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Action & Adventure Nintendo 64 4.5 (13 votes)
"Banjo-Kazooie" mimics the look and feel of "Mario 64", a truly innovative and visually stunning game that belongs in any Nintendo 64 collection. But don't brush off this 3-D action-adventure as an uninspired clone. On the contrary, "Banjo-Kazooie" introduces more than enough originality to warrant a spot next to its famous mentor.
The game introduces two of the most charming virtual heroes in recent years--the goofy, floppy honey bear, Banjo, and his faithful, feathered sidekick Kazooie. In the game's introduction, we discover that the sinister witch Gruntilda not only nabbed Banjo's sister Tooty, but stole her beauty as well. Naturally, it's up to the bear-bird team to retrieve Tooty and rid the world of one inconsiderate witch.
In this beautifully-rendered and massive game world, players run, jump, swim, climb and flip over obstacles, defeat all sorts of "baddies", and find and collect numerous items and clues that help the quest to progress. Playing as both Banjo and Kazooie, players hone their characters' actions, learning nearly two dozen special moves that help players expertly defeat foes and successfully tread through the nine worlds.
"Banjo-Kazooie" is one of those games that can demand hours upon hours of perseverance, patience and learning of skills to complete. But don't let that discourage you. This epic game is so much fun that reaching the end will be an afterthought. "--Eric Twelker," Pros: Nicely-paced gameworld filled with well-designed challenges Excellent character control with numerous special moves Gorgeous graphics Cons: Numerous--often complex--special moves may discourage some casual gamers

Batman: Arkham Asylum  
Action & Shooter PLAYSTATION 3 3.0 (12 votes)
Batman: Arkham Asylum exposes players to a unique, dark and atmospheric adventure that takes them to the depths of Arkham Asylum - Gotham's psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane

Batman: Arkham City  
Adventure PlayStation 3

Batman: Arkham Origins  
PlayStation 3
Batman: Arkham Origins features an expanded Gotham City and introduces an original prequel storyline occurring several years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Taking place before the rise of Gotham City’s most dangerous villains and assassins, the game showcases a young, raw, unrefined Batman as he faces a defining moment in his early career as a crime fighter that sets his path to becoming the Dark Knight. As the story unfolds, witness identities being formed and key relationships being forged.

Batman: The Enemy Within  
Adventure PlayStation 4
Descend Back into Darkness! In this latest chapter from the award-winning studio behind Batman - The Telltale Series, both Bruce Wayne and Batman will be forced into precarious new roles. The Riddler has returned to terrorize Gotham City, but his gruesome puzzles merely foreshadow an even greater crisis. With the arrival of a ruthless federal agent and the return of a still nascent Joker, Batman must navigate uneasy alliances while Bruce Wayne undertakes a perilous series of deceptions.

Batman: The Telltale Series  
PlayStation 4
Enter the fractured pysche of Bruce Wayne in this dark and violent new story from the award-winning creators of The Walking Dead - A Telltale Games Series, and discover the powerful and far-reaching consequences of your choices as the Dark Knight. As Batman, you'll encounter classic allies and adversaries, and as Bruce, you'll learn the true meaning of what it means to be the man behind the cowl. Batman - The Telltale Series comes to retail as a Season Pass Disc, which includes Episode One, and grants access to the remaining four episodes in the season as they become available to download.

Battalion Wars  
Strategy & Simulation GameCube 5.0 (4 votes)
Couldn't wait to play this game after hearing about it almost a year ago. Being such a fan of Advanced Wars on the Gameboy (and now DS), taking command of little tanks and soldiers was a great prospect. Then the news was that a different developer would be taking it on therefore a slight change in title name and brought both public and personal doubt whether they could deliver.
Comparing the 2 games, you'll be hard to find any similarity. Presentation, characters and gameplay are totally different. I'm guessing the Gameboy Advance War developers wanted to distance themselves away from this as much as possible so a complete new look is used in Battalion. Still the novelty to play it was there and supported by the magazine reviews, I bought this a week ago. Therefore this review is based on about 6 playing hours. If you've played GBA Advanced Wars before then you'll be familiar with the type of infantry, tanks and other military pieces available to you. Controls get a little getting used to with all buttons having a purpose. The learning curve is a little challenging and the missions could do with a tiny bit more direction of where the player should go next. Also I found the control of the vehicles frustrating for awhile using the left direction stick which changed the speed and direction the vehicle as well as the camera angle. It took a few moments of swearing and re-tries to get past that level! As far as strategy goes I’m still waiting for the depth offered by Advanced Wars but using the map option to scan ahead of the battle field you can plan your attack. Even if you fail, there’s a certain amount of addictiveness to retry after you’ve been killed. The animation of the soldiers and vehicles are great and reminded me of Rayman bouncing along when running. Music and sound is okay with some nice vocal comments from your troops. Background graphics are good as well, suiting the bouncy Rayman feel. So overall, if you ignore the fact it’s a different game from the handheld version and persist through the control frustration you have another classic for the Gamecube.

Battalion Wars 2  
Real-time strategy, Third-person Shooter, Real-time tactics, Strategy video game, Simulation video game, Action game Nintendo Wii
Battalion Wars 2 is a video game for the Wii console. It is a sequel to the Nintendo GameCube title Battalion Wars. The game was officially announced August 23, 2006 at the Leipzig Games Convention. It was developed by Kuju Entertainment, which also developed the GameCube predecessor, and was published by Nintendo. Battalion Wars 2 was released on October 29, 2007 in North America and on February 15, 2008 in Europe. In Japan it is known as Totsugeki!! Famicom Wars VS where it is considered part of the Famicom Wars series.

Battalion Wars 2 gameplay combines land, sea, and air combat. Unlike the first game, which did not feature naval combat, the sequel has several new sea-faring units: Battleship, Frigate, Submarine, Dreadnought and Naval Transport (landing craft). Also, the Light and Heavy Recon units from the last game have been replaced by merely the Recon unit which has the Heavy Recon's defense and extra gun and the Light Recon's speed. Including the prologue, there are 20 playable missions, and six factions in the game, including the Western Frontier, Tundran Territories, Solar Empire, Xylvania, and Iron Legion from the last game, and a new nation called the Anglo Isles.

