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Action, Racing / Driving PlayStation 3 86
Rage is id Software's first major first-person-shooter since Doom 3, and the debut of the id Tech 5 game engine. Tech 5's major feature is use of Megatexture technology, essentially allowing for more efficient use of limited memory. As such, Rage is the first id game created predominately with consoles in mind.

Rage takes place an unspecified time after an asteroid strikes the Earth and obliterates all life. The player is a member of the "Ark Project" - a massive undertaking prior to the meteor's impact that placed valuable personnel into underground pods. The pods were meant to keep these VIPs in stasis until the impact's effects had passed, and then release their crew out to repopulate the world. The player awakens as the sole survivor of their damaged pod, and many decades after society had already started to rebuild. The player thus sets off to assist what settlements they find, and avoid The Authority - a mysterious governing force that wants to capture the player to harvest the nanites placed in their body as part of the Ark Project.

Settlements and similar playable areas are connected by an overworld called The Wasteland. The player gains access to buggy-style vehicles to traverse the wastes, and can also engage in specific races and vehicle combat. Players take missions from job boards and friendly NPCs, drive to the appropriate area, and use traditional FPS skills to dispatch any enemies and/or retrieve necessary trinkets from the enemy's lair. The player's health regenerates when not taking damage, and should the player be knocked out, they have a limited charge of defibrillators (activated through a brief minigame) to revive themselves.

Character progression is not present, and the player learns no extra skills. However, they can purchase and upgrade both vehicles and weapons. A one-time choice of armor also allows the player to pick one permanent bonus. Objects can be looted throughout the mission areas of the Wasteland, and are clearly marked as junk, useable, or crafting items in the player's inventory. Crafting can be done from anywhere, and is a simple matter of having the right recipe and the necessary parts - both of which can be bought or found. Crafted objects include lockpicks, ammo, bandages, lethal boomerangs called "Wingsticks," and more elaborate gear like sentry turrets and controllable RC bomb cars.

The player can also earn money through various minigames around the wastes. These include participating in an racing circuit, taking part in an arena battle called "Mutant Bash TV," and playing a simplified holographic board game. A collectable card game is also featured, with the player able to find new cards hidden in the wastes. The player builds a deck before each game and pits it directly against the cards of their opponent.

Rage features no traditional "deathmatch" multiplayer. Instead, competitive multiplayer takes place entirely through vehicle-based modes similar to those in the main game. Players drive armed buggies against their opponents in various racing and collection challenges. Players can rank up in multiplayer, granting access to new vehicles, weapons, and boost items. Cooperative multiplayer offers a variety of "Legends" to play online or local split-screen. These are short stories based on characters and areas from the single player game, which have no impact on the single player campaign itself.

Ratchet & Clank  
Action, Adventure PlayStation 4
Though the game is a re-imagining of the first game, it has a variety of gameplay elements from different entries in the series, with features like strafing, weapon and health upgrades, raritanium weapon upgrading and the inclusion of weapons that came after the first game. It also features brand new weapons. For example, the Pixelizer, which, as the name suggests, turns enemies into an 8-bit appearance.

The PS4 re-imagining runs at 1080p resolution and targets gameplay at 30 frames per second,[4] unlike the 2002 original PS2 title which targeted 60 frames per second. Heavy motion blur is used in the remake to help alleviate the sacrificed smoothness of gameplay.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time  
Action PlayStation 3 90
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time is the final installment in Insomniac's Ratchet and Clank Future trilogy, following Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty.

During the events of the two previous games, Clank is kidnapped by the mysterious Zoni, led by the evil mastermind Dr. Nefarious, leaving Ratchet feeling all alone in the gigantic universe. Along with Captain Quark and Talwyn, he sets out on a quest to save Clank from Nefarious' clutches. Along the way he discovers the truth about his Lombax past and the secrets of time held within the Great Clock.

The gameplay is the same as in the rest of the puzzle-solving platformers of the series. Ratchet travels to different planets, smashing boxes for bolts and upgrading the various weapons in his arsenal, whilst defeating enemies and using gadgets such as hoverboots and the slingshot.

The game features some new gameplay mechanics however, such as space flying and the ability to manipulate time. Ratchet can fly his ship freely through space, allowing him to stop on moons and acquire the special items that they hold. Clank now has the power to manipulate time: with a new staff he is able to rewind time and record his actions to aid him tricking bad guys and solving puzzles.

Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force  
Action PlayStation 3 64
In this installment of the popular intergalactic franchise, Ratchet & Clank, along with the galaxy's own Captain Qwark, must stop a sneaky villain from Qwark's past. This game is unique in the series, in that it incorporates elements of 'tower defense', which the player must continually defend the QForce base from invading enemies. Various weapons such as missile turrets and plasma mines can be used to slow down the invaders, along with barriers that force the enemy to destroy it before proceeding. Along these lines, the player must complete the objectives on each level while keeping their base up & running.

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters  
Actionspiele PSP
SP-2370F/ P535 INININ. IN75X75X75X120XSystem: PlayStation Portable/ Genre: Jump and Run/ deutsche Version/ USK: 12/ Vollversion

Ratchet and Clank: Nexus  
Action & Shooter PlayStation 3
Into the Nexus begins with Ratchet and Clank transporting twin villains Vendra and Neftin Prog to a location known as the Vartax Detention Center. This voyage brings our favorite lombax-and-robot duo to haunted space, however, and while in the process of bringing his foes to lock-up, they escape Ratchet’s grasp. This leaves Ratchet and Clank alone and stranded in the scariest sector of space they’ve ever visited.

Long-time Insomniac employee and the visionary behind the Ratchet & Clank series, Brian Allgeier, noted that “the time was right to come back to the core series” with Into the Nexus after he'd spent time on Fuse. All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault were enjoyed by some and criticized by others, but it can’t be disputed that neither was a traditional, true-to-form Ratchet & Clank game. Allgeier said that doing a “family” and “competitive” game, respectively, allowed his team to finally “do something different,” but Into the Nexus allows them to go back in an old-school direction.
Apart from a ton of new gadgets and weapons -- and some new tricks and skills -- a lot of familiar staples of the series have returned. The franchise’s famous Skill Points are back, of course, as are hidden Gold Bolts. Regular bolts that are collected can be spent as currency to acquire new goods, and every weapon can be upgraded through experience earned by using that weapon in battle. Familiar characters will also return, including Captain Qwark, Cronk, Zephyr, and Talwyn. Even the Thugs-4-Less mercenaries from Going Commando will be back. This game is, after all, an epilogue to the Future branch of the Ratchet & Clank franchise.

Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction  
PLAYSTATION 3 4.5 (29 votes)
Insomniac Games has overhauled its proprietary PS3 engine technology to create the most visceral Ratchet & Clank universe yet, overflowing with exotic creatures and flying vehicles.
The PS3 system's superior power enables Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction to bring vivid worlds to life with increased draw distances, enhanced lighting and shadowing, and more fluid and exaggerated animations.
Discover an all-new galaxy spanning vast worlds such as a majestic cloud city and a space-age amusement park.
Encounter an entirely new cast of expressive characters (and some old favorites) as well as the introduction of a variety of new alien races and life forms.
Experience a more emotive Ratchet with nearly as many animation joints in his face as PS2 Ratchet had in his entire body. This joint density applies to many of the characters featured in Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, enabling more detailed, personable and expressive characters.
Clank returns as a playable character, and Ratchet will have new enhanced abilities.
Fire a fully stocked arsenal of all-new weapons such as the Plasma Beasts and Tornado Launcher, which uses the Sixaxis controller to direct tornadoes that suck up enemies and whip them around with debris.
Use the Sixaxis controller to maneuver, destroy enemies and solve puzzles.
Upgrade and customize weapons with a new system that provides greater power and flexibility. Players also will have the ability to upgrade Ratchet's armor.
Utilise Ratchet's new supply of consumable "on-demand' combat devices, such as the Groovitron, which causes enemies to dance uncontrollably to '70s disco hits.
Gadgets gameplay returns as Ratchet and Clank will have more gadgets at their disposal to help them bounce, fly, evade and defy gravity.
Pilot Ratchet's ship through asteroid fields while trying to destroy enemy fleets in a complete redesign of classic Ratchet & Clank space combat gameplay.

Något lätt men vad gör det när man njuter av så underbar grafik. Att skjuta sig igenom detta är som att titta på tecknad film och jag kan mest likna det vid den upplevelse jag fick när jag såg Toy Story första gången. Bandesignen tappar lite mot slutet men då är jag så inne i allt möljande att det inte går att sluta. Några irriterande flyg banor finns med men dessa förtränger man snabbt.

Rayman Legends  
Action PlayStation 3
Rayman Legends is a 2D platform game and a sequel to Rayman Origins. After the events of the previous game Rayman, Globox and the Teensies went to a century-long sleep. During that time new nightmares have appeared in the world and the Magician (who was defeated in Rayman Origins) has been split into five dark teensies. These nightmares and dark teensies have captured the princesses of the land (including a new playable character Barbara) and other teensies. Naturally, Rayman and his friends are awoken once again to right the wrongs.

Rayman Legends retains the graphical style and most gameplay elements of Rayman Origins. Up to four players can simultaneously progress though side-scrolling levels defeating enemies and collecting Lums. In each level there is a number of teensies to rescue and that opens up new levels and worlds. All the powers from the previous game (wall-running, air gliding etc.) are available to the characters from the start, but some new gimmicks are added, for example the ability to fire projectiles in some levels. Murfy the greenbottle appears in some levels to aid the players. With a press of a button he operates machinery, pokes bigger enemies and opens up passages for the characters. In some versions of the game the fifth player can control Murphy's movement.

The game includes regular side-scrolling levels, "invaded" versions of levels that need to be completed as quickly as possible, and rhythm-based levels with soundtrack consisting of humorous covers of popular songs. In addition, forty remastered levels from Rayman Origins can be unlocked by collecting Lucky tickets. The game offers daily and weekly challenges and a local multiplayer soccer mini-game titled Kung Foot.

Rayman Origins  
Action Nintendo 3DS 66
During what appears to be a normal day, Rayman and his friends are chilling out on a giant tree in their homeland, the Glade of Dreams. Their constant snoring however disturbs an old granny from a land located in the depths below, the Land of the Livid Dead. Determined to put an end to the never ending noises she sends an army of evil creatures across the land, capturing all Electoons and Nymphs that populate the world in the process. As Rayman and his friends are captured from the creatures, they must flee their prison and attempt to bring order back to the Glade of Dreams before it's too late.

Rayman Origins is a reboot of the Rayman franchise and a return to the series' 2D platforming roots. Its gameplay can be seen as a mixture between Mario and the first Rayman game. Many of the original game's characters and enemies make an appearance, like Livingstones, Electoons, Betilla and the Magician's hat. There are also various characters from Rayman 2 such as Globox, the Teensies and Lums.

The game's atmosphere, however, is different from the original game and has a very "wacky" feel instead. The main objective of each level is to rescue as many Electoons as possible similarly to the original game. There's also Lums from Rayman 2 which act as the game's currency, but each area is heavily guarded by creatures from the Land of the Livid Dead as well as many other enemies. There's also a multiplayer option with up to four players which feels very similar to that of contemporary Mario games. It is possible to play as Rayman, Globox and two Teensies on the Wii.

Re Volt  
Racing & Flying Sega Dreamcast 4.0 (18 votes)
"Re-Volt" is a remote-control car "simulator" that combines a convincing physics model with arcade elements to create one of the better racing games for the Dreamcast.
Control with the analog pad is a little touchy, so we usually ended up steering with the digital pad. "Re-Volt" takes full advantage of the Dreamcast's analog triggers, allowing for fine control over forward and reverse speeds. The cars react to the tracks just like their real-life remote control counterparts do: flipping off curbs, absorbing suspension-jarring jumps, and bouncing off competing cars. The tracks are also realistic, letting players race through grocery stores, museums, neighborhoods, and the like. Acclaim even threw in a track editor so intrepid racers can design their own courses.
Don't think that you can outrace the competition by simply droning around the track. Winning requires a combination of driving skill and a mastery of the game's myriad weapons, including oil slicks, bombs, bottle rockets, and water balloons. The weapon effects do much to enhance the game's graphical appeal, which is immense to begin with. "--T. Byrl Baker"

Realistic physics Slick graphics Track editor
Controls are hard to get used to

Shoot-'em-up PlayStation 4.0 (1 votes)
Bounca, Mamma, Butch and Cap'n are back!
If you enjoy strange, comic-book artwork, bizarre characters and loads of comedy violence, you'll probably like Re-loaded.
Good old-fashioned "running about shooting pig ugly monsters with increasingly ludicrous weapons" fun.
Definitely worth a play.

Skräp! En gång på värden spelades spel av denna typ av unga pojkar (och en och en annan flicka) bara för att det var med lite blod. Att man stod ut är idag oförståligt. Vill du se blod så är det mindre smärtsammt att sticka en kniv i benet än att spela detta schaskigt förpackade skräp.

Red Dead Redemption  
Action PlayStation 3 94
Red Dead Redemption is a free-roaming western game and the spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver. The game is set in 1911, where players take control of John Marston; an outlaw who is forced to turn on his peers when federal agents threaten his family. He is sent to the American frontier to capture his former gang members, especially the notorious leader Bill Williamson.

