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V-Rally 2: Championship Edition  
Driving & Racing PlayStation 4.0 (1 votes)
Welcome to the world where accuracy means speed and speed means success. There is no limit to the fun you can exstract from this game. With over 90 tracks to choose from 12 countries and 28 cars to race them on you will never get bored. This game is also topped off nicely by the superb graphics making this game the most realistic that I have ever seen.
When you first set up the game you are asked create a driving licence. This will record your playing time, performance points and progression through the game.
The choice of cars is a chapter on its own. From the sleek Lancia Stratos to the powerful Ford Focus, this game offers the widest variety of cars I have ever seen.
Using the Time Trial mode, you can race against the clock to beat the default time of 2 minutes- set by Eden on each track or even against your own time. Split-screen allows up to four players to race at once- the ultimate cool!
With the Arcade mode you must complete each race by reaching a check-point before your time runs out while slugging it out against three more CPU cars or up to three of your mates!
When using the V-rally trophy, you proceed to the next stage no matter what your result. Again, split-screen mode compatible. Last one to finish is a rusty sprocket!
1 car on 1 track- 1 winner, 7 losers describes the Chapionship mode in one. Although the other cars are invisible, you must still race their best times on each stage in each rally. When using 2-4 player mode, you and your mates race alternately on each track against each other and 4 more CPU cars. Dawdling is public enemy number one!
Using the track editor, you can create your very own, unique tracks that you can modify down to the pickiest details such as country, weather, even time of day! It is also very compact saving, allowing 7 tracks to each memory card block!
However, there are certain downsides to the game. Time trial mode only allows you to race the tracks you have opened on all the other modes, and there is no mode allowing you simply to race on any track of your choice. Also, on the final stage of Arcade Expert, the movement is jerky and the car is difficult to control. The saving (once have worked out how to) is slow and it takes an enormous 3 blocks of memory card simply to save your own game without any custom-made tracks. The loading is slow and you spend a fair amount of playing time waiting for the game to load where I feel is not necessary. These points are what stopped me giving this otherwise brilliant game 5 stars.

Valkyria Chronicles  
Action PlayStation 3 4.0
Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical role-playing game set in Europa, a fictional version of Europe, in the year 1935. At that time, the Imperial Alliance invades the Atlantic Federation of the west. Their war will soon encompass all of Europa, including the peaceful nation of Gallia. While small in size, Gallia is known for their rich deposits of ragnite ore, a powerful source of fuel and medicine. When the Galian town of Bruhl is invaded by Imperial Forces, Welkin Gunther, his sister Isara, and friend Alicia Melchiott, take up the fight against their foreign conquerors, joining the Gallian Militia, in this WWII-style game.

The player commands his forces through an overhead map, selecting units, and controlling them in a real-time 3rd person view. Taking on the enemy is done with a variety of units classes, including the Shocktrooper (basic soldier), Scout (excellent movement & sight), Lancer (anti-tank), Engineer (repair, resupply, mine defusal, and more), and the deadly Sniper.

This PS3-exclusive title features an art style best described as anime in watercolor.

Valkyria Chronicles: Europa Edition  
Special Edition PlayStation 4
This Europa Edition includes:
Valkyria Chronicles: Remastered
Art book (31 pages)
Two sided Poster

Action PlayStation 4
London, 1918. You are newly-turned Vampyr Dr. Jonathan Reid. As a doctor, you must find a cure to save the city's flu-ravaged citizens. As a Vampyr, you are cursed to feed on those you vowed to heal. Will you embrace the monster within? Survive and fight against Vampyr hunters, undead skals, and other supernatural creatures. Use your unholy powers to manipulate and delve into the lives of those around you, to decide who will be your next victim. Struggle to live with your decisions. your actions will save or doom London.

