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Panzer Dragoon  
Actionspiele Sega Saturn 5.0 (1 votes)
diesen. Die Panzer Dragoon Reihe auf dem Saturn zeichnet sich durch abwechslungsreiches Gameplay und wunderschönde Grafik aus. Zudem bei dieser Reihe die Entwicklung besonders deutlich wird, vom Shooter zum Adventure. Das Spiel ist leicht zu handhaben. Es eignet sich auch für AnfängerInnen.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door  
GameCube 5.0 (26 votes)
It may have less cool than Fonzie after he jumped the shark, but "Paper Mario" is set to be remembered as one of the best GameCube games ever. Its immediate predecessor on the N64 suffered from a similar lack of street credibility but won people over with its gentle charm and unusual RPG style gameplay.
The story in this new game involves Mario touring the whole of the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond to once again rescue Princess Peach. Little explanation is given for why all the characters in the game appear to be made of paper (it just looks cool!) but more is at least made of it in the gameplay this time, as Mario is able to fold himself up, origami style, to become a paper dart and other useful shapes.
The combat sees Mario teaming up with a group of wild and wacky partners in a turn-based system that subverts the usual staid conventions of the genre by allowing you to inflict more damage, or defend against it, by timing a button press with the movement of the characters. However much fun this and the other sub-games are though the greatest joy with "Paper Mario" remains the witty dialogue and the fantastic graphics.
In a world of under-designed blandness Mario's unending series of bizarre characters - from a room full of hundreds of dry bones (skeletal koopa turtles) to a hilarious pastiche of "Super Mario Bros." where you get to control Bowser this is pure Nintendo magic from beginning to end. --"David Jenkins"

Lätt för att vara RPG men håller kvalitén på topp. En vän till mig utan namn vart så imponerad att han lånade spelet och fixade allt så när som på en viss trial utan en enda guide. Denna man har i övrigt inte mycket till övers för spel som tar för lång tid.

Papi Commando  
Retro Gaming & Microconsoles Sega Genesis
An independently developed project by Studio Vetea, published by WaterMelon. The evil Ceplusplus has sent a thief to Papi's home and has stolen his CommoStrad! Papi Commando must wear his headband yet again and wages war to recover his computer! Game also features a 2P co-op mode, Battle mode, and few hidden surprises. This edition comes in a limited military green boxed BITS package, each copy is numbered. The package comprises: The game Cartridge, Clamshell box, Color Instruction Manual (English, with sections in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese), Numbered card, extra goodies! Game in English, compatible with any original PAL or NTSC MegaDrive / Genesis.

Parasite Eve  
Role-Playing PlayStation 4.0 (107 votes)
"Parasite Eve" tells the story of Aya Brea of the NYPD on a case involving mass spontaneous human combustion, mutating animals, and the mitochondria revolution. Sound fun? Confusing? "Parasite Eve" is both.
It begins when Aya is attending an opera at Carnegie Hall. The soloist bursts into song and the audience bursts into flames. Somehow, Aya is the only attendee who isn't affected. Not surprisingly, she wants to know what's going on. This curiosity, coupled with her duties as a police officer, grows into a full-scale investigation.
"Parasite Eve"'s mechanics are simple, yet elegant. From combat to level advancement, the game runs easily and smoothly, making it ideal for someone new to role-playing games (RPGs). Experienced RPGers should still enjoy it for its brilliant storyline.
Technically speaking, the game's graphics and sound are good, but not spectacular. The full-motion cutscenes are superbly done. "Parasite Eve" is a good game--there's just not enough of it. While it doesn't feel crammed together, the story seems to resolve quickly. Brilliant while it lasted, "Parasite Eve" left me wanting more. "--John Cocking"
Pros: Mutating dogs Involving storyline Elegant game mechanics Cons: Too short, and it's confusing