In the open world, the player is free to pursue to the storyline or to partake in the various events that occur while exploring the West; similar in overall design to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series. Horses are the main means of transportation, and the player can whistle for their mount at any time. Players can also visit towns, talk to other characters, and join or intervene in events such as public hangings, ambushes and robberies. Many of these are random, including dangerous animal attacks and bandit ambushes. Other activities include hunting, gambling, duels and standoffs, with guns as the main weapon.

Based on the player's decisions, two morality systems (honor and fame) influence on how the environment and other characters react to Marston. Marston can shoot while riding a horse and capture people by lasso, combined with a cover system with specific targeting or wildfire. In the recharging Dead Eye targeting mode time is slowed down to target different enemies in specific locations, and then execute the shots in rapid succession. The player can also set up camps anywhere in the world to fast travel to known locations or save their game.

Multiplayer is supported through free-for-all, team and capture-the-flag modes, introducing crates with weapons and power-ups. Games start with a Mexican standoff where the survivor receives some extra time to gather items while the others are respawning, Similar to Grand Theft Auto IV there is a continuous free-roaming mode where players can team up in posses to form a party to engage computer-controlled gangs. Posses are made up of a maximum of eight players and all multiplayer games support a maximum of sixteen players. During multiplayer the characters can level up and gain access to new mount breeds, character models and weapon skins.

Red Dead Redemption 2  
Action PlayStation 4 10
America, 1899. The end of the wild west era has begun as lawmen hunt down the last remaining outlaw gangs. Those who will not surrender or succumb are killed.

After a robbery goes badly wrong in the western town of Blackwater, Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang are forced to flee. With federal agents and the best bounty hunters in the nation massing on their heels, the gang must rob, steal and fight their way across the rugged heartland of America in order to survive. As deepening internal divisions threaten to tear the gang apart, Arthur must make a choice between his own ideals and loyalty to the gang who raised him.

From the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America at the dawn of the modern age.
With the gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2 as its foundation, Red Dead Online transforms the vast and deeply detailed landscapes, cities, towns and habitats of Red Dead Redemption 2 into a new, living online world ready to be shared by multiple players. Create and customize your character, tailor your abilities to suit your play style and head out into a new frontier full of things to experience.

Red Dead Revolver  
Retro Gaming & Microconsoles PlayStation2
A blazing gun-slinging action game, this adventure is fueled by revenge in the untamed frontier of the Wild West. Full-motion capture, dark humor and breathtaking visuals provide an epic cinematic backdrop.

Red Steel  
Nintendo Wii 4.0 (52 votes)

In a nutshell:
Fight against armed gangs in both the U.S. and Japan in this brand new first person actioner from the publishers of Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell. Master both guns and swords as you play through the bloodiest game yet on the Wii.
The lowdown:
One of the biggest third party games announced exclusively for the Wii, this is also the first proper first person shooter for the new console. You use the nunchuck controller to move around and the Wii remote to aim your weapons with real precision (the game even knows when you’re holding a gun sideways, gangsta style). When using a sword the motion sensors in the nunchuck are used to block and you can slash away with the Wii remote. The graphics aren’t massively more impressive than a good GameCube game but the seedy Japanese back streets and giant explosions look great and the artificial intelligence for enemies is already quite a challenge.
Most exciting moment:
The game features an ability to called freeze tagging which allows you to slow down time and “tag” enemy body parts with the Wii remote. When you switch back to normal time you can take down each enemy you tagged instantly.
Since you ask:
As seen at E3 the sword controls do not respond exactly to the movements you make with the Wii remote, for example moving the remote up actually causes a downward thrust. Following complaints though Ubisoft have promised to change things for the final game.
The bottom line:
The Wii gets violent with the next gen's only first person sword fighter.

Nja. Inte så bra som det kunde blivigt. Inte alls så bra faktiskt. Men ändå ett av de release spel som kändes värda att ta en titt på. Idag står det sig dock inte väl. Vill man skjuta lite så plocka upp Metroid Prime 3 istället. Vill man slåss med svärd Yakuza-style så får vi nog vänta ett tag till.

Red Steel 2  
Action Wii 81
Red Steel 2 is the sequel to Red Steel and just like the original game it is a brawler played from a first-person perspective. The game trades the modern day urban setting for an Old West environment mixed with Eastern influences and even some science fiction elements. It also introduces a new story not related to the first game. The visual design has been changed from a realistic style to a looser cel shaded design. The unnamed male protagonist is the last member of the Kusagari clan. After a period of exile he returns to his his desert home city Caldera, where he finds out that his clan has been extinguished and the city has been taken over by the Jackals gang. As they hunt him down, he barely escapes but loses his treasured Sora katana to them. Freeing his old swordsmaster Jian, he borrows his sword take on the task of retrieving the katana and vanquishing the gang of bandits led by their leader Payne who conspires with Shinjiro, the main antagonist and a former member of the Kusagari who killed almost everyone to reveal the mysterious katana's powers.

The main story consists of different missions that are listed on a blackboard in a safe house. The hero does not have to work alone, he is assisted by the young Asian girl Tamiko, Jian and the drunk sheriff Judd who contribute to the story. Once the safe house is left, various Jackals can be engaged alternating between sword fighting and shooting. Up to six enemies on-screen can be fought at once and enemy packs can go up to twenty. Next to attacking, the sword can also be used to deflect bullets. New weapons, techniques and armor can be earned and upgraded by progressing through the game in exchange for money. Cash can be found in every level hidden in bags, safes, boxes, but Jian also provides it after successful moves and combos. Additional money can be earned through optional side missions. Judd's shop offers a rifle and a machine gun in addition to the regular pistol. The focus is however largely on the swordfighting. The visited scenery eventually moves on from the dusty town to lush gardens and train sequences. Often there are bosses at the end of levels that are much harder to defeat. The direction for quests is marked on a mini-map through a green arrow and after completion the hero need to travel back to the home base. Later levels also introduce small puzzle elements.

As the first game to support the Wii MotionPlus add-on peripheral, the control detection is more refined than in games with a regular controller. Optionally a Relaxed configuration can be enabled to increase the sensitivity so as to make a smaller and less-fatiguing arm reach possible.

Remember Me  
Action PlayStation 3 4.5
In the year 2086 in the city of Neo-Paris, a company called Memorise has invented a new brain implant, the Sensation engine, that allows humans to upload and share their memories over the net. Nilin, a so called "memory hunter", is employed by Memorise with her job being stealing and altering memories. When her own memory is erased by her own employers, Nilin joins forces with the rebel group dubbed the Errorists, whose goal is to take down Memorise. With assistance from the rebel leader Edge, Nilin aims to restore her memory as well as take down the evil corporation.