Action PlayStation 3 86
Vanquish is a third-person shooter with a focus on cover tactics, similar to Gears of War, but it is also the first game with those mechanics by a Japanese development team. The player controls Sam Gideon, a member of DARPA, who fights with the new ARS (Augmented Reaction Suit) system battle-suit, which grants him incredibly fast reflexes and maneuverability, inspired by the 1970s anime television series Casshern. The story takes place in the future. The Order of the Russian Star, after taking control of Russian government with a coup d'etat, hijacks an American space station dedicated to the creation of solar energy and uses it to destroy San Francisco thus declaring war to the United States. They demand an unconditional surrender or they will also destroy New York city. Gideon is sent there to stop them. During the game Gideon works together with a military task force, led by Robert Burns. The military unit is controlled by the computer AI. They provide support and Gideon can revive them when they die. Gideon is helped from a distance by Elena Ivanova, who tracks the suit and provides information about the environment.

Gideon's suit provides for very fast-paced gameplay. He is able to boost slide to new areas that provide cover and there is a very strong melee attack. The focus is however on ranged-weapon shooting. Some of the fights are also shown as in-game cinematics showing off elements of the suit's power (such as flying) that are not available to the player. Health is restored automatically, but when too much damage is taken, the game goes into an Augmented Reality (AR) mode where all the action is slowed down, similar to bullet time. During that short time frame, more precise firing is possible and there is some time to look for cover, but health is at a critical state. AR can also be triggered manually, but this drains the suit's power. Sliding also drains it, so Gideon often needs to find a safe place to restore the suit before it overheats.

Weapons include an assault rifle, heavy machine gun, disk launcher, lock-on laser, sniper rifle, rocket launcher and LFE gun. There are also regular and EMP grenades. All weapons have a limited amount of ammo, but there are many pods where new ammo can be found or a weapon can be exchanged. A maximum of four weapons can be held at all times. Players are encouraged to hold on to weapons, as they can be upgraded, with more damage or larger storage for ammo. Stationary turrets can also be taken over. Almost all of the opposition consists of robots or mechanized organisms. Next to regular enemies, there are larger bosses with highlighted weak points that need to be targeted. Regular enemies sometimes have these too, usually on their back, and targeting those kills them quicker. During the larger fights there are sometimes minor Quick Time Events.

The game is split up into five chapters with about seven acts each, and cut-scenes further the story. Most of the missions require constant moving and dodging to stay alive. There is also a single sneak mission and a few on-rails segments with a vehicle.

Victor Vran  
Role-Playing (RPG) PlayStation 4
The Kingdom of Zagoravia, once a prosperous, rich city bursting with life, is now under the rule of a demonic creature that took over its territory. Most of the Zagoravia inhabitants are either dead or fled the city, with the exception of its queen Katarina and an handful of her soldiers and advisers who still cling to the hope of regaining control. You play the role of the title hero, Victor Vran, a monster hunter who comes to Zagoravia in search of his friend and fellow hunter Adrian. Adrian, like many of their numbers, came to the city and never returned.

Victor Vran is an action RPG. The majority of the game is played in a Diablo variants fashion with exploring, leveling your character and killing monsters. It offers a few additions to the familiar formula, with a limited ability to develop your character and loot. It is also possible to choose to focus more on combat. You have a selection of eight variants of weapons. Each has it own unique behavior and abilities as well as two alternate fire mods. Also unusually for an action RPG you can jump and wall jump, which is useful for getting to some secrets locations in levels, and a dodge roll. Both are essential to survive battles with the monsters.

The game supports cooperative multiplayer.

Vigilante 8  
Driving & Racing Nintendo 64 5.0 (1 votes)
The King of Auto Combat continues its reign on Nintendo 64. The newest edition of Vigilante 8 brings all of its tread-chewing, ammo-spewing, high-octane vehicular warfare to the Nintendo 64. As the first and only true auto-combat game on this platform, Vigilante 8 promises to continue to detonate and dominate. Vigilante 8 combines off-road warfare and over the top vehicles and characters, and has all the kill-or-be-killed action of the original plus added features, such as new multiplayer combat options with up to four players and quest mode. Product features include: over the top combat action, tricked out vehicles and attacks, and a fully destructive environment.