Parasite Eve 2  
Horror PlayStation 4.0 (14 votes)
Fighting off a deadly virus isn't everybody's cup of tea, but to Aya Brea, the returning star of "Parasite Eve 2", it is. You play Aya, an FBI agent investigating a string of strange incidents involving Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures--a small spherical rod-like-bodied creature bounded by a double membrane in the cytoplasm of most cells to you and me.
Set in a landscape similar to the likes of "Resident Evil" and "Final Fantasy", "Parasite Eve 2" oozes with Hollywood cut sequences and a storyline to match. Walk a couple of paces and another cut scene will set the story on its next legs, giving you the feeling that sometime you aren't even playing a game. Couple this with the rather impressive graphics for the PlayStation and you are presented with a game that is strong on storyline, whilst at the same time being at the higher end of the graphics food chain.
Of course not everything is all singing and dancing. Because of the cinematic approach to the game, the camera angles can get confusing--sometimes you walk towards the camera, other times away from it. Yet if you are used to this, and let's face it, if you've played any 3D RPG you are, then this is a minor point into what is a rather atmospheric game.
If you loved "Final Resident" and "Fantasy Evil" whilst enjoying "Alone in the Hill" and "Silent Dark", this is definitely up your street, whilst people new to this style of game will find it as good a place as any to get into the genre as you gather information to crack the case set before you. "--Stuart Miles"

Pebble Beach Golf Links  
Sega Saturn 3.5 (2 votes)
this game is great...from the start...everything in this game is as close to golf you can get on the couch....the wlkthru...the grafix...the voice overs...i got this game the other day..i got a few golf games...its a serious golf game unlike tee offf or mario golf...but plays play is smooth...t6he pguy who guides you thru the holes is a great person to get hints from...this game is as close to glof as it gets in the time thgis game was made...if you buy this you will not be has everything the greastset games have now...the price is a steal...the holes are get a caddie you can pick...heck every thing is customiised to what you want ...thanx ..i never played golf in the sun only wth a cld bber and on the couch...this game is great get it...youll be glad after you play a little bit you willl be playing it all thge way thru...

Perfect Dark  
Action & Adventure Nintendo 64 4.5 (68 votes)
This is "the" game Nintendo 64 fans have waited for. Nearly three years after the uncloaking of super spy action-adventure "GoldenEye 007", developer extraordinaire Rare introduces futuristic special operative Joanna Dark, a.k.a. Perfect. In "Perfect Dark", players are sent on a fast-paced adventure from downtown Chicago skyscrapers to underground labs to undersea wrecks of otherworldly origins. Naturally, the storyline weaves a complex web of conspiracy, hidden agendas, and megalomaniac corporate leaders with deep underground (and off-world) ties. As spy-game fans expect, unravelling the plot and disposing of the baddies require a grab bag of hi-tech gadgets and special weapons--especially given the game's tougher "and" smarter enemies.
"Perfect Dark " features Dolby surround sound, widescreen compatibility, and--as expected--stunning special effects, including dynamic lighting, chest-thumping explosions and realistic smoke, dust and steam clouds. Characters are lifelike thanks to motion-captured animations and beautifully rendered 3-D models.
"Perfect Dark"'s multiplayer features are impressive. As in "GoldenEye 007", up to four players can deathmatch in up to 20 different arenas. But that's just the start of the fun. The inclusion of up to eight computer-controlled opponents ("bots") adds an original component to the frag-fest. Humans can team with or against bots and even command a bot teammate to target specific opponents. Numerous original games, such as King of the Hill, offer so many variations that you just might forget that an engrossing single-player experience lies at the heart of the game.
Special note: The gameplay and graphics are greatly enhanced with the extra memory boost provided by the N64 Expansion Pak. The main single-player missions and multiplayer enhancements (three- or four-player games, as opposed to two-player games without the Pak, and other options) are only available with the N64 Expansion Pak (not included). "--Eric Twelker"

Persona 5  
Role Playing Game (RPG) PlayStation 4
Persona 5 is a game about the internal and external conflicts of a group of troubled high school students - the protagonist and a collection of compatriots he meets in the game's story - who live dual lives as Phantom Thieves. They have the typically ordinary day-to-day of a Tokyo high schooler - attending class, after school activities and part-time jobs. But they also undertake fantastical adventures by using otherworldly powers to enter the hearts of people. Their power comes from the Persona, the Jungian concept of the “self”. The game's heroes realize that society forces people to wear masks to protect their inner vulnerabilities, and by literally ripping off their protective masks and confronting their inner selves do the heroes awaken their inner power, and use it to strive to help those in need. Ultimately, the group of Phantom Thieves seeks to change their day-to-day world to match their perception and see through the masks modern-day society wears.

Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie  
Action & Adventure GameCube 4.5 (2 votes)
It looks stunning....easily one of the best on the cube but its just too short.
It only takes a couple of hours to complete, at which point you are given online codes to unlock different things...and have to do-over some of yout levels to amass 250,000 points to get an alternate ending.
As Jack, you run around wielding a number of differnt guns...but spend more time looking for spears to light on fire as they inflict greater dont have a life bar, you just have to avoid being hit by someone/thing 3 times in quick succession.
As gets fun. It takes a different route to the film as the interview with Peter Jackson says, they were able to do more with the game. You can run along the walls, swing on trees, fight V-Rex, raptors and giant millipede things.
Graphically....its the comparision to any other game. Replayability....not bad. Addictiveness is off the scale. It does make you jump when you are being chased and something falls behind you....not fun.
only 4 stars because it is far too short. Granted there is only so much spearing, chasing and crushing you can do...but the main problem i have is its too short and theres no difficulty setting so any gamer over 15 is probably going to ablt to finish this in 1 sitting.

Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II  
Role-playing Games GameCube 4.5 (14 votes)
Pity the poor Dreamcast--it was playing host to online games while the PS2 was still a twinkle in Sony's eye, and its early demise took with it a host of seminal titles, not least of which was "Phantasy Star Online". This new GameCube release is a conversion of the original Dreamcast "PSO" game combined with the later "Version 2" semi-sequel and a bunch of exclusive extras.
For those unaware of the game, it's a fairly basic third-person shoot-'em-up, but with detailed RPG style stats for every character, weapon and object. PC gamers might recognise it as a kind of 3-D "Diablo". Like many of the best multi-player games "PSO" is pretty dull in single-player mode and despite the huge number of missions the repetitive combat and lack of interaction with your environment does begin to grate.
Played online though, or via the GameCube's exclusive new four-player split screen mode, the game suddenly comes alive as you work together in a group covering each other's backs and stealing rare items when nobody's looking. The three very different character classes means that no one character can do everything and teamwork is an absolute necessity, not just a noble ideal. When online you get the added bonus that the game automatically translates set words and phrases so you can actually play and chat with people from other countries. However, although the online play is free for the first 30 days, a monthly fee is charged thereafter.
The only problem with the game is that the graphics are very 2000 and the repetitive gameplay can get a bit too much after extended play. It's a unique experience though and well worth trying out. --"David Jenkins"

Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution  
Role-playing Games GameCube 3.0 (2 votes)
Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2 is one of my favourite games of all time (and I very much look forward to the upcoming PC version PSO: Blue Burst), so understandably I was eager to try Episode 3 when it was released. If the C.A.R.D. in the title was too subtle a clue, this is a card battling game. Many fans were quite shocked at the big change, from an action rpg to a strategic, turn based battler. Give it time, however, and this game can work its magic on you as much as the previous episodes.
The gameplay may have changed, but the fantastic design has been retained. The graphics are not the most technically advanced, but there are extremely fitting, unique and generally very appealing. The music too, has retained the high standard set by the previous PSO for original pieces. One change which is definitely for the better is the single player, it is a lot more structured than Episodes 1 and 2, and all the better for it. There are two stories, the 'good and evil' sides (though it is nowhere near as clear cut, as the interesting plots develop) each with many quests, including optional bonus ones, which form a more rewarding game than offline on Episodes 1 and 2. There is also the ability to free battle against a computer or other human character.
CPU opponents however are still no match for taking the game online. Strategically playing your own deck (compiled from literally 100s of cards) against a like-minded opponent is tense, exciting and almost always enjoyable. Even the cheating that takes a lot of enjoyment from other PSO games is somewhat removed; even if they have better cards, the strategy with which you play them is at least as important. The downside to this is that the game never was extremely popular, and is only becoming less so as time goes on. At least two players can still play on the same Gamecube.
Overall, many people will remain annoyed at this change in style, but the strategic edge makes it a perfect compliment to the constant action of the previous episodes. It retains the excellence of design, yet improves the single player considerably. A terrific game, but not the one a lot of people wanted.

Phantasy Star Universe  
All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 4.5 (3 votes)
(This review is on the view of someone who has played/loved PSO before buying this)
I have been a huge fan of Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast and Gamecube. So i was eagerly awaiting the release of Phantasy Star Universe!
This game is very different from the others, it has an actual storyline! I havent got that far in the game yet, but so far i am really loving it. You are drawn into the life of Ethan Waber, a 17yr old guy who makes a decision to join a group called 'The Guardians' who help protect the people of the 3 planets.
In offline/story mode each chapter is started by a little preview of whats ahead, which is very much like a tv series! This is a great way to exite you about what you are going to do next, and i like playing the game a chapter-per time so far as they are quite lengthy.
The game still has the look of Phantasy Star Online, but is so much more. The characters have more detail and the outfits are still very cool. The new 'base' ship is HUGE. Which is great fun to explore, and get lost in ^^
You jump straight into the storyline as soon as you start, including fighting monsters! The monsters may be slightly easier to kill, i find, in this game. But i think that is only because there are double the amount of those in PSO. Battles can become very hectic and you have to watch you (and your party's) HP carefully or you find they die on you quickly!
And the locations where you fight are in very good detail, they are large and complex, and very enjoyable (much like PSOver2).
The new save points in PSU certainly are different, but they somehow help the game feel more like a RPG (in a good way).
In conclusion to my short review, Phantasy Star Universe is a game those who may or may not have played PSO will enjoy. The real-time battles are very exiting and the new storyline mode adds much more to the game. I am sure there are more things about this game to write about, but i hope this has helped some people to go for it and buy this great game! ^_^

Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of The Illuminus  
Role-Playing PlayStation2 4.5 (2 votes)
If your playing Phantasy Star Universe your more than likely getting cheesed off with not being able to play many of the new missions and not being able to visit players shops and more so your unable to use new S class weapons. Ive been hooked on PSU since the day of release so this expansion was a must. Ive clocked up over 2100 hours of game play which includes the first PSU and standing around in the lobbies chatting or sleeping. Its a great game with many new additions which include weapons, clothes/parts, suvs, rooms, missions. Theres also a casino where you receive one coin a day which you can gamble or save. Once you have enough coins saved up you can exchange them for items, weapons, rooms, or music for your room. If your a fan of Phantasy Stars this is a must. If your still playing the original PSU this is very easy to set up its just a big update. Also bare in mind Sega are still updating this game on a regular basis so theres a lot more to come.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney  
Action Nintendo DS 4.5 (65 votes)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney puts you in the shoes of a rookie defense lawyer trying to make his name. Take on intriguing, unusual cases and use your courtroom skills to unravel some of the most outrageous and funniest trials you've ever seen.

Underbart. Lagom dialog, snyggt designade karaktärer, passande musik. Listan kan göras längre. Bara att spela och njuta. Om någon hävdar något annat... OBJECTION!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All  
Action & Adventure Nintendo DS 5.0 (13 votes)
Set six months after the events portrayed in the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, this game once again follows the exploits of the young lawyer as he battles a brand new District Attorney and exercises his legal prowess to collect evidence, examine witnesses and argue the case for his clients. With four all new cases to, Phoenix is this time up against an even tougher opposition when he finds out that the District Attorney is none other than the daughter of his old adversary Manfred von Karma and she is obsessed with taking him down.

As in the previous Phoenix Wright title the action is split into two distinct sections. The first is where players must investigate crime scenes and interrogate witnesses for clues, using the touch-screen to collect evidence and inspect items of interest. The second part of the game is based in the court-room where players use their skill to argue the case as well as interjecting at key moments via the Nintendo DS microphone with cries of 'Objection', 'Take that' and more.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All features an all new 'Psyche-Lock' feature when Phoenix is dealing with a hostile witness who does not want to reveal the truth. The only way to get the necessary information out of the witness is for the player to open up the Psyche-Lock with a series of correct questions or by catching the witness out on inconsistent statements. Being able to effectively deal with these witnesses will become an essential part of winning the case in this game.

Another new addition to this game is a life bar, which represents Phoenix's status in court. Presenting dubious evidence and failing to break Psyche-Locks will reduce the player's credibility and cause this life bar to go down. When it gets too low Phoenix will lose the case and find himself in hot water with the judge. Players can replenish a life bar during the trial by successfully breaking witness Psyche-Locks.

Pier Solar and the Great Architects  
Role-Playing (RPG) Sega Dreamcast
Pier Solar and the Great Architects is an enhanced remake of the 2010 Genesis game Pier Solar and the Great Architects following a crowd funding campaign. It is a JRPG game with turn-based battles. Originally designed as a game to resemble the 16-bit era, this version was updated for modern platforms. The core game is identical, but all assets have been redone with HD graphics along with the music. The story has been expanded with new locations and challenges, there are more than ten new sidequests, four new mini-games and new battle features. The game has been translated into six languages. For the HD graphics there is a regular HD and an HD+ mode where the latter adds more smoothing.

Pilotwings 64  
Action & Adventure Nintendo 64 5.0 (2 votes)
Pilotwings has an encouraging playability and freedom to move and explore almost anywhere on the following islands: Holiday, Crescent, Everfrost and Little States (only about 3 virtual Km from Seattle to Florida!)