Remember Me is an action-adventure game where the gameplay stems from "memory remixing", which involves entering the memory of the target and then rearranging and manipulating the memory, the goal being changing how the target recollects the certain memory. Combat is conducted through customizable combos, where players create and customize their own combo moves through the Combo Lab. There are four different types of skill families available to players, called Pressens, which include Regen (healing), Power (damage), Chain (duplication or doubling of previous moves), and Cooldown (regeneration of S-Pressen energy). S-Pressen moves are special moves developed as the game progresses, ranging from moving at high speeds to taking control of enemy units. There are over 50,000 customizable combos available for the player to use.

Resident Evil  
Action & Adventure GameCube 4.5 (81 votes)
Ask anyone what the scariest game they've ever played is and they'll invariably mention "Resident Evil" (unless they're trying to be a smart aleck and choose Rise of the Robots). Six years after its original release the mix of cinematic camera angles, shock-horror movie atmosphere and the constant state of panic that having virtually no ammo or health gives you has still never been bettered.
Although films and music are forever being remade, remixed and generally reheated, games never seem to get the same treatment. "Resident Evil" is bucking that trend, though, and is back with almost another game's worth of extra rooms and puzzles and what are arguably the best graphics ever seen in a video game--we're talking near-photo-realistic characters and a subtle use of light and shadow as has never been seen before.
Ignoring the stodgy control system and incongruous puzzles, the genius of "Resident Evil" is that you genuinely don't know what'll happen next. Just deciding whether to risk opening a door can be a fearsome and suspenseful experience. The fact that you can only hold half a dozen items at any one time forces you to plan what you're going to do in far more detail than any other action game, deciding which monsters you can afford to shoot and where you can run to if things go pear-shaped. In short, if you're a "Resi" fan this revamp will be like manna from heaven; if you've yet to experience its dubious delights, you'd better break out the brown trousers right away. --"David Jenkins"

Värt att spela oavsett om man spelat orginalet innan eller inte.
Störande hack uppstår i samband med vinkelbyten under cutscensen. Något bättre dialog än orginalet men fortfarande cheesy.

Resident Evil  
Action & Shooter PlayStation

Resident Evil 2  
Action & Adventure GameCube 3.5 (30 votes)
Can you survive the horror? One of the most terrifying survival horror games of all time, Resident Evil 2, comes to the GameCube. In chapter one, the case of the disastrous T-virus outbreak, a mutagenic toxin for use in biological weapons, was eventually closed--but the experiments were far from over. Now a new virus runs rampant. Control the destiny of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield as their nightmare begins when a biotech terror unleashes itself in Raccoon City. If the suspense doesn't kill you, something else will. The game features two separate adventures--play as Leon or Claire in an all out struggle for survival--and is loaded with hidden items and vital information about the Resident Evil saga; you can adjust the intensity of the game according to your skill and experience.

Uppdelat i flera scenarion vilket gör att en del delar återanvänds om man ska spela igenom allt. Sämre än ettan enligt mig.

Resident Evil 2  
Action PlayStation 4.1
Even though Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine were able to destroy the Umbrella corporation's undead monsters in the original Resident Evil, Umbrella's experiments with the T-virus continued unhindered. Claire Redfield, the younger sister of Chris, and Leon Kennedy, a rookie cop on his first day of the job, arrive in the sleepy midwestern town of Raccoon City only to find the city in flaming ruins due to the inhabitants having been transformed into mindless flesh-eating freaks. Although Claire and Leon team up, they are soon separated and trapped inside the city by a car crash. Seeking refuge within the Raccoon City police station, each character must find a way to escape from the nightmare while solving the mystery of what happened to Raccoon City.

Besides the zombie population (which is much more diverse than the original, including teenage girl zombies, maniac cop zombies, and even melting naked zombies), Claire and Leon will also have to deal with a variety of freakish mutants including giant poisonous spiders, walking venus-fly-traps, and speedy wall-crawling Lickers. Each character will also be pursued by one seemingly unstoppable foe: a horrific and constantly evolving man-monster known as the "G-Type" (Leon's Scenario) , or a taciturn but inhumanly powerful Umbrella agent who is nonetheless saddled with the rather quaint name of Mr. X (Claire's Scenario).

Like the previous game in the series, Resident Evil 2 is a 3D action-adventure using three-dimensional polygon characters over two-dimensional pre-rendered backgrounds, with the action viewed through a variety of cinematic fixed camera angles in each room. Just like the original Resident Evil, players can choose to play as one of two possible characters. Each character goes through the same initial scenario, but with differences in the type of weaponry they find and the people they meet along the way. Leon will team up with a mysterious woman calling herself Ada Wong, while Claire will find herself charged with protecting a little girl named Sherry Birkin.

Unlike the original Resident Evil, beating the game for the first time unlocks a second scenario to be played with the character you didn't choose, with new locations, maps, enemies, a longer and more climactic ending. Your actions in the first scenario can also affect the outcome of certain events in the second scenario. Additionally ammo and healing items are more plentiful than in the original game, although you still aren't given enough bullets to kill every enemy you meet.

Note: for the Windows release of Resident Evil 2 see this entry.

Resident Evil 2  
Action PlayStation 4
The genre-defining masterpiece Resident Evil 2 returns, completely rebuilt from the ground up for a deeper narrative experience. Using Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine, Resident Evil 2 offers a fresh take on the classic survival horror saga with breathtakingly realistic visuals, heart-poundingly immersive audio, a new over-the-shoulder camera, and modernized controls on top of gameplay modes from the original game. The nightmares return reimagined for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on January 25, 2019. In Resident Evil 2, the classic action, tense exploration, and puzzle solving gameplay that defined the Resident Evil series returns. Players join rookie police officer Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield, who are thrust together by a disastrous outbreak in Raccoon City that transformed its population into deadly zombies. Both Leon and Claire have their own separate playable campaigns, allowing players to see the story from both characters’ perspectives. The fate of these two fan favorite characters is in players hands as they work together to survive and get to the bottom of what is behind the terrifying attack on the city. Will they make it out alive?

Resident Evil 3  
Action & Adventure GameCube 3.5 (13 votes)
In Resident Evil 3 you will join Jill Valentine in her attempt to escape a nightmarish city in ruins. You must help her flee from hordes of flesh-eating zombies, hideous mutants and a relentless new nemesis. You'll soon discover you must rely on cunning and brute force to stay alive. The game features challenging enemies that come back to life at any time, and a plot that reveals more details of Umbrella Corporation's devious activities.

Mindre utforskning än i tidigare spel men å andra sidan har vi den ständigt sökande Nemesisen som kan dyka upp när man minst anar det. Lite som en liknande kille i 2:a delen i serien fast bättre.