The Battle of Olympus  
Action Nintendo NES
"One of the most over looked games of all time..."

The Battle Of Olympus. Where to begin? This is such a spectacular game. And it's a very under-rated game. This was one of the first video games I ever played, and I still play it to this very day. This is the NES at it's finest.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are very good for Nintendo. It may be one of the best on Nintendo. At the time of it's release, these graphics were top of the line. Some of the most detailed you could find on the NES. The environments are vivid, and rich with life. It's almost like you are looking at a painting. Overall, I give the graphics a 10/10.

Sound: The sound is really one of the games finest points. The music is very well put together, and it really brings this game to life. It completes the atmosphere perfectly. And the music is always very fitting for the moment. The sound effects are also good. Whether you're playing the harp, summoning Pegasus, and getting hit by a Hydra, the sound effects get a perfect 10/10.

Control: The control are very simple, and easy to learn, and their not all that hard to master. Although at times they may seem sluggish, or unresponsive. The setup works out good in the end. The controls get a 9/10.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. Battle of Olympus will surely keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. The game also features your average "Hero saves princess" type story. But it's well thought out, and will have you traveling all of Ancient Greece. This is one of the only games to follow Greek Mythology, and do it well. My only complaint is the level of difficulty. This game becomes very hard. But it's not too bad. It will just give you a good challenge. Gameplay gets a 9/10.

Overall: I think this may be one of the best NES games ever created. It's just too bad it was so over looked. I wish a lot more people would give it a chance, I know you won't be disappointed. I prefer this game over many of todays new releases. It's just a great game. Even though it tends to be very difficult at times, it's always a fun experience. I give The Battle of Olympus, a perfect 10/10.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10, Originally Posted: 06/27/06

Battlefield 1  
PlayStation 4
Experience the dawn of all-out war in Battlefield 1. Fight your way through epic battles ranging from tight urban combat in a besieged French city to the heavily defended mountain forts in the Italian Alps or frantic combats in the deserts of Arabia. Discover a new world at war through an adventure-filled campaign, or join in epic multiplayer battles with up to 64 players, and adapt your tactics to the earth-shattering environments and destruction. Fight as infantry or take control of amazing vehicles on land, air and sea, from the tanks and bikes on the ground, to biplanes and gigantic battleships, and adapt your gameplay to the most dynamic battles in Battlefield history.

Battlefield 3  
Action & Shooter PlayStation 3

Battlefield 4  
First-person shooter PlayStation 4
Battlefield 4 is the genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory. Fueled by the next-generation power and fidelity of Frostbite 3, Battlefield 4 provides a visceral, dramatic experience unlike any other.

Only in Battlefield can you demolish the buildings shielding your enemy. Only in Battlefield will you lead an assault from the back of a gun boat. Battlefield grants you the freedom to do more and be more while playing to your strengths and carving your own path to victory.

In addition to its hallmark multiplayer, Battlefield 4 features an intense, dramatic character-driven campaign that starts with the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai and follows your squad's struggle to find its way home.

There is no comparison. Immerse yourself in the glorious chaos of all-out war, found only in Battlefield.

Battlefield Bad Company 2  
Action & Shooter PlayStation 3
Ultimate Edition Specific Features: Battlefield 1943 - the Ultimate Edition includes the award-winning and best-selling downloadable game Battlefield 1943. Enjoy the thrill of a fully featured WW2 online shooter with the unique Battlefield sandbox experience. Onslaught Mode - play 4-player co-op in this expansion that challenges elite squads to get to the top of the Onslaught-specific leaderboards, and serves as an introduction to multiplayer for those new to the battlefield. Limited Edition unlocks - get immediate access to four vehicle related unlocks and two weapon unlocks from day 1, a bonus originally included in the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition.
The March 2010 smash hit Battlefield: Bad Company 2 now comes in an Ultimate Edition. Experience the game that New York Times calls a better game than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the best-selling March release on record, now with even more explosive content. The Ultimate Edition includes Battlefield 1943 and Onslaught co-op mode, as well as the early-access unlocks from the Limited Edition. The package also includes a VIP code granting access to a multitude of downloadable map packs.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 brings the spectacular Battlefield gameplay to the forefront of next-gen consoles. Tactical destruction is taken to new heights with the updated DICE Frostbite engine. Players can now take down entire buildings or create their own fire points by blasting holes through cover, thereby delivering a unique experience in every match.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on console features best-in-class vehicular combat, set across huge sandbox maps, for up to 24 players. Players can also compete in 4-player teams in two exclusive squad-only game modes, fighting together to unlock exclusive team awards and achievements. The Onslaught mode expands the offering with a competitive 4

Action & Shooter PlayStation 3 4.0 (41 votes)
From the creators of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil comes the free flowing over-the-top action, extravagant weapons, demonic hair and savage grace of Bayonetta. Play as Bayonetta, a witch with powers beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals and face-off against countless angelic enemies, evil forces and giant sized foes in a game of 100% pure and unadulterated all-out action. Outlandish finishing moves are performed with balletic grace as Bayonetta flows from one fight to another. With magnificent over-the-top action taking place in stage that are a veritable them park of exciting attractions, Bayonetta pushes the limits of the action genre, bringing to life its fast-paced, dynamic climax combat.

Tired of action games that value realism over fun. If so Bayonetta is the perfect cure: an outrageous brawling beat 'em-up as only the Japanese can make them. Take control of Bayonetta the only thing in the game weirder than the monsters.

She might be a witch but Bayonetta isn't taking any chances when going into battle, not only does she have two handguns but her stiletto heels are also pistols and she's not above using everything from a rock launcher to a Japanese sword and a whip.

But that's only the half of it: dodge an enemy at the last second and you can enter slow motion "witch time". Or try transforming into a panther or turn Bayonetta's hair into a giant boot - the more complex your attacks the more chances you'll get to use torture combos to really do some damage. After this any other action game will seem tame by comparison Witch girl: The most exciting new games character for years bursts onto the scene with third person combat that mixes surreal visuals with ultra deep combat. Weapons mistress: Juggle a huge range of weapons from stiletto-mounted handguns to a two-handed sword, a magic whip or a good old fashioned shotgun. Hair-raising

Bayonetta 2  
Actie Wii U
Bayonetta Makes Her Return

In this climactic sequel to the critically acclaimed BAYONETTA action game, players will be on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Brimming with epic, gorgeous cut scenes and battles that are more exhilarating than ever, this game never lets up on the action. Fight on top of a jet as it soars through a downtown city. Duke it out against a giant angel, who bears a whip for an arm, on top of a speeding train. And take to the skies in a fight against a demonic monster while ascending to the top of a skyscraper.