A choice of 6 characters helps to negotiate different tasks and courses: Kiwi and Lark are the two little guys (girl and boy anyway); Goose and Ibis are the tall guy and gal respectively with their long slender frames, while Hawk and Robin are the sturdy Dude and Lady pair. Each physically matched pair has different qualities to the others: eg Lark/Kiwi are light for time to altitude tasks, while Hawk/Robin can descend quickly in a dive more controllably. This leaves the long legged pair able to touchdown on relay pads with the minimum of time loss.

The flying contraptions they use include jetpacks, gyrocopters and hangliders. Each character has their own colours/insignia on whatever they fly.

Extra games unfurl as progression through the Academy is maintained. These include human canonball, aiming characters at a distant target; jumblehopping, using spring boots to leap huge distances to a finish zone; parachuting from 3000m with the team, and a freeflight with characters just free to fly and land indefinitely using wings unless you crash them! Stars
can be found in some of the main games whereby touching them allows a freeflight break from the task.

In all: graphics are beautiful; gameplay is enchanting and the music is sublime, ranging from funky keyboard to wistful woodwind.

An emotionally nourishing adventure game from a trusted gaming brand.

Pokémon Moon  
Kids & Family Nintendo 3DS
Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will launch in the US November 18th, 2016 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Embark on a new adventure as a Pokemon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokemon on the tropical islands of a new Region and become a Pokemon Champion!

Pokémon X  
Role Playing (rpg) Nintendo 3 Ds
Pokémon X and its counterpart, Pokémon Y, are the first main Pokémon games to be rendered in full 3D and have a customizable protagonist.

As with the previous games, the player first chooses one of three starter Pokémon. He then sets out in the Kalos region to collect Pokémon information in the Pokédex, which now has three sections.

The game has new features: horde battles, sky battles and the new 'Fairy' type. Party Pokémon can go through a 'Super Training' regimen that increases stats and bond with their trainer using the 'Pokémon-amie' widget, by playing minigames, interacting and eating Poképuffs. A new type of evolution, the 'Mega Evolutions' can now temporarily boost some Pokémon's stats by using a Mega Stone. Mega Pokémon not only have higher stats, different typing and new abilities, but also have a different look.

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!  
Role-Playing (RPG) Nintendo Switch
Take your Pokémon journey to the Kanto region with your energetic partner, Pikachu, to become a top Pokémon trainer as you battle other trainers. Use a throwing motion to catch Pokémon in the wild with either one Joy-Con controller or Poké Ball Plus accessory, which will light up, vibrate, and make sounds to bring your adventure to life. Share your adventure with family or friends in two-player action using a second Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus (sold separately). You can even connect to the Pokémon GO app using a compatible smartphone to bring over Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region.

Become a top Pokémon trainer on an adventure with Pikachu
Encounter Pokémon in the Kanto region
Play the entire game with a single Joy-Con controller or use the Poké Ball Plus accessory, which will light up, vibrate and make sounds to brig your adventure to life.

Portal 2  
Adventure PlayStation 3 9
The highly anticipated sequel to 2007's Game of the Year, Portal 2 is a hilariously mind-bending adventure that challenges you to use wits over weaponry in a funhouse of diabolical science. Using a highly experimental portal device, you’ll once again face off against a lethally inventive, power-mad A.I. named GLaDOS. And this time you won’t be alone. Meet an expanded cast of characters as you think your way through dangerous, never-before-seen areas of Aperture Laboratories. Break the laws of spatial physics in ways you never thought possible, with a wider variety of portal puzzles and an expansive story that spans a single player and co-operative game mode.

Power Monger  
Kids & Family Sega Genesis
"An original war game." (PC version reviewed)

About seven years ago, I got a surprise from my parents; a Populous II/PowerMonger CD. I never liked PowerMonger back then, mainly because I could never play it since I lost the manual. But Pop2 was nice.

Fast forward to about two or three weeks ago. I found a bunch of old stuff in some boxes, including (for some odd reason) a box full of manuals. Inside was the PowerMonger manual I had lost so long ago. I pick it up, take it upstairs, and try to boot up the old game without the CD. It worked! I was pleased to find that Pop2 still worked as well, but this one gets more play time. Wonder why?

STORY: 10/10

To sum up the manual, your old kingdom was destroyed by a geological upheaval (An apparent volcano, but it doesn't specify.) and you seek to claim a throne here. Naturally, two other kingdoms were destroyed in the same fashion, and crave the same crown. And the tribes don't like the idea of some castaway conquering their homeland. It actually like the plot to some novel, to be honest, and you're the writer.