Resident Evil 4  
Action GameCube 4.5 (319 votes)
In Resident Evil 4 you'll know a new type of horror, as the classic survival-horror action returns with all-new characters, controls and storylines. We last saw Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 2 - a rookie cop in Raccoon City, fighting to stay alive. That was six years ago. Since then, government forces have managed to control the zombie threat and Leon has become a Federal agent. When the President's daughter is kidnapped, Leon tracks her to a remote, hidden fortress in Europe - where he'll relive the horror he faced six years before. Players will face never-before-seen enemies that make Nemesis seem like a kitten. You'll be wishing for the usual Resident Evil zombies!

Fjant Leon från Resident Evil 2 har växt till sig en del och spöar fulingar på löpandeband. Inte mycket till pussel och väldigt linjärt med fokus på action momenten och storyn. Helt fantastiskt spel som tål att spelas om ett antal varv. Spelkubens snyggaste grafik.

Resident Evil 5  
Action & Shooter PLAYSTATION 3 3.5 (27 votes)
I find it utterly confusing... These flaws of which other reviewers choose. These flaws, which are inherent with the entire series, and not just those of Resident Evil 5.

Without them, it just wouldn't be Resident Evil.

From the frustrating A.I, to the encumberence of the Camera. All the way to the manic fumble of the controls to get that door open. Or the backstep; to blow up the descrete 'bright red barrel'. Only to find your head hacked to peices by the zombie who'd jumped through the window on your left. It's all Resident Evil.

You can sepnd years perfecting it, and getting rid of every single 'error' which you (think) find. Promblem is, once you're satisfied, it will no longer be Resident Evil.

The series doesn't just rely on panic-action, and easy shock-tactics to invoke that sense of fear. These little bugs and annoyances everyone seems to pick as downpoints, actually heighten the tension further. So much so that, given a few hours, you'll neither notice, nor care.

Can you disagree?

Can you honestly say that those manic moments where your fingers don't agree with your mind, and confusion sets in... That it doesn't heighten the tension that makes the Resident Evil series so damned good? Because let's be honest. It isn't the story. It isn't the settings. And it isn't the weapons that make Resident Evil. It's the tension, and without it. It'd be another bog standard 3rd person affair.

Regardless how bad it can get. Reviews regarding constant deaths of the A.I partner seem somewhat over exagerated. On my first playthrough, of both levels, Shiva didn't die once. And the bubbles?... Er. Yeah. OK. If you stand around looking at how your enemies die. No wonder Shiva dies so much, she's the one doing the work. That I say would be 1up for the immersion factor.
I'll also admit, that the weapons are indeed a little timid, and nowhere near as thump-tastic as 4. But if you want real, join the Army. The effects are more than an adequate representation, and do their job just fine. The graphics are superb, and that's all that needs to be said on that subject.

The game seems to be more strategic than previous incarnations, and I'll use the word 'Seem' loosely, as the Demo isn't a real reflection on the finished game. It's still heavily scripted, like 4, whereas your movement and advancement is limited. You can further the plotline, simply by avoidance, and using the enviroments to your advantage. Yes the A.I can get in the way, but it's leaps and bounds ahead of 4s' attempt.

I don't know about you. But for me games are about fun, and from just the 2 levels you're teased with, I can see Resident Evil 5 having a lot of promise in that department. My only disappointment was that the game hasn't moved away from it's scripted scenes. I'm not saying it should ditch them altogether. But some sandbox style play would have been welcome. But hey. There's a whole lot of game still waiting in the final box, so I may just be given exactly what I was hoping for.

I personally like it; will pre-order it, and rest assured enjoy it. But if you're looking for perfect, you aren't going to find it. Ever. My advice is to stop looking for things that allow you to point blame, and enjoy it. That's the sole aim of the game. And to be honest. If you can't enjoy it, then the survival horror genre is just not for you.

Enjoy the Demo, enjoy the game. It's Resident Evil, thru and thru.

Resident Evil 6  
Survival horror PlayStation 3
Resident Evil 6 (i Japan känt som Biohazard 6) är ett actionspel skapat och utgivet av Capcom. Planerad att släppas den 20 november 2012 för PlayStation 3 och Xbox 360, och vid ett senare tillfälle för Microsoft Windows. Resident Evil 6 utspelar sig tio år efter Raccoon City, och för första gången är Leon och Chris med i samma spel.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard  
PlayStation 4
Set within a sinister plantation mansion in modern day rural America and taking place after the dramatic events of Resident Evil 6, players experience the terror directly from the first person perspective for the first time in the series. Embodying the iconic gameplay elements of exploration and tense atmosphere that first coined "survival horror" some twenty years ago, Resident Evil 7 biohazard delivers a disturbingly realistic experience that will define the next era in horror entertainment.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X  
Action & Adventure GameCube 4.0 (34 votes)
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X begins as Claire Redfield leaves Raccoon City for Europe, headquarters of the Umbrella Corporation, in search of her brother Chris and to solve the mystery surrounding Umbrella Corporation's secretive activities. In her search she is captured and sent to an isolated prison on a desolate Island. While it remains unexplained how Chris, one of the original S.T.A.R.S. team members, appears in Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, players will be reacquainted with his iron will and munitions expertise to seek the truth behind the dreaded Umbrella biotoxins.

In Resident Evil Code: Veronica X players control Claire at the beginning of the game and later assume the role of Chris Redfield in their efforts to stop Umbrella's devious plans. One of the many features that make Code Veronica different from previous Resident Evil games is the Real World System (RWS). Now when Claire opens doors, solves puzzles, stores items or ammunition, they remain in the same spot when playing the second half of the game as Chris.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X contains never-before-seen footage that focuses on battles between Chris and the enigmatic character, Wesker, and sheds new insight into the ominous Resident Evil story line. Flesh-eating zombies, horrific beasts and even stranger mutations have spread on a global scale! Just how far does this twisted conspiracy extend? What is Umbrella Corporation really up to? And who is behind this bio-tech terror? To her horror, Claire discovers Umbrella Corporation's insidious activities are not isolated to the remote, mid-western city. No. Something much larger is going on here.

Första Resident Evil utan förrenderade bakgrunder och det är också spelets svaghet. Stämmningen blir inte alls lika bra eftersom grafiken känns halvdann. Hade de lagt lite mer krut på grafiken hade den annars helt klart godkända storyn levereats med ett mycket bättre helhetsintryck.