Bayonetta 2 Features:

Armed with new weapons and abilities, Bayonetta has her enemies baffled by her new moves and torture attacks. In exchange for magic points, she can unleash a new ability called Umbra Climax to summon demonic monsters and deliver mighty attacks repeatedly.
Choose between Normal and Touch play styles. The Normal Mode represents the technical control scheme unique to BAYONETTA, an acclaimed control scheme that fans of the previous game love and all action game fans will enjoy. The Touch Mode, on the other hand, offers a more convenient play style for those unfamiliar with action games or simply looking for a new spin on action. Players can use the Wii U GamePad controller’s touch screen controls to easily manipulate Bayonetta as she moves, attacks and evades enemies.
Bayonetta’s longtime friend and fellow Umbra Witch, Jeanne, appears in the game (as a non-playable character) to assist Bayonetta in performing combination attacks and in doling out intense punishment against enemies.
Take the action off the big screen and enjoy off-TV play using the Wii U GamePad controller.

Bayonetta 2 also includes the original Bayonetta game making this the complete Bayonetta experience!

Truly Be-Witching!Bayonetta's an ancient witch with kick-ass powers, a skintight catsuit and guns in the heels of her shoes. From the twisted mind who created Devil May Cry and Resident Evil comes an all-out, over-the-top action game fusing balletic grace, outrageous visuals and non-stop mayhem together beautifully.

Bayonetta scored a very rare perfect 40 in Japan's influential Famitsu magazine – a feat few games manage. Now Bayonetta's here to kick cherubic backside with the same perfect mix of ludicrously over-the-top combos and finishing moves, free-flowing combat and quirky, tongue-in-cheek sass.

Get ready for a wild, weird and wicked witchy ride…

From the creators of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil comes the free flowing over-the-top action, extravagant weapons, demonic hair and savage grace of Bayonetta. Play as Bayonetta, a witch with powers beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals and face-off against countless angelic enemies, evil forces and giant sized foes in a game of 100% pure and unadulterated all-out action.

Outlandish finishing moves are performed with balletic grace as Bayonetta flows from one fight to another. With magnificent over-the-top action taking place in stage that are a veritable them park of exciting attractions, Bayonetta on Xbox 360 pushes the limits of the action genre, bringing to life its fast-paced, dynamic climax combat.

Groundbreaking Gameplay — Bayonetta, the game, is all about action. From the controls to the finishing moves, Bayonetta is positioned to be about pure action gameplay

Hair: Her hair serves as the basis of her costume and also her attacks and powers. These manifest in different ways:
Wicked Weave attacks - By pulling off the right combos (illustrated by the loading screens), you’ll summon large demon fists and feet to punctuate the combos. Great for fighting bosses and large groups of enemies.
Torture Attacks - Unleash gruesome devices such as the Iron Maiden, Guillotine and more to finish off enemies and send them to hell by charging your Magic gauge.
Climax attacks -To eliminate the upper ranks of her foes, Bayonetta’s hair serves as a magical conduit to summon demonic beasts.

Interchangeable weapons
Upgradeable weapons -In addition to her four enchanted guns called Scarborough Fair, she can unlock an array of weapons from shotguns, bazookas and fiery claws.
Enemy weapons - Bayonetta can also battle with a variety of other weapons retrieved from fallen enemies.
Beast Within - Bayonetta calls upon primal forces, transforming into various beasts (Panthers, etc.) according to the situation.

Beyond Good & Evil  
Action & Adventure GameCube 5.0 (12 votes)
Despite the low number of sales of the game it is a beauty!! The game mixes stealth (not boring, wait-around-for-ages-for-something-to-happen stealth) action, comedy and a well written story, which is aided by excellent voice acting and animation, to bring you an extremely fun and genuinly touching game. The gameplay is excellent and the game also boasts good graphics, an immersive world and many exciting plot twists.
The side quest of photographing the animals of the planet allows you witness the diversity of the world and just how much thought has gone into the game as well as making you money to upgrade your hovercraft which is extremely fun to drive ( and race in some of the other side quests).
It left me wanting more and it will do the same to you. A perfect addition to your collection, brought to you from the makers of the excellent prince of persia.

Stundtals väldigt likt (på ett possitivt sätt) de 3D Zelda spel som finns ute på marknaden.
Ett spel som man inte kan sluta spela när man väl börjat. Tyvärr har lite för få människor upplevt detta guldkorn.

Beyond: Two Souls  
PlayStation 3
Beyond: Two Souls is an upcoming video game for the PlayStation 3 console, under development by Quantic Dream. David Cage, founder and president of Quantic Dream, announced the title at Sony's press conference during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012. Jodie Holmes, the main character, will be portrayed by Ellen Page via motion capture. A debut trailer featuring in-game graphics was also released during the press conference.

Like a previous game from Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain, this game supports the PlayStation Move technology.

The game is centered around questions about what happens after death. The game lets the player take Jodie Holmes through 15 years of her life on a journey to discover what is the true meaning of the entity alongside her throughout the story. The game's producer noted that players might be able to find out "what lies beyond" after playing the game. The game features a dark graphical style, in the vein of Heavy Rain, another of Quantic Dream's previously released games.

Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg  
Arcade & Platform GameCube 4.0 (8 votes)
A lot of games have some pretty weird concepts, but in "Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg" you have to wear a magical chicken suit given to you by Menie-Funie, god of the chickens, and save the world of Morning Land. Suffice it to say that "Billy Hatcher" is not based on a true story--but its lack of plausibility is matched only by the quality of entertainment it provides, in what is unquestionably Sonic Team's best ever 3-D platform adventure.
The goal of the game is to rescue a golden egg on each cunningly designed level, but the gimmick that allows you to do so is your ability to roll giant eggs around the world and either squash bad guys with them as you go or throw them around like boomerangs. If you manage to run over various types of fruit with an egg it will also grow until you're able to hatch it and get a power-up or magical helper. The latter tend to be cuddly creatures with freakish magical powers such as an icy-breathed seal or a flying fire-breathing lion. The hatchlings are the key to many of the games puzzles, as you try to find a way to freeze a waterfall or burn through to hit a switch.
Despite the cute visuals this is no pushover and is easily one of the most fun and inventive games of recent times. --"David Jenkins"

Bionic Commando  
PlayStation 3

Action & Shooter PLAYSTATION 3 4.5 (48 votes)
BioShock is a revolution in the shooter genre that will forever change the expectations for the FPS. Going beyond "run and gun corridors," "monster-closet AIs" and static worlds, BioShock creates a living, unique and unpredictable FPS experience. BioShock is the Shooter 2.0.

After your plane crashes into icy uncharted waters, you discover a rusted bathysphere and descend into Rapture, a city hidden beneath the sea. Constructed as an idealistic society for a hand picked group of scientists, artists and industrialists, the idealism is no more. Now the city is littered with corpses, wildly powerful guardians roam the corridors as little girls loot the dead, and genetically mutated citizens ambush you at every turn. Take control of your world by hacking mechanical devices, commandeering security turrets and crafting unique items critical to your very survival. Upgrade your weapons with ionic gels, explosives and toxins to customize them to the enemy and environment. Genetically modify your body through dozens of Plasmid Stations scattered throughout the city, empowering you with fantastic and often grotesque abilities. Explore a living world powered by Ecological A.I., where the inhabitants have interesting and consequential relationships with one another that impact your gameplay experience. Experience truly next generation graphics that vividly illustrate the forlorn art deco city, highlighted by the most detailed and realistic water effects ever developed in a video game. Make meaningful choices and mature decisions, ultimately culminating in the grand question: do you exploit the innocent survivors of Rapture... or save them?

Bioshock 2  
BioShock 2: Special Edition contents: BioShock 2 game 12" vinyl LP with BioShock orchestral score Audio CD with BioShock 2 orchestral score 3 vintage Rapture advertisement posters (rolled) BioShock 2 164-page hardback artbook
The original shocked the video gaming world by not only being a great first person shooter, but also an intelligent one. Now one of the greatest stories in interactive fiction is getting another chapter, with a sequel set ten years later.
You play the original Big Daddy - a more independently minded prototype to the giant deep sea divers from the first game. The undersea world of Rapture has been taken over by the mysterious Big Sister, who has begun to kidnap children from coastal cities around the world.

A much larger range of plasmid powers are now available, as well as more standard weapons and the Big Daddy's iconic rivet gun and drill. The game's real conflict is emotional though, as you are once again forced to make a decision between sacrificing Little Sisters or protecting them and making your task even harder. Bioshock 2 will make you think, and not just about tactics. Atlas shrugged: The award-winning story-telling of Bioshock continues with a new hero and a new threat in the underwater dystopia of Rapture. Evolve yourself: New plasmids, including new dual-wielded attacks, let you unleash amazing powers but at the cost of your humanity. Cry Little Sister: As the first Big Daddy you are far faster than the other lumbering giants, but equipped with the same weapons and the ability to venture onto the ocean floor. Big boss: Defend yourself against the constant attacks of Big Sister by setting up traps and ambushes, but always making sure you have an escape route! Separate lives: For the first time Biosh

Bioshock Infinite  
Survival horror, First-person shooter PlayStation 3
BioShock Infinite är ett kommande first person shooter under utveckling av Irrational Games och är det tredje spelet i BioShock-serien. Spelet är tänkt att släppas under 2012 på Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3 och Xbox 360.

Bioshock: The Collection  
Action PlayStation 4
BioShock: The Collection is remastered release of all BioShock games including all single-player DLC, for PC, as well as for the PS4 and Xbox One platforms that previously did not have any of the game in the series. It contains:
BioShock (base game)
Bioshock: PS3 Challenge Rooms (DLC)
BioShock: Museum of Orphaned Concepts (in-game gallery of abandoned development concepts, previously exclusive to BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition)
BioShock 2 (base game)
BioShock 2: Minerva's Den (DLC)
BioShock 2: The Protector Trials (DLC)
BioShock Infinite (base game)
BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode One (DLC)
BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode Two (DLC)
BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds (DLC)
BioShock Infinite: Columbia's Finest (DLC)
Imagining BioShock, an unlockable director's commentary video series for the first BioShock featuring Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson, activated through hidden film reels.The games are remastered in 1080p with 60 fps.

All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 4.0 (78 votes)
It's very easy to describe what is to like about Black; it's a stunning shoot-em-up game with loads of enemies and awesome weapons. However, with just eight missions, it is just too short, and although the studio have attempted to increase the game-length by putting each mission on four different levels, I wasn't sold. Each mission is too long, and saving possibilities are too limitless. There is a sequel promised, and I have some advice for the studio. Create more missions, make them shorter and make more enemies. Oh, and keep the background storyline, that was truly incredible.

Grym grafik på PS2:an. Mäter sig med Resident Evil 4 och Burnout Revenge på det planet. Saknar multiplayer och har i stort sätt inget replayvalue.

Black Mirror  
Adventure PlayStation 4
Scotland, 1926. Following the suicide of his father, David Gordon visits his ancestral home for the first time in his life. A life that is soon threatened by the dark secrets that claimed the sanity of many Gordons before him. Tormented by nightmares and waking dreams for all his life, David fears that it might be his destiny to follow in his father's footsteps, down a path that leads to madness, and death. Is there really a Curse that has been haunting his family, like his father believed? It is up to David to uncover the horrible truths, buried under generations of silence and fathoms of stone. Black Mirror Castle demands an offering...

Role Playing Game (RPG) PlayStation 4
A Terrifying New World: Journey to a horror-filled gothic city where deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures lurk around every corner.
Strategic Action Combat: Armed with a unique arsenal of weaponry, including guns and saw cleavers, you'll need wits, strategy and reflexes to take down the agile and intelligent enemies that guard the city's dark secrets.
A New Generation of Action RPG: Stunningly detailed gothic environments, atmospheric lighting, and advanced new online experiences showcase the power and prowess of the PlayStation 4 system.
Ever-changing Chalice Dungeons to Explore: Use holy chalices to gain entrance to a network of vast underground ruins, filled with traps, beasts, and rewards, to explore and conquer alone or with others. These procedurally generated dungeons offer brand new challenges to master, and can be uploaded or shared with friends.