While the people, the trees, the birds, and the sheep are all just plain 2D sprites, the ground is STUNNING. In the summer, you can see the lush green grass (although it more looks like green dirt), and watch as it slowly turns brown from the autumn weather. In winter, it looks like there's snow on the ground, and in spring, you can watch the snow melt. The towns are full of vivid detail, and when the rain or snow arrives, it will fill the entire screen, so you really don't have a clue what's going on. It's graphically sound. The only thing that keeps it from a 10 are the sprites, and there's really not much you can do about it anyway.

SOUND: 10/10

Sound is incredible, and important, which is a surprise. You can hear sheeps bleeting (constantly), telling you some food can be found nearby. Hammers and saws means that someone's building something; might want to put a stop to it. A hyperventilating captain means that he's doomed. The cheer of your men after a victory signals you that all is well, for the most part. The fluttering of wings means that you disturbed some birds. If that wasn't you, someone else did. All in all, there are MANY sound cues for you, so you can tell what is going on just by the sound.


First off, you need to get by the copyright protection. Have a manual handy. ^_^

Unique then, unique today, actually. I've yet to see an RTS have the same time lag in orders as your carrier pigeon flies to the army you just told to attack. I've also yet to see a game where everyone, not just the main characters, has their own personality.

Combat seems to be your standard random numbers, but it's also logical. You'd expect to see a hoard of guys with swords get mowed down from a distance by a bunch of guys with bows. You'd also expect for any survivors to slaughter any bowmen they could before a nearby archer finally kills him. You'd expect ten guys with nothing to overwhelm a single guy with a sword. You'd also expect to see armies act based on their leader's aggression level. Passive guys won't fight that often, and when they do they try to keep everyone alive. Meanwhile, an aggressive guy isn't going to give a hoot about anyone but #1. You'd also expect for your food stocks to slowly be depleted by your army, your excess items to slow you down, your men to desert when you run out of food. A LOT of logic is applied to this game.

Ah, items. You don't find them laying around; you have to build them. Or they have to be built first, then their carriers have to be slaughtered by your army. The variety is pretty neat, given that the last thing you think about in a war game is "Should I spend time to build a cannon, or should I go on ahead and attack to keep my food supply up?" Then again, what do I know?


Given that there's also 195 territories to conquer (I failed to mention that, didn't I? Sorry... V_V) you're going to play this for a LONG time. Also, since there's a random map generator that uses the copyright protection maps, it might be a while before you uninstall this one.


An impressive game. Too bad Bullfrog never did make that perfect RTS game; it'd be a blast to play.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10, Originally Posted: 08/31/06

Prince of Persia  
Action PlayStation 3 4.1
Prince of Persia once again resets the timeline of the series and marks the start of a new trilogy with the Prince on the search for Farah, his donkey, which is loaded with treasures beyond imagining. But after an sandstorm he falls down into a canyon and meets Elika, a princess with magical powers. She's being hunted by the army of her father and has to make her way to the temple beneath the tree of life.

But they come too late. After a brief fight against her father, he breaks the seal and by doing so unlocks the prison chamber that was kept closed by the powers of the Tree of Life. The inhabitant of that prison? Ahriman - God of Darkness. Creator of the darkness of space and the first to unleash envy and hate. Back in the days he was not satisfied with keeping only one half of the universe and after a fierce battle against his brother Ormazd, God of Light, he almost won. In a last attempt Ormazd successfully lured Ahriman into the Tree of Life, condemning him to a thousand years of pain. But Ahriman was only waiting. Waiting and planning and now that he is free, he and his minions are beginning to claim back what they lost and the only two people on the world to stop them are the Prince and Elika.

The basic gameplay remains the same as in the previous trilogy with the Prince engaging in sword fighting, wall climbing, spike dodging, puzzle solving, and more, in his quest to save the world. But opposed to the previous trilogy, the Prince neither can rewind time nor has to fight multiple enemies at a time. Instead he and Elika only face one, strong enemy every time and if the Prince is about to die because of a miscalculated jump or anyhing similar, she uses her powers and sets the Prince back to the beginning of the jumping puzzle. That is not the only thing she does. By command of the player, she also helps in fights, allows him to jump further distances by giving him a little push in the back in mid-air and shows which way to go next. Elika is also the key to bring the Tree of Life back to full strength. But to do so, she needs so-called "Seeds of Life" that are scattered all around the levels. If the player has collected enough of these, Elika will also become stronger.