Resident Evil Zero  
Action & Adventure GameCube 4.5 (40 votes)
Welcome back to the world of survival horror--again. After the awesome remake of the first game, "Resident Evil Zero" goes even further back in time with this all-new prequel to the infamous "mansion incident". This time you control Rebecca Chambers (the rookie medic featured in Chris's story from the first game) and "framed for a crime he didn't commit" prison escapee Billy Coen. Unlike previous "Resident Evil" games, though, you actually get to control both characters, and simultaneously; you can switch between either at any time, choose to have your partner tag along with you, set them to shoot automatically whenever a monster comes near or even control them manually with the C-stick. This unusual system works well and is, as you'd expect, a basis for a lot of split-up-necessitating puzzles.
Another welcome change from the usual "Resident Evil" formula is the absence of item boxes--now you can drop items whenever and wherever you like. In most other areas "Resi 0" is business as usual, as you creep around a series of genuinely creepy mansions, trains and underground bases fervently wishing you had enough bullets to deal with all the foul monsters that are out to get you, many of which, without wishing to spoil the surprise, are not technically zombies this time around. If you haven't liked previous "Resident Evil" games you're unlikely to change your mind now, but such sourpusses are the only ones who will fail to be captivated by this highly entertaining, atmospheric and (at least in comparison to some of its predecessors) innovative game. --"David Jenkins"

Att vara två känns inte lika skrämmande. Att det dessutom ibland lägger upp för frustrerande pussel gör inte saken bättre. Den ena karaktären kan nämligen dö medans du kontrolerar den andra. Helt okej story som vanligt och bör spelas om man är ett fan av serien. Capcom har eliminerat de hack som uppstod när det byttes vinklar under cutscensen i Resident Evil (remake) vilket är tacksamt.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City  
Action PlayStation 3
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a third-person shooter and is a spin-off of the long-running Resident Evil series. Unlike the main games in the series, it is less of a survival horror game and more of an action-packed shooter, also prompted by the involvement of Slant Six Games, known for its titles in the militaristic SOCOM series. The game is not part of the series' canon and details a hypothetical scenario set in September 1998 around the same time as Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Players control a member of USS, the Delta security team of the Umbrella Corporation nicknamed Wolfpack. It is sent into the Umbrella Raccoon City facility to neutralize Dr. William Birkin who intends to sell the G-Virus that introduces mutations to the American government. Their initial mission is to team up with HUNK, the Alpha Leader to assist with the infiltration and secure the virus.

At the start of each mission the player assembles a team of four characters based on a pool of six with different classes. There is Vector (Recon), Bertha (Medic), Four Eyes (Field Scientist), Beltway (Demolition), Lupo (Assault), and Spectre (Surveillance). Next to a primary and a secondary weapon they all have a different playing style and both passive and active abilities tied to their class. Spectre for instance has a threat scanner to scan nearby enemies, biothermal vision, sonar vision, item detection, and proximity detection (large min-map). Not all of these are available right away, they are unlocked by gaining experience points. The weapons are also selected from a large arsenal with similar unlocks. The game is played from a third-person perspective and combines shooting with cover mechanics. Opponents include infected humans as the T-virus has leaked city-wide as well as mercenaries part of the Umbrella's Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS) who protect Birkin and turn out not to be reliable partners. The player controls a single character as the other team members are controlled by the AI. It is not possible to switch between team members but the game can be played cooperatively with four human players, each controlling a team member.

Next to the shooting, the use of abilities, and various melee attacks, there are two additional mechanics that are used. The first is the use of bioweapons that causes members of the same team or infected to fight each other. Secondly, when the player's character is bitten, he risks getting infected. Health is drained and the character is eventually turned, attacking the team members (while the player is not in control) until an immunisation spray cancels it out.

Multiplayer adds a second team of six characters from the United States Special Ops (USSO) with similar abilities: Willow, Dee-Ay, Tweed, Harley, Shona and Party Girl. The Heroes Mode pits famous characters from the series' franchise against each other. The first team has Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, while the other has Ada Wong, HUNK, Nicholai Ginovaef and the new character Lone Wolf. The other game modes include Team Attack (team deathmatch), Biozahard (capture the flag), Survivors (survive with a team until the helicopter arrives),

Resident Evil: Revelations  
Survival horror PlayStation 3
Resident Evil: Revelations, known in Japan as Biohazard Revelations (バイオハザード リベレーションズ, Baiohazādo Riberēshonzu), is a survival horror video game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was developed by Capcom, and was released on January 26, 2012 in Japan; January 27, 2012 in Europe; February 2, 2012 in Australia; and February 7, 2012 in North America. It supports the Circle Pad Pro expansion peripheral.

Resident Evil: Revelations returns to the survival horror gameplay of earlier series installments, with returning elements such as a limited supply of ammunition, and more emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving. The game's camera keeps an over-the-shoulder view from behind the playable character. The player may move the protagonist while aiming a weapon, and has the option to switch between a first-person and third-person perspective. A new device, the Genesis, detects items hidden throughout the game's environments.

Extra features include Raid Mode, allowing two players to cooperate in battling waves of enemies. Players are also able to send in-game supplies to friends via the StreetPass feature of the Nintendo 3DS.

The game is set in 2005, between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2  
Action, Survival horror PS4
The beginning of the Resident Evil Revelations 2 tale sees fan favourite Claire Redfield make a dramatic return. Survivor of the Raccoon City incident depicted in previous Resident Evil games, Claire now works for the anti-bioterrorism organisation Terra Save. Moira Burton, is attending her welcome party for Terra Save when unknown armed forces storm the office.

Claire and Moira are knocked unconscious and awaken later to find themselves in a dark and abandoned detention facility. Working together, they must find out who took them and to what sinister end. With the terrifying Afflicted enemies waiting around every dark corner, players will need to use their ammo and weapon supply wisely, in classic survival horror style. Will Claire and Moira make it out alive and discover what's led to them being taken to this remote island?

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles  
Nintendo Wii 3.5 (31 votes)
I was looking forward to this game for a long time. I knew it was an on-the-rails shooter, games like that can be great fun if they are done well.
Unfortunately, in my opinion, this one isn't done well. The graphics are great, but right from the beginning it just isn't fun. Right away you notice the unsatisfying way zombies fall away from your bullets, it just doesn't feel like you're shooting them - it feels like you are clicking on them with a mouse cursor depleting their health level, and when it hits zero, they go into the fall-over-dead animation - it just doesn't feel satisfying. Head shots are annoying - they can be done, but the area you have to hit is very small - it has to be just in the right spot on the head, and lots of the zombies are programmed to attack with their heads leaning back just to make it harder to do - so you end up not bothering, just firing away at the body 'cos it's easier.
The early levels are packed with some of the most irritating enemies out of the RE series - loads of leeches that you either tediously shoot one at a time, or just stand there waiting till they jump on you so you can slash them with the knife.
The worst parts by far are the boss battles - the boss will typicaly have 1 very small vulnerable area, which you have to shoot, and now and then you have to dodge an attack - fine in theory, this is the sort of boss battle you tend to get in this style of game - but in practice the amount of time you have to spend doing this is tedious beyond words. Imagine something like the end battle of RE4 - where you have to attack the weak spots on the baddie as they appear, along with dodging his attacks, until he's dead - a challenging but enjoyable end-of-game battle - then imagine some programmer thinking "Well, there's not as much content in this game as others the series, so to make it take longer to complete, let's multiply the amount of damage the bosses can take by about about 5, and lets make them jerk all over the place far too much to let you aim precisely so that the only way to shoot the tiny weakspot is to just contstantly shoot and shoot and shoot and hope a few bullets might hit the right spot."
That's what boss battles are like in this game. After 30 seconds, you're thinking "Ok, I get it, I shoot that weak spot, dodge this attack, repeat etc." After 5 minutes you're thinking "How much longer is this going to go on for?". Later still, you're wondering "Is this realy worth the bother just to unlock another level of the same sort of gameplay?"
It's one thing to fail to beat a boss because you're not quick enough to dodge attacks or not accurate enough in your aim - but in this game there have been times when I've failed to beat a boss simply because I switched the console off out of sheer boredom. (eg The RE0 boss, who appears in this game with a small vulnerable area that you have to keep shooting to drive him towards sunlight which injures him - but he keeps fighting back pushing you both further away from the sunlight - no matter how much you shoot him, he only dies when you get him in the sunlight for long enough. After 15 minutes of non-stop trigger pulling making your hand ache, slowly forcing him toward the light, only to have him drive you back again, you really do start to think life's too short to waste time on games with such a high level of frustration and such a low level of enjoyment. Making games challenging is fine, but they should also be enjoyable - this game manages the 1st, but falls down badly on the 2nd.