Bloodborne: Game Of The Year Edition  
Games software PlayStation 4
Bloodborne Game Of The Year Edition:
- Game: Bloodborne
- The Old Hunters DLC pack

The Old Hunters takes place in a nightmare world where Hunters of Yharnam's past are trapped forever. It will feature new weapons, gear, locations and enemies, but (as far as I know) no time-travel devices that will transport players to 2016. So really, it's less "Game of the Year" and more "complete" or "definitive" edition.

Action, Role-Playing (RPG) PlayStation 3 82
The planet Pandora isn't much more than a desert filled with bandits, mercenaries and adventurers. Their goal: the legendary vault which is said to be filled with treasures beyond imagination hidden on the planet by an ancient highly advanced alien race. One of those fortune-seekers is the protagonist, who has one advantage: the guidance of the Guardian of the vault.

Borderlands is a mixture of a first-person shooter and a role-playing game, somewhat similar in concept to Hellgate: London. At the beginning of the game the player chooses between one of four characters:
Roland: A former soldier. He likes to play with rifles and shotguns and has a Scorpio-Turret at his disposal to keep his back clear.
Lilith: A Siren and Phasewalker. She can turn invisible and fights with extreme speed.
Mordecai: A hunter. He prefers to snipe enemies from a distance and has access to a bird of prey called Bloodwing.
Brick: A Berserker. He doesn't care much for guns and instead uses his fists to win all arguments.
Each of the four characters has three different skill trees available, filled with talents that e.g. increase bullet damage or allow the player to resurrect a friend in cooperative game. The player gets one skill point to spend at each level up, which is earned through gaining enough experience points by killing enemies and fulfilling quests for the various NPCs inhabiting the planet Pandora. To kill all those enemies and survive the journey, the protagonist will find weapons, ammunition, useful items like shields or medipacks, upgrades and money on the enemies he or she kills, in chests scattered around the landscape, or purchased at vending machines. Weapons and shields come in different types of quality, can have several different types of attributes and mostly come with a level requirement. The maximum level a character can reach is 50.

Since the protagonist has to travel around much, he or she has a buggy available armed with a machine gun and a rocket launcher or heavy machine gun at later levels. Since the game also features a drop in/drop out-coop-mode for up to four players, the buggies have enough room for two players with one using the mounted turret and the other driving around the vehicle.

Borderlands 2  
Action, Role-Playing (RPG) PlayStation 3
Five years after The Destroyer was vanquished, a new valuable mineral known as Eridian was discovered in the crust of the planet Pandora. The powerful Hyperion Corporation, led by Handsome Jack, secured a moon base and eventually occupied the entire planet, depriving it of Eridian. One day, four vault hunters fall into a trap prepared by Jack, but are rescued by a ClapTrap robot and shown the way to a resistance movement that tries to put an end to Hyperion's regime.

Borderlands 2, like its predecessor, is a first-person shooter that incorporates character building, quests and procedural content generation elements from role-playing games, particularly roguelikes, along with vehicle-based gameplay from contemporary shooters. The sequel features four new characters embodying four classes that represent different special skills and weapon affinities. Accumulated experience points result in skill points, which can then be allocated to the nodes of one of three skill trees that vary between classes. Weapons differ not only by type, firing speed or damage, they can also cause elemental damage that is more or less effective against specific types of opponents.

Players can take on the game's challenges by themselves, or enlist the help of other players in the cooperative multiplayer mode. Compared to the first game, the game world is not split into disjunct pieces anymore, but has become continuously connected. Non-player characters now follow their own schedules and agendas as opposed to being fixed in their position permanently.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection  
Action role-playing game PlayStation 4
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is the essential Borderlands compilation and includes the definitive versions of both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, built specifically for next-gen consoles. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One customers will experience the absolute highest performance and highest fidelity graphics for any Borderlands game ever played on a video game console. For the first time in the franchise's history, play four-player split screen on a single television, all in stunning high definition. Experience the entire Handsome Jack saga (including all available bonus add-on content), from his not-so-humble beginnings to the heights of his egomaniacal tyranny. Continue the adventure by transferring your previous saves to the next generation of consoles with the new cross-save functionality.

Boxing Champions  
Boxing PlayStation 2
Go 12 rounds against the toughest fighters with BOXING CHAMPIONS. Now you can hook, jab and uppercut with the very best in this great new 3d slugfest! Choose one of nine characters across three fighting weights, take on the fearsome Tournament mode, or try to knockdown all-comers in the Survival mode.

Bravely Default  
Role Playing Game (RPG) Nintendo 3DS
Bravely Default is an epic RPG created by Square Enix. This original yet traditional offering captures the charm and elegant and simplicity of classical RPGs, bolstering its turn-based combat with a compelling new risk/reward system RPG fans will obsess over. Become a Warrior of Light and journey to the land of Luxemdarc in this classic tale of personal growth and adventure.

Bravely Default follows the story of main character Tiz, a humble shepherd and the lone survivor of a cataclysmic event, as he joins a group of loyal companions on a journey to restore balance to the world. The battle system is what differentiates Bravely Default from other RPGs. Here players can strategically choose when to initiate two complementary commands: Brave and Default. This innovative system encourages players to think carefully about strategy during every enemy encounter. Selecting "Brave" lets players increase the number of actions a character can take in a turn, while "Default" allows players to store actions for later use.

Bravely Second: End Layer  
Rpg Nintendo 3 Ds 8
Steel yourself for the next evolution of the series that reinvented turn-based RPGs-the successor to Square Enix’s Bravely Default game. In this standalone adventure, Agnés Oblige has been imprisoned, and as a knight in her service, it’s up to the hero, Yew, to save her! Form the ultimate team and strategy, then risk it all in this fast, fresh RPG.