Besides the enemies being stronger, more intelligent and having more special abilities, the fights play similar to the previous iterations of the series with the Prince slashing away at enemies with his sword or his gauntlet in to produce powerful combos. The gauntlet also allows the prince to slide down from solid rocks safely to the area below. The game features Quick Time Events when an enemy got a hold on the Prince and uses a cel-shaded and heavily stylized look for the characters.

Prince Of Persia Trilogy  
All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 4.5 (3 votes)
Ubisoft have finally put together the 3 Prince of Persia games in one low priced package. All 3 games have been consistently excellent in terms of gameplay, and each instalment has brought something new to the franchise.
The Sands of Time is generally considered to be the finest of the three, and although gameplay can at times become repetitive and tedious, still enables gamers to experience a fun, if somewhat forgiving, challenge. Graphically The Sands of Time is now beginning to look dated when compared to some of the new next generation games, however the attention to detail is excellent, and presents the Prince in a very storybook setting. The controls are excellent, being both responsive and instinctive - the Prince's agile moves can be linked together effortlessly, to produce some very impressive results. Unfortunately the game is relatively short and being generally linear, and it is very difficult to become lost in the vast palace.
Warrior Within is a much lengthier affair, and the simple button bashing combat system has now been replaced with a more drawn out 'Free-Form' combo mechanics. This allows much more variety - and even allows different types of combat depending on what weapons the Prince is wielding at the time. It is evident much more focus was placed on combat this time around, and in turn makes Warrior Within much bloody than its predecessor. Despite this, the game's strong point remains the excellent way you have to navigate the intelligent puzzels and well designed levels using the Prince's Spiderman-like moves.
The trilogy is completed with The Two Thrones, which includes an added twist of playing as both the Prince and his darker alter-ego. This change is much more than simply cosmetic, as the two characters must rely on vastly different styles to navigate the game. Graphically The Two Thrones is by far the better of the three, and even includes frantic chariot races, however these actually proves to be one of the game's downsides, as at times they can become very much trial and error. Fortunately The Two Thrones still includes heaps of traps to negotiate and puzzles to solve, and like Warrior Within, provides a lengthily challenge.
Overall Prince of Persia Trilogy is excellent, combining three superb games - unfortunately there is nothing to be found here for anyone who has played the games previously. There is absolutely no bonus material (with the exception of the original Prince of Persia game found on The Sands of Time). If however you are new to the series, you will find hours of fun in the trilogy; and as the games run as a series, the storyline continues throughout, with characters reappearing. The experience is therefore much more satisfying if the games are played in order.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands  
Action PlayStation 3
It was just going to be a social visit. The Prince of Persia just wanted to say "hi" to his older brother, Prince Malik who is the current ruler of the kingdom. Upon his arrival however he learns that he's not the only visitor: the whole Osman's army is at the castle's doorsteps and Malik's army can't hold the fort much longer. The Prince manages to find his way into the castle and meet up with Malik in the treasury. But it's already too late. The Osmans have broken through and the end seems near. In his desperation Malik turns to the sealed portal in the treasury and speaks the magic words. Bad idea. The portal was sealed for a reason, keeping a force imprisoned that is no match for any army in the world. Rumoured to have been the knights of King Salomon himself they walk upon the earth once more, storm the castle and attack friends and foes alike. Upon his escape, the Prince wanders into the realm of Razia, Queen of the Djinn. She remembers the creation of the Sand Army and knows how to keep it at bay. So the Prince joins forces with her and tries to find a way to defeat the army and keep the Kingdom from being swallowed by the sand.

With Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands the series returns in graphical style - being more down to earth again -, story and gameplay to the one known from the Sands of Time-Trilogy after its brief departure with the cel-shaded-adventure Prince of Persia. As such the story takes place between the events in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within filling in some of the blanks while the player looks the Prince over the shoulder and maneuvers him through the levels. Gameplay-wise this means that the player again fights multiple enemies at once and also again jumps, climbs and rolls around in big and vast rooms to get to the other side. To be able to do so, the Prince still knows how to walk on walls, swing on rails or rip through flags to safely get back to ground level. If something goes wrong, the player can only use the Power of Time to rewind a bit and try it again as long as he has enough sand left which in turn is dropped by killed enemies and by destroying scenery objects meaning mostly vases.