The obvious comparison for this game is the House Of The Dead series. Those games had (compared with this) primitive graphics, the gameplay was cliched and simplistic - but I have to say they were fun to play. This game just feels like a painful drawn out exercise in using the Wii pointer to repeatedly click on a small moving hotspot again and again and again and again without ever being much fun.

Resistance 2  

Resistance 3  
Action, First-Person Shooter PlayStation 3 4
Resistance 3 is a 2011 science fiction post-apocalyptic first-person shooter developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. Resistance 3 is the third and final installment in Insomniac's Resistance trilogy.[1][3] Resistance 3 is the first in the series to support 3D and PlayStation Move and the first to introduce the PSN Pass program.

Resistance: Fall of Man  
PLAYSTATION 3 4.0 (115 votes)
In the end it will probably be to the benefit of European gamers that the PS3 was delayed, since it will give Sony the chance to put together a much more impressive line-up of launch games than greeted the console in America and Japan. Resistance was easily the best of the U.S. launch games - a first person shoot `em-up from the creators of Ratchet & Clank. The game's story is based around an alternate version of World War II where instead of Nazis you're facing off against the insect-like Chimera in a war torn Britain (naturally you're playing an American though). It's basically Call Of Duty meets Doom.
The game doesn't use the tilt sensors of the Sixaxis controller for movement but it does demonstrate the improved build quality of the analogue sticks, which previously made first person shooters difficult on the PS2. The tilt sensors are used in a variety of secondary roles though, such as when you have to shake off a monster or if you get set on fire. Despite the faux WWII setting, most of the game's weapons are fantastical and, as with Ratchet & Clank, are probably the highlight of the whole game. All have secondary fire modes, from grenade launchers to homing bullets. The armour piercing Auger for example, also doubles as a shield. There are also vehicle based sections, including a particularly fun ride in an almost indestructible tank.
Although the single player game is well above average, the criticism about the sometimes generic art and design are not entirely without foundation. Thankfully this is compensated by an excellent forty person online mode - a huge achievement for a launch game and a very good sign for future online PS3 games.

Stiligt levererat och med en del roliga vapen. Om man är ute efter lite skjuta skulle jag dock föredra Black till PS2 men en intresant story och en idag väldigt bra multiplayer gör att detta spel inte alls är den dammsamlare jag trodde att det skulle bli.

Resonance of Fate  
Role-Playing (RPG) PlayStation 3
Resonance of Fate is a role-playing game that takes place in the future when the Earth becomes too poisonous to live on and humanity moves to the machine-city of Basel. It is a city built high up to the sky upon a tower-like structure. The story of the game focuses on Vashyron, who is the leader of the PMF (Private Military Firm), as well as two other characters named Zephyr and Leanne, who join Vashyon's group and take on missions from the citizens of Basel.

Combat in Resonance of Fate is done through a unique turn-based system dubbed tri-Attack-Battle (t-A-B). Movement, charging, and attacks are done using the action gauge until a character's turn is over. However, enemies still attack in real time while the player is performing actions. Before attacking an enemy the player needs to build up their charge, which builds up fast if a character is closer to the enemy. Attacks in battle require at least one full charge to be successful and either deal non-permanent scratch damage with machine guns and rapid fire weapons or permanent direct damage with handguns and grenades. Dealing direct damage also makes scratch damage permanent. Once an attack is completed the character's turn is over, so it is up to the player to use their characters to deal both types of damage timely and effectively against enemies.

Special attacks in the game are presented in the form of Hero Actions where a character can be sent down a path shooting multiple times and multiple enemies while invincible to enemy attacks. Hero Actions cost Bezels and once they are depleted the player enters Critical Condition in which they cannot use items and both their attack and accuracy are greatly reduced, however Bezels can be recovered by destroying an enemy's body part or defeating it entirely. Hero Actions can also built up to another type of special attack called a Tri-Attack where all three characters will attack at once, but it can only be perform once certain conditions are met.

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure  
Role-Playing (RPG) Nintendo DS
This is a remake of the original PSone game. While this version still sports the same storyline it features new additions and tweaks to the gameplay to suit the DS.

The player uses the D-pad or the stylus to move their character and using the "X" button to bring up menus while on the world maps, using the "A" button or the stylus pen to select their intended option, while talking is achieved through the "A" button when facing a character. During the battle, the player uses the D-pad to select a certain option of the menu that is present on the screen and using the "A" button to select that option, whether it would be to defend or attack an enemy.

While the original sports a strategy-based style of battle this version instead has the player engage in battle in a 2-D turn-based system. Kururu, the best friend puppet of the main protagonist, is now playable in this version and the soundtrack of the original game has been bundled with the U.S. release.

Ride to Hell: Retribution  
Action PlayStation 3
Ride to Hell: Retribution is an action game that incorporates different gameplay elements. The game is set in 1969 in America and has Jake Conway as the protagonist, a biker and Vietnam veteran. When he comes back he goes to live with his brother Mikey and uncle Mack. When his brother is killed in a gang-related murder by a rival biker gang, he goes on a quest for vengeance.

The game combines driving sections on a bike while fighting off bikers and dodging obstacles similar to the Road Rash games, on-foot sections with exploration and combat based on blocking, melee and ranged weapons, and rail shooter driving sections where someone else takes the wheel and Jake gets to aim and shoot as a sidecar gunner. All types of gameplay incorporate many quick time events, both in combat and while driving. Other game elements include chases (with jumps, power slides and obstacles that need to be dodged) and pursuits, hunting, deliveries and saving girls. The story is largely furthered through cut-scenes and new locations are often reached after long driving sections. Most missions have a time limit. Jake's bike can be customized through decals, paint jobs and body parts. The game features a rock soundtrack by the band Rival Sons.