Breath of Fire  
Kids & Family Game Boy Advance 4.0 (41 votes)
You control the fate of Ryu, a young warrior and descendant of the Light Dragon Clan. Along with your mystical friend Nina, you must search for magic spells and mysterious secrets in a dark land. Along the way, you'll gain experience and skill as you battle strange monsters and uncover valuable secrets that will help you on your adventure and unlock the secrets of the Dragon Clan. You will need all your combat and exploration skills on your quest--you'll even learn to fish! Hundreds of magic spells help characters transform and combine into dragons and other beasts. You can exchange items with your friends by linking up two Game Boy Advance systems using the Game Link cable.

Otroligt många random battles som är störande. Ibland svårt att veta vart man ska härnäst.

Breath of Fire IV  
. Although the fourth instalment in the "Breath of Fire" series is a fine role-playing game, it doesn't quite hold a flame to the best of the alternatives.
"Breath of Fire IV" is a single-player game that continues the story with these "dragon people" who gave their lives to eradicate the evil goddess and restore peace in their world. This time around, battle has broken out between two powerful continents, and the fair Princess Elena has disappeared during a tour of the war-torn region. The princess's sister, Nina, who reigns o'er the Windia Kingdom, vows to retrieve her missing sibling. She meets Ryu along the way, who joins the epic quest.
"Breath of Fire IV's" gameplay is refreshingly simple, with only a few minor additions to its predecessor's battle system. Most noticeably, a new combo system lets spells dish out more damage than when cast alone, by working in conjunction with other spells. As before, Ryu can transform into a dragon or hybrid half-human, half-dragon creature to gain special attack powers. The party will pick up other drifters throughout the game, some of whom have the power to transform.
Each town opens up a new set of subquests and minigames (yup--there's another fishing game here, folks), both of which add longevity and replayability to "Breath of Fire IV", although not everyone will appreciate the mandatory nature of these diversions.
Like many Japanese-bred RPGs, the musical score and crisp sound effects are excellent, but there is very little voice talent in the game. In all, "Breath of Fire IV" is a solid, although not fantastic, RPG. --"Todd Mowatt"

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse  
Adventure PlayStation 4
Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse is a classical point & click adventure. It abandons 3D graphics and direct control which were used in the two predecessors and returns to the style of the first two games. The only major technical differences are a higher resolution and that the characters are modelled instead of drawn. Like every Broken Sword game the plot is inspired by historical events: everything centers around the painting La Maledicció. George Stobbart and Nicole Collard witness as a masked man steals La Maledicció and kills the gallery owner. Both have their motivations to solve the crime - George works for the painting's insurer, Nico is a reporter and the police is incompetent - and so they unravel a conspiracy which is somehow connected to the Gnostic Gospels.

The game uses an intelligent mouse cursor: a right click on a hotspot results in looking at the item and a left click triggers an item-specific action. Of course this is the main ingredient of the puzzles: collecting items and using them on other items in order to solve problems. In some occasions there are also logic puzzles from a zoomed-in view on an object, e.g. connecting cables of an engine in order to repair the car's horn. Another important part of the game are conversations with the various characters, some of them known from previous instalments. During the course of the game the controlled character switches between George and Nico. A help function supports players which are stuck.

The original release only included the first half of the game and the second half was patched in later. The first half is set in Paris with two trips to London. The Vita version was released as a bundle (listed here) and also with the first episode separately (listed along the Android/iOS version).

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - The Director's Cut  
Adventure Wii 4.3
The Director's Cut is a remake of the original Broken Sword game. The game features the same basic story, but has additional locales to visit, more puzzles and tells parts of the story from Nico's perspective. Some of the puzzles also make use of the unique abilities of Nintendo's game consoles and the animated facial expressions have been redrawn by Dave Gibbons.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars  
Action Game Boy Advance 4.5 (10 votes)
Adapted from one of the most popular PC games in Europe, "Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars" is the story of George Stobbard, an American in Paris who witnesses the theft of an ancient manuscript and the assassination of its owner. This manuscript was created in the 14th century by the order of the Knights Templar and points to where their legendary power has been hidden for more than 600 years. Its new owners intend to harness the power for their own sinister agenda. This version of the game re-creates the original's graphic-novel look, puzzles, locations, and characters, as well as the original soundtrack, while the interface and the game's control system is being redone to Game Boy Advance specifications.

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon  
Adventure PlayStation 2
No less than six years have gone by before the third installment in the Broken Sword series saw the light of day. The first two games (The Shadow of the Templars and The Smoking Mirror) delved into the Knights Templar and Mayan mythology. This time, George Stobbart and Nico Collard are after the Voynich Manuscript to unravel its mysteries.

The Sleeping Dragon moves away from the 2D point-and-click concept from the earlier games and features a full 3D world, with a camera that does not rotate, but uses fixed cinematic perspectives, combined with full 5.1 sound. For the Windows version the game is no longer controlled through the mouse, but now through the keyboard, for the movement of the characters as well as all the actions. The player alternately controls George or Nico. Next to typical adventure gameplay such as exploration, conversations, and searching and combining items, there are also a few action sequences. The characters can duck, sneak, hang from ledges and move crates to reach higher areas.

The locations visited throughout the game include The Congo, Paris, England, Czech Republic and Egypt.

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror  
Adventure PlayStation
Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror is the sequel to Circle of Blood and the second game in the Broken Sword series.

The player alternately controls George Stobbart, the protagonist of the first game, and Nicole Collard, the French journalist he met in the first game and who has since become his girlfriend. The game starts with George witnessing the kidnapping of Nicole. This event eventually leads to an investigation into a conspiracy revolving around a forthcoming solar eclipse and the evil Aztec god Tezcatlipoca. The locations visited throughout the game include Paris, Marseilles, London, Quaramonte, the jungle, a Caribbean environment, and a zombie island. Certain locations from the previous game make a return.

The game is entirely in 2D and gameplay is in typical point-and-click fashion. The player moves the character around using the mouse, examines the environment, talks to other people, and collect items stored in an inventory. These items need to be used or combined with other items to solve puzzles.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons  
Action PlayStation 4
Brothers is a single-player cooperative game where the player controls two brothers independently and simultaneously. The game starts in a village where the two young brothers live. Their mother drowned in the sea and their father is ailing. The two set out to find the Water of Life, which is said to hold the power to cure their father. Both brothers are controlled separately for movement and actions. The game strings together various scenes where the brothers must solve puzzles by helping each other, for instance by pulling levers, dragging items, distracting dangerous characters or operating a catapult. Not by controlling them separately, but often both at the same time. Next to movement they can also climb, hang from ledges and slide down. There are a few enemies along the way, but these cannot be fought directly. Instead, a more inventive approach needs to be found.