To deal with the hordes and hordes of different enemies - most of them undead -, the player has access to several different kinds of more or less dangerous attacks which he can string together into powerful combos. This includes kicking and jumping around as well as a death attack which instantly kills enemies fallen to the ground. In addition, the player will gain access to special powers. As he collects the essence from fallen enemies he earns experience points for doing so, levels up and gets upgrade points which in turn are invested into a skill tree to unlock new or upgrade existing powers. Besides the power to rewind time, the Prince is able to freeze water, rebuild destroyed parts of the city or engulf himself in an armor of stone. Each of these powers is active until the energy-bar of the Prince drops to zero. Again killing enemies is they key to replenish it.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2 Platinum  
All Sports Games PlayStation2 4.5 (64 votes)
"Pro Evolution Soccer" was the best footy game ever, and what you want to know is: does this sequel better it? Thankfully, it does. The first thing that strikes you about "Pro Evolution Soccer 2"--an anglicised version of the Japanese "Winning Eleven 6"--is how much faster it is, not just in terms of the pace of your players but also their ability to turn more sharply when receiving the ball. In another clear attempt to up the tempo of the game, which some more arcade-orientated gamers complained was too slow and fiddly, players now recover much more quickly when they lose the ball--so there's no waiting around for them to have a slice of orange before they deign to take part in the match again. And they need to be a bit sharper on their pins because it's now much more difficult to tackle and conversely you have a lot more control when dribbling the ball. There are other minor changes, such as a slightly odd new horizontal camera option, but basically this is bigger, better and more. Just in case you've forgotten, that's bigger, better and more of the best football game ever, so if you like your footy you really will want to be purchasing this. --"David Jenkins"

Action NES 4.2
In the year 2631, a small meteorite has fallen into the Galuga archipelago, located 20km northeast off the coast of New Zealand. Two years later, a terrorist group known as Red Falcon has seized the island in preparation for an alien invasion. The earth's marines sent two members of their elite Contra unit, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, to neutralize the terrorists.

As either Bill (player 1) or Lance (player 2), the player must get to the end of each stage, shooting everything in sight, while avoiding enemy fire themselves. The player can upgrade their standard-issue rifle into one of four different weapons, including the powerful spread shot.

All Action & Adventure PlayStation2 4.5 (7 votes)
Psychonauts is an amazing game. From a distance it appears to be a fairly standard platforming game but once you are introduced to the characters and the story the whole thing expands into an amazingly quaint and hilarious universe. The characters are brilliant, the voice work is top notch, the story is delightfully twisted and the humour is suprisingly mature. The whole world of the game is very Tim Burton-esque, but not in a rip-off kind of way, in a more original and good way. The visual style and art direction is fabulous, the sound is great too. Okay, so these are all the good points...
On the down side, the Playstation 2 version of this title does lack alot of the visual flare that the Xbox and PC versions hold, so if you have a PC or an Xbox, you should definitely consider grabbing this game on those platforms. There are a few annoying bugs in the game, sometime the soundtrack will double over on it self so you can hear two layers of the same tune simultaneously but they are slightly out of synch. This can be annoying, but it's not a massive problem. Whatever you do, make sure you get to play this game with a console style analog controller.
All in all, a brilliant game for those who like quirky, crazy chracters and a crazy plot that will keep you chuckling throughout, and even platforming fans looking for something a little different. Awesome stuff.

Härlig karaktärsdesign från en av de gamla Lucas Arts rävarna. Röstskådiarna gör bra ifrån sig och banorna är varierande och roliga.

Pursuit Force  
Action, Racing / Driving PSP
Five different gangs are terrorizing the cities, namely Warlords, Capelli Family, Killer66, Vixens, and Convicts. Cities are in chaos as the regular police is helpless. Therefore, a special unit is formed to deal with such a threat, a special unit called the Pursuit Force. You are part of that unit.

Your task is to hunt down the criminals and let none escape. To do so, you will drive your fast car on the streets while being perfectly able to switch the vehicles on the run. Yes, on the run, you can jump from car to car during high speed, usually jumping on the different cars from the criminals and taking them out one by one. But there's more to that than just driving different cars, you can drive motorcycles, trucks, boats, even commandeer a helicopter, though there are occasions you'll have to deal with the criminals on foot.

You can select Time Trial, Race, or Career mode. The latter one plays story-wise which gives you certain variety of cases to choose from. As you get promoted while successfully solving the cases, new cases will become available depending upon your rank, from mere Officer to police Commander. This is a highly fast-paced game with non-stop action, as most missions leave very little room for mistakes.

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