Ridge Racer  
Kids & Family Sony PSP 4.5 (49 votes)
The nitrous boosting racing game everybody knows and loves is now available on the Sony PSP. Scorch some asphalt in 24 circuits of breakneck speed and exhilaration - that's all that stands between you and glory. Beat the clock in Time Attack Mode or test your racing skills against up to 8 players in WiFi compatible Wireless Battle Mode. Drive in style and rise through the ranks to unlock hidden bonuses in World Tour Mode. Features popular racecourses from arcade classic Rave Racer and the entire Ridge Racer series -- old favorites like Seaside Route 765, Crimsonrock Pass and Greenpeak Highlands.

Adventure, Role Playing Game (RPG)
A land of discovery stretches out before you. Explore the beautiful yet rugged world of RiME, a single-player puzzle adventure. In RiME, you play as a young boy who has awakened on a mysterious island after a torrential storm. You see wild animals, long-forgotten ruins and a massive tower that beckons you to come closer. Armed with your wits and a will to overcome-and the guidance of a helpful fox-you must explore the enigmatic island, reach the tower's peak, and unlock its closely guarded secrets.

Rippin' Riders DC  
Kids & Family Sega Dreamcast 3.5 (29 votes)
One hundred years from now, a historian may categorize snowboarding's greatest achievement as its expansion of the English vocabulary. For its part, snowboarding has brought new meanings to the words "indy," "mute," "method," and "melancholy." For those not attuned to the sport's phat lingo, these are all terms for snowboarding maneuvers that generally refer to grabbing a particular part of the board while airborne. Not a word of this terminology is overlooked in the first snowboarding game for the Dreamcast. Also included are appropriately stylized characters, each with two outfits to choose from, and licensed gear from real snowboarding companies Bonfire and Salomon.
Armed with a glossary in the form of a user manual, players will soon be able to talk the talk. But in this game, walking the walk, or rather pulling the tricks, requires quite a bit of controller dexterity. Luckily the game is not based solely on snowboarding tricks, but also has a healthy dose of racing at its core. What makes this game stand out is the length and detail of each downhill course. Jumping off the roof of sheep farms, avoiding falling icicles, and catching the spotlight of a hovering helicopter are all in a day's play in "Rippin' Riders"--and that's just the first track!
A unique two-player mode challenges players to shrink the opponent's split screen by outscoring him or her. Track graphics are up to snuff, but the players look a bit chunky. "--Jeff Young"
Pros: Outstanding course design with plenty of details and multiple checkpoints Groovy outfits and snowboards for each character Cons: Many of the tricks are difficult to execute You never see other racers on the course, except in multiplayer mode

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration -  
PlayStation 4
Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration includes the critically acclaimed Rise of the Tomb Raider, nominated for over 75 ‘Best Of’ awards. With over 50 hours of gameplay and all-new content created to celebrate 20 years of the iconic Lara Croft. This is the most comprehensive version of the award-winning experience. In the critically acclaimed Tomb Raider, Lara Croft was forged into a true survivor, but she glimpsed a deeper, secret world. Now, after uncovering an ancient mystery, Lara must explore the most treacherous and remote regions of Siberia to find the secret of immortality before a ruthless organization known as Trinity. Lara must use her wits and survival skills, form new alliances, and ultimately embrace her destiny as the Tomb Raider. Experience high-octane action moments, conquer beautifully hostile environments, engage in brutal guerilla combat, and explore awe-inspiring deadly tombs in the evolution of survival action. In “Rise of the Tomb Raider,” Lara becomes more than a survivor as she embarks on her first Tomb Raiding expedition. PlayStation VR Support: The full “Blood Ties” story chapter can be experienced in PlayStation VR, and players choose between two control schemes. “Comfort Mode” allows players to teleport from point to point, completely eliminating any potential discomfort. Meanwhile, experienced VR users can select “Free Mode” to move and look around using the thumb sticks. Manipulate HD relics, examine documents, and control the flashlight with the Sixaxis controller motion as you unlock the mystery of Lara’s childhood home in first-person. The immersive HD beauty of Croft Manor is perfectly suited to VR, and for the first time in franchise history, players can explore the world through Lara’s eyes.

Action Sega Saturn 3.5 (3 votes)
"First generation, and it shows."

One of the earliest games available on the Saturn, Robotica (as it is known in the US; the name in Japan is Deadalus) takes its own stab at the Doom style first person shooter genre. With a whisper thin plot involving a supercomputer in a satellite and a rebel group whose motives for destroying the supercomputer are unclear, perhaps simply enough to add a Terminator "Skynet" element into the story, the game has an interesting gameplay premise in that all the levels change each play. That's not much of a problem, however, since the gameplay is the same: shoot the bad guy, find the key, and maybe turn on the lights if one needs to. Sometimes, a level requires a power station to be destroyed.

Predictably, the game itself is bland and lacks any variety whatsoever. The weapons given to the player are almost indistinguishable from each other, and don't provide much punch to the game. The act of gaining essential things such as power units, additional ammunition, and power upgrades is a hit or miss affair. The enemies either have those things, or they don't. The control itself does not help the shortcomings.

The graphics are bland. It's understandable the developers were trying to create the atmosphere of a dark, claustrophobic series of rooms and corridors, but the textures themselves are indistinguishable from level to level, save color differences. The sound isn't anything to remark about either, and the music is very forgettable.

It is playable to an extent, and the fact that the levels change every time is novel. However, it's a very forgettable title and if not for the existence of cheat codes for it, all traces of this game's existence might as well have disappeared.

Reviewer's Score: 3/10, Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

Rogue Warrior  
Kids & Family PlayStation 3
Story-driven shooter game features team-based tactical combat;10 gameplay modes and free-form battlefield allows for creativity and surprises;Experience over 200 maps in both day and nighttime settings;Players can join or leave existing campaign game at any time without going to menu or saving progress;Solo and on-the-fly cooperative play for up to four players

Rule of Rose  
Adventure PlayStation2 3.5 (17 votes)
Rule Of Rose takes you into the past for incredible and strange gaming action. It is March, 1930 when young Jennifer's parents are killed in a tragic airship accident. She is sent to RoseGarden Orphanage, in a remote portion of the English countryside. In this dilapidated building, a ragtag mob of children who call themselves the "Aristocracy of the Red Crayon" rule. They kidnap her and take her into the dark heart of an impossibly large zeppelin, on a meandering course for a distant land. Now, with the help of a canine companion named Brown, Jennifer has to find valuable gifts for the Aristocracy, or suffer a fatal punishment for her insolence...

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