The game focuses on exploration and especially environment-based puzzle-solving to progress. The game is shown with a third-person view, often shown from a distance or above, and with a fixed camera. The level design is linear with a single path to progress. It also contains various sequences not related to the main quest where the brothers have fun together, to establish the atmosphere. The environment has a fantasy-like atmosphere with different locales such as villages, mountains, a sequence where they travel by boat over a river, a frozen landscape etc.

Brutal Legend  
Adventure, RPG PlayStation 3 8
"Brütal Legend" is an action-adventure that marries visceral action combat with open-world freedom. Set in a universe somewhere between Lord of the Rings and Spinal Tap, it’s a fresh take on the action/driving genre, which in this case is full of imitation cover bands, demons intent on enslaving humanity and Heavy metal tunes. Featuring the talents of comedian, actor and musician, Jack Black as super roadie Eddie Riggs, as well as cameos by some of the biggest names in metal music it's a wild ride in the belly of the beast that is not to be missed by gamers and Metalheads alike. .caption { font-family: Verdana, Helvetica neue, Arial, serif; font-size: 10px; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; } ul.indent { list-style: inside disc; text-indent: -15px; } table.callout { font-family: verdana; font-size: 11px; line-height: 1. 3em; } td.vgoverview { height: 125px; background: #9DC4D8 url( repeat-x; border-left: 1px solid #999999; border-right: 1px solid #999999; padding-left: 20px; padding-right: 20px; padding-bottom: 10px; width: 250px; font-family: verdana; font-size: 12px; }
Classic action slasher gameplay with a comic twist. View larger.
Unleashable Heavy metal powers. View larger.
Over-the-top vehicular combat. View larger.
8-player multiplayer support. View larger.
Challenging bosses & baddies. View larger.
A driving 108-tune Metal soundtrack. View larger. Story The vivid and wildly creative world of "Brütal Legend" is brought to life through a spate of chrome, leather, rocker babes, epic music, fire-breathing/stud-wearing beasts, mountains made of guitar amps, and more. Follow Eddie as he embarks on a tour of epic destruction with an axe, a guitar, and his minions as he commands the power of rock in epic band battles. It’s lighter-flicking awesomeness that will melt your face clean off. Action Combat "Brütal Legend"’s core gameplay is classic action slasher, but with a twist: ranged combat comes from your demon-slaying, electricity-creating guitar. Add that 1-2 punch to a guitar solo mechanic that can summon objects, buff your teammates, or cripple your opponents, and you have a deep, gratifying core gameplay combat loop that is fun for the hardcore and accessible for the casual. A Streaming Open World "Brütal Legend" gives you the freedom to walk, drive, or fly anywhere in a fully streaming open world whose art style is inspired by some of the most iconic and hilariously rad metal album covers ever created. Every vista in the beautiful universe of "Brütal Legend" looks like it was pulled from a Frank Frazetta painting. Packed with Cameos and Voice Talent "Brütal Legend" is full of cameos from gods of Metal like Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, Lita Ford, and many, many others. It has a MASSIVE metal soundtrack from every era of metal music: 1970’s classic metal to 1980’s hair metal to the scarier cousins of 1990’s metal. And of course, Jack Black pays the ultimate homage to metal as Eddie the Roadie, continuing the theme from the work of his band, Tenacious D and his previous films like School of Rock and High Fidelity. Multiplayer Mayhem 4v4 “skirmish” multiplayer marries action combat with a strategic unit-control mechanic. As the leader of one of the factions in the game, the player will direct his armies in a Battle of the Bands where the trophy is survival. "Brütal Legend"’s multiplayer is online-enabled, so you can conquer your friends online via PlayStation Network (broadband connection required for online play). Soundtrack The soundtrack of "Brütal Legend" is truly massive. Made up of 108 of the most rocking tracks from 75 different bands representing every sub-genre of metal, it is something to experience in and of itself. The complete track list includes: "A Serpentine Crave" - Bishop of Hexen "Ad Notics" - Rotting Christ "Am I Evil?" - Diamond Head "Angel Witch" - Angel Witch "Angels Don't Kill" - Children of Bodom "Assault Attack" - Michael Schenker Group "Back at the Funny Farm" - Motörhead "Battle Angels" - Sanctuary "Battle Hymn" - Judas Priest "Believer" - Ozzy Osbourne "Betrayal" - Lita Ford "Birth of the Hero" - Tvangeste "Blackout" - Scorpions "Blitzkrieg" - Deathstars "Bomber" - Girlschool "Breadfan" - Budgie "Cathode Ray Sunshine" - Dark Tranquillity "Children of the Grave" - Black Sabbath "Crack the Skye" - Mastodon "Cremation" - King Diamond "Cry of the Banshee" - Brocas Helm "Dawn of Battle" - Manowar "Deadly Sinners" - 3 Inches of Blood "Destroy the Orcs" - 3 Inches of Blood "Diary of a Madman" - Ozzy Osbourne "Die For Metal" - Manowar "Dr. Feelgood" - Mötley Crüe "Drink the Blood of the Priest" - Brocas Helm "Fast as a Shark" - Accept "For the Glory Of" - Testament "Free Your Hate" - KMFDM "Frost" - Enslaved "Girlfriend" - Kabbage Boy "God of Thunder" - Kiss "Goliaths Disarm Their Davids" - In Flames "Hall of the Mountain King" - Savatage "Her Ghost in the Fog" - Cradle of Filth "High Speed Dirt" - Megadeth "Holiday" - Scorpions "Ignisis Dance" - Wrath of Killenstein "In the Black" - Motörhead "Insomnia" - Dark Fortress "Kickstart My Heart" - Mötley Crüe "Lay It Down" - Ratt "Leather Rebel" - Judas Priest "Live Wire" - Mötley Crüe "Loke" - Enslaved "Love Dump" - Static-X "Machine Gunn Eddie" - Nitro "March of the Crabs" - Anvil "Marching Off to War" - Motörhead "Master Exploder" - Tenacious D "Murmaider" - Dethklok "Metal Church" - Metal Church "Metal Storm/Face the Slayer" - Slayer "Metal Thrashing Mad" - Anthrax "More Than Meets the Eye" - Testament "Mr. Crowley" - Ozzy Osbourne "Mr. Scary" - Dokken "Narita" - Riot "Never Say Die" - Black Sabbath "Nightstalker" - Cloven Hoof "No Love Lost" - Carcass "Oblivion Instrumental" - Mastodon "One Shot at Glory" - Judas Priest "Overnight Sensation" - Firehouse "Painkiller" - Judas Priest "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse" - Dimmu Borgir "Pure Evil" - Iced Earth "Queen of Desire" - Ostrogoth "Queen of the Masquerade" - Crimson Glory "Riding the Storm" - Running Wild "Rip the System" - KMFDM "Road Racin" - Riot "Rock Bottom" - UFO "Rock of Ages" - Def Leppard "Skeleton on your Shoulder" - Coroner "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" - Prong "So Frail" - Mirrorthrone "Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery" - Skeletonwitch "Stigmata" - Ministry "Still of the Night" - Whitesnake "Sulphur Injection" - Apostasy "Superbeast" - Rob Zombie "Swords and Tequila" - Riot "Symptom of the Universe" - Black Sabbath "Tag Team" - Anvil "Technical Difficulties" - Racer X "The Axeman" - Omen "The Beautiful People" - Marilyn Manson "The Hellion/Electric Eye" - Judas Priest "The Metal" - Tenacious D "The Somber Grounds of Truth" - Bishop of Hexen "The Wild and the Young" - Quiet Riot "Thieves" - Ministry "Through the Fire and Flames" - DragonForce "Thus Spake the Nightspirit" - Emperor "Tornado of Souls" - Megadeth "Warriors Dawn" - Slough Feg "(We Are) the Road Crew" - Motörhead "Welcome Home" - King Diamond "Wheels of Steel" - Saxon "When the Night Falls" - Iced Earth "Witches" - Candlemass "World of Hurt" - Overkill "Y.R.O." - Racer X "Youth Gone Wild" - Skid Row "Zoom Club" - Budgie