Virtua Fighter  
Sega Saturn
"A decent port of the arcade classic."

Virtua Fighter was released in May of 1995 for the Sega Saturn, it was one of only 5 launch titles and is considered to be one of the best of the bunch as well as being one of the only reasons to own a Saturn when it was first released (the other being Panzer Dragoon.)

Graphics-6/10-The blocky fithers paled in comparison to the arcade game and were far overshadowed by games like Toahshinden that had been previewed for the Playstaion.
The backrounds are,for the most part, bland, the game has excellent animation that saves the game in the graphics department.

Sound-7/10-The music is rather generic, but some songs are excellent, the game's many sound effects are clear and help to convey the impact of many of the game's moves.

Controls-10/10-In a word, perfect.
The controls are very responsive with nary a hint of slugishness, the excellent control means a lot to this game because of the huge number of moves it contained.

Gameplay-10/10-This game has classic moves and combos that put it above the rest in this category.
The perfect control makes the combos and classic moves (like Kage's throw where he propels you 14 feet in the air) very easy to execute.

Overall-7/10- This game is considered a classic by many (including myself) based purely upon the game's excellent gameplay and legendary moves.
Unfortunately, the game's sub-par graphics and mostly bland music bring the score down a notch.

Rent or Buy?-Buy_Seeing as how very few places stocked Saturn games to rent when it came out, even fewer when it died out, buy it- it should only cost a few bucks and is one of the best fighting games ever.
If you buy it, you will not be disappointed, it is truly a classic and deserves to be experienced by all, if for nothing else, buy this game to show you how polygonal fighting games have evolved in a mere 5 years, it is truly remarkable.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10, Originally Posted: 05/12/00, Updated 05/12/00

Virtua Fighter 2  
3d Fighting, Fighting Sega Saturn
One year after after the first tournament Akira, Wolf, Pai, Jeffry, Kage, Jacky, Sarah and defending champion Lau are invited to the World Fighting Tournament, and are joined by the master of drunken Kung-Fu Shun-di, who wants to prove he's more than an old geezer and Lion Rafale, who's fighting for his freedom. Each fighter has his own style, from the lightning fast attacks of Pai to the powerful slams of Jeffry.

Home port of Sega's popular Model 2A arcade vs. fighter released in 1995. Game modes include classic arcade mode, 2P vs mode, Expert mode (where the computer character progressively learns and counters players' technique), Ranking Mode (similar to Arcade, but at the end, a fighting style analysis is shown based on number of specials and time to knock down an opponent), Team Battle Mode (two teams composed of five fighters go against each other, the first to beat five characters being the winner) and Watch mode (allows choosing two fighters and then see them fighting). Both VF2 and VF2.1 (a tweaked version available only in Japan) modes are included. Gameplay keeps the same style from the first game, adding more moves to each fighters' roll. Using a three-key layout (block, kick and punch, being possible to assign button combinations to the extra keys) the player is able to control their fighter, aiming to knock or push the opponent outside the rink inside the time limit. Combo moves range from the quickest, which require the player to push up to five buttons quickly, to strong moves that require more button presses along d-pad nudges to be successful. As with the previous game, fighting is realistic (except the physics-defying leaps), and each fighter has nothing but their body to harm the opponent.

While in comparison with the arcade version some parts took a hit on graphical quality (such as the texture details and backgrounds), the game uses the Saturn High-Resolution mode and flowing 60-fps to bring the arcade experience home.

