieler erhalten die Möglichkeit, ihre eigenen Replay-Dateien an bis zu 50 Personen zu senden - Elite Channel: Betrachtung und Verfolgung von Wiederholungen von Elite-Spielern, deren Rating 3000PP und mehr beträgt - Alle spielbare SSFIV-Charaktere sind von Beginn an freigeschaltet, darunter Yun und Yang, Oni und Evil Ryu

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition  
Fighting Nintendo 3DS
Please note 3DS console required to play - not compatible with original DS consoles
The ultimate version of Street Fighter makes its seamless transition to the Nintendo 3DS with Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition. The console experience is now in the palm of your hand with rich new features that utilize the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS to its fullest.

Packed with 35 playable characters, bonus stages and cinematic Ultra combos, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition expands the action by allowing you to fight your friends around the world using Wi-Fi.

New to the franchise are the figurine mode, which utilizes the Street Pass feature to add a collectible meta-game, and the 3D over-the-shoulder camera option that takes fighting to new depths. For those new to the franchise, a simple mode has been added allowing players to pull off challenging moves with a single touch of the screen. Online / Local WiFi Multiplayer Fight your friends around the world or in the same room with the only title to utilize the full capabilities of Nintendos online network at launch. 35 Playable Characters Play as a huge array of fighters ranging from classic world warriors like Ryu, Ken, Guile and Chun Li to the newly added Hakan and Juri. Figurine Mode The collectible meta-game features figurines of iconic characters in a brand-new addition to the Street Fighter franchise. When passing by another Nintendo 3DS owner, your chosen figurines will automatically battle via StreetPass. Next time you play the game you can view the results and collect your loot. 3D Mode A new over-the-shoulder camera option has been added, offering an exciting new perspective of the action. Game Sharing Play a game with a friend using the ever-popular Ryu, even when they dont have a cartridge! Be A Spectator With the Spectator Mode, use your own

The Surge  
PlayStation 4
Explore and fight in a dystopian wasteland overrun by malfunctioning machines and fearsome enemies in this hardcore sci-fi action RPG. As the Earth nears the end of its life, those who remain in the bleak, overpopulated cities must work to survive in an industrial complex plagued by a tech-enhanced workforce. You are a survivor in this world, an ordinary man who wears a powerful, industrial-grade exoskeleton that gives you protection and strength to stay alive. Meld flesh with steel to survive long enough to discover the truth about CREO, your mysterious employer. The Surge features a dynamic limb-targeting system and an original character progression system based on modular upgrades gained through tight, visceral combat.

Sword of Mana  
Kids & Family Game Boy Advance 4.0 (43 votes)
The hero, the young leader of the Duchy of Grantz, has been raised and trained as a gladiator in the slave pits of Grants. The heroine in this story is a young woman from the Mana tribe who possesses deep ties to the goddess Mana. As the Shadow Knight is persecuting the Mana tribe, the heroine embarks on a journey to protect it. When the hero and heroine meet, the wheels of fate are again set into motion.

Remake på Final Fantasy Mystic Quest till GameBoy. Orginalet är bättre.

All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 3.5 (3 votes)
Great game if you like solving puzzles - a little frustrating in places as you have to keep going back to characters having talked to one to get further information. Especially at the University when you have to keep going back and forth between the station and the university.
Graphics great and easy to move Kate Walker around but too easy to find objects - don't really have to search hard enough for them.
Once you get into the thinking of the writers becomes too easy could do with some more twists and turns.
Any real adventure game buffs will enjoy but it won't take long to solve - if you have a spare 24 hours or less.
Ending disappointing - hopefully they will do a follow on which will be a little harder.

Gillar man gammla hedliga klickäventyr så är detta välkommet. Jag gillar det.

Syberia 2  
All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 4.5 (2 votes)
"Syberia II" has a lot to live up to; the original "Syberia" did what no recent game has achieved in making the graphic adventure popular again. The peculiar plot of the game had New York lawyer Kate Walker giving up her career to help the wizened Hans Voralberg in his attempts to find Syberia--a lost land of living mammoths. This sequel picks up the story right from the end of the first, with Kate starting out in the Russian town of Romansburg in a renewed attempt to help Hans see Syberia before he dies.
The first game won its fans largely because of its well scripted storyline, which managed to make you forget the oddness of its premise and really invest in the cast of genuinely believable and engaging characters. The quality of writing is undiminished in this sequel, but the story itself is beginning to feel unnecessarily strung out with the constant stream of snowy wastelands leaving you wishing for more verdant surroundings.
The puzzles are also a bit of a step down from before, with the welcome attempt to add a greater variety of tasks and difficulty levels leading to an uncomfortable mix of traditional LucasArts-style conundrums and more trial-and-error "Myst"-style affairs.
Despite these misgivings "Syberia II" is still enjoyable, with superb production values--particularly in the excellent cut scenes. Those who have never played the original, however, should certainly start there as this slightly disappointing sequel is really one for those that want to continue the series' journey to its logical end. --"David Jenkins"

En uppföljare som alla ville ha. Kanske inte lika bra som ettan men absolut nödvändig.

Syberia 3  
PlayStation 4
After abandoning the Island of Syberia, Kate Walker is dying at the edge of an unknown river. Fortunately, she is rescued by the Youkole Tribe. Stranded in their village, she must find a way out by unraveling mysteries while evading enemies from her past. Syberia 3 is the next generation in adventure games. Developed in 3D, it takes you inside an enchanting, mysterious, and sometimes dark universe. Dive into a world inhabited by fascinating characters and discover an incredible tale imagined by Benoit Sokal.

Syphon Filter 3  
Action & Shooter PlayStation
It was surprising to hear that the third game in the popular "Syphon Filter" series would be built for the PlayStation; we're going to have to wait another year for the series to jump over to the PlayStation 2, but that's all right, because playing "Syphon Filter 3" on the PSone is like coming home again. You again play as Gabe Logan as he tracks terrorists, enemy spies, and the Syphon Filter virus; the story has Congress getting involved and trying to pin the virus problem from the first two games on Gabe and his partner Lian Xing, so Gabe must clear his name and save the world again. Interestingly, the missions are played out of order as Gabe and his team explain their past missions to the committee; this flashback structure keeps the game refreshing.
"Syphon Filter" has never been for the weak-skilled. It features location-based damage (a head shot is fatal), making it one of the more frustrating or exhilarating of games, depending on how you look at it. The controls are as responsive as they've always been, and the camera system doesn't fail, which is a rarity in third person action games. The graphics are quite good for the PlayStation, if only slightly improved from "Syphon Filter 2". The gameplay is extensive, with not only the story-based missions but also some mini-games and a multiplayer option that lets you gun for a friend in head-to-head combat.
Given the flashback nature of the missions, "Syphon Filter 3" might be confusing for new players, so it's best for fans of the series, or as something to buy along with the earlier classics. In many ways the game feels like an expansion pack to "Syphon Filter 2", which isn't a bad thing at all; overall, it's a compelling game that proves there's life yet in the old PlayStation. "--Bob Andrews"

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror  
Action PSP 88
In this fifth installment to the Syphon Filter series, you play multiple characters, including Gabe Logan, all who are agents of Precision Strike, a government agency. In the game's single player story mode, standard Rambo tactics won't work. You must use stealth combined with state of the art weapons and melee combat to help uncover a deadly threat to global security, the Dark Mirror project. The game also allows you to replay all missions for special bonus material. The game's online multiplayer mode allows for four different games modes including team and free-for-all deathmatches and two different co-op games.

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