Fantasy Sega Saturn 5.0 (2 votes)
Very fun, challenging and won't end to quickly, like Virtua Cop or Daytona USA. Bug is a game where these insects make a movie, but are stopped by these evil bugs who take the cast and crew hostage. Bug has to save them by catching the villain. The game is funny also, espically the Game Over screen. So if you are lookingfor a good game for the Sega Saturn (which are very rare) BUG is a game you should buy.

Action PlayStation 3
The Limited edition includes:
25,000 XP bonus for multiplayer
Access to the following in-game items:
Golden leash
Peace Maker Carbine skin
Boot decal
Character armour

Burai Fighter Deluxe  
Action Game Boy
The Burai, a race of evil super-brain aliens, have launched their plan to conquer the universe with their army of half-organic, half-robot creatures - the robo-mutants. It's up to the player to stop them! Strap on your jet pack, and get ready to become the ultimate Burai Fighter.

Burai Fighter Deluxe is an scrolling shooter game with two modes of play. Most levels are side- and vertical-scrolling with pre-designed layouts. A few levels are different, though: top-down perspective, with a randomized layout. Either way, the player is armed with a variety of weapons, including different guns (laser, missile, ring) and the powerful cobalt bomb which kills everything on screen.

Burai Fighter Deluxe is identical to the NES version of Burai Fighter. The "Deluxe" part refers to the added versus multiplayer mode through the link cable functionality that is included with this Game Boy release.

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box  
Action PlayStation 3
Burnout Paradise is the first installment in the long-running series, well known for its extreme 60-frames-per-second speed and crash-oriented carnage, to appear on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

This title does away with menus to create a seamless integration of event gameplay and online interaction. Rather than dividing races into different sections, the player can fully explore Paradise City as an open world, where every junction is an opportunity to start an event. Just pull up at the traffic lights and rev the engine to start an event. The same applies to the Showtime mode (formerly Crash mode). The preset junctions and traffic are no longer present and the player can now crash at any location in the world, by activating the Showtime mode. It can also be used in regular modes, as well as online games. The main game mode has the player earn credit to unlock new licenses and cars. The five main event types are:
Race: the first one to reach the finish wins.
Road Rage: perform a number of takedowns before time runs out.
Marked Man: race for a location and survive the attacks from another car that tries to take you down.
Stunt Run: use stunt moves to reach a target score.
Burning Route: a unique route for each car in the game.There are more than 80 cars present and there is a reworked damage system. More parts can be torn off and the state of the car determines if the player can keep driving or has to wait for a reset. Objects in the environment can now also be deformed.

The game supports mugshots with support for a camera. When a player is taken down, both players have their photo taken, exchanged and saved on the hard drive. There are also camera-less persons or an avatar can be used.

This compilation includes:
Burnout Paradise
Burnout Paradise: Cagney Pack (add-on)
Burnout Paradise: Bikes Pack (add-on)
Burnout Paradise: Party Pack (add-on)
Trophies for PlayStation 3 version
Various minor refinementsIt is also the first version of the game (and the series as a whole) for the Windows platform.

Burnout: Revenge  
All Driving & Racing PlayStation2 4.0 (36 votes)
This time it's not about winning. It's not about riding on dubs or gaudy neon lights. It's about an utter disregard for the rules of road and total domination. This time it's personal. This time it's about revenge.

The sequel to 2004's racing game of the year, Burnout Revenge straps gamers into the fastest, most dangerous racer on the road. Fight dirty or go down in flames - the only rule is complete automotive anarchy. Built for unprecedented destruction, Burnout Revenge challenges gamers to exact their revenge on rush hour traffic, vindictive rival racers and anything else that gets between them and the finish line.

Featuring multi-level tracks designed for fighting, wicked vertical takedowns, explosive new crashbreakers, new gameplay modes and wide open crash courses for epic crash sequences that put Hollywood to shame, Burnout Revenge redefines speed and aggression for the ultimate in vehicular combat. And when gamers are ready to take their rage on the road, a massive suite of online modes and features open up endless possibilities to slam, shunt and stonewall new enemies all over the world. Happy hunting!

Underbar grafik men fruktansvärda laddningstider.

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