Virtua Fighter 3TB  
Action Sega Dreamcast 3.5 (38 votes)
Realistically animated fighters, wonderful 3-D environments, and the deepest gameplay to grace the fighting genre--what more could you want? Although "Virtua Fighter 3 tb" isn't without fault, it valiantly manages to bring all those things to the Dreamcast incarnation. "VF 3 tb" has always been less about over-the-top acrobatics and more about the raw realism of martial arts. In fact, one of the game's characters, Shun-Di, virtually mimics Jackie Chan's "drunken style" from the Drunken Master movies.
New to this third installment of the "Virtua Fighter" series is the team battle mode, which lets you take a team of three fighters head-to-head against either the computer or a human opponent. The U.S. version also sports a much-improved practice mode: you can now set the computer opponent's difficulty levels and even configure their attacks. "VF 3 tb" successfully combines stunning visuals with multilayered gameplay, which makes it a must-buy for fans of the series. "--Sajed Ahmed"
Pros: Deep and rewarding gameplay New versus mode and improved graphics for the U.S. version Arcade-quality character and environmental graphics Complicated fighter artificial intelligence is effectively challenging Cons: Only 12 characters, and no hidden fighters Fighting depth can be lost, as success can also be had through button mashing Lack of peripheral options such as the now-standard theatre or quest modes.

Skanar enligt mig tempo. Annars solid rättvis fighting med helt godkänd grafik.

Virtual Open Tennis  
Sportspiele Sega Saturn
"There is fault in the serving"

Trying to expand my collection of Sega Saturn, I have been getting games other than fighting and arcade versions. I have added puzzle, strategy and sports. I saw this game at a Toys R Us store the year after Saturn's demise, selling at at $8. It said on the box, ''a recommended addition to your Saturn sports library--Game Fan Magazine.'' After buying and playing it a few times, I wonder on whoever quoted that was paid to write that or he realized that it's only one of the two tennis games for the Saturn, because I'm having trouble excepting that.

You get to pick 10 players, all male and all fictional. Then you choose 3 modes of play, Exhibition, championship and training. You also have 3 sets of courts (clay, pavement or grass), single or double teams and in depth stats. The scoring is the same as is real tennis. Win 6 games or more and receive a set score. Get enough sets to win the tournament. The only problem I have is when there is a tie or a ''deuce'', you have to win twice straight in a row to break it. If your opponent wins one after your first win, it's a tie again. Challenging, but unnecessary stretches the game and wish there is an option not to have it.

The graphics are fabulous, but there is minor fault. There are 8 camera shots. Two are close up, but limits the view of the area. There are far shots, but make the players small, but not enough that you need a bigger monitor. The animation on the players are great, but a bit limited, like when the scene moves or rotates very fast, the polygons don't follow up closely and it causes minor distortions on where the ball is going. Other than that, the movement is smooth and there are no loading delays during gameplay.

The sound is realistic in the tennis match. There is a limited grunts and shouts for the players who serve and smash. There are also background music during gameplay. You can choose 5 tunes, which makes the game exciting, IMO, but you can turn it off if it's distract you. There are 11 tracks that you can listen to and all the music are unique and upbeat, although three of them are repetitive.

The gameplay gave me the most trouble. They made it realistic and thus, very difficult. If I wanted realism, I would have actually play tennis than the video game version. They used all six buttons to hit the ball. The top three for lobs, the bottom for stokes with slice, top-spin and flat on each of the buttons. That's too much to remember and to get a handle on. The controls need work, because it's hard setting the direction on where you want the ball to go. Fortunately, there is a practice that can help you get better. There is also replay, but it's very short and you can't control on how to see it. No save feature as well.

Overall, the graphics and sound are great, but you have to be a pro in order to play against the AI, and even if you are, you would have trouble playing. This is good if you have three friends to play doubles, but not playing alone. There are only two tennis games for the Saturn, both published by Acclaim. The other is called Break Point Tennis. I haven't played it, so I can't tell which two are better. Rent it, if you can. If you like it and can get it under $8, go for it.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10, Originally Posted: 04/06/02, Updated 04/06